Never put your happiness in someone else's hands because that often leads to disappointment.

I didn't know things were gonna be this badyes mom broke up with Eric but what's the point of letting go and then deal with obsession

My mother's drink got spiked and they nearly raped heryes she wasn't raped but there is a trending video of her dancing on the table

I've been getting messages from my friends asking wether that's my motherhow do l reply?

Well we just fetched this woman l do not recognise but she still call herself my mother

She got few beatings after everything that has happenedl don't understand wether they were beating her or it was the time she was trying to fight for herself but atleast the wounds are not bad

Me:Mom you've done a lot of wonders which amaze and hurt me but l didn't know that you are capable of victimizing yourself

Tami:Masego don't you think your mother needs to restl mean she has dealt with a lot

Me:Dealt with a lot my foot!She was having fun

Tami:But now she is sobershe needs to rest

Me:She us sober because of what nearly happened to herif it wasn't for that surely you were going to see her the day after tomorrow

Tami:Masego your mother was attacked

Me:Yes and there is a video of her dancing on the tablehow do l explain that to my friendsas young as l am l can't recall when was the last time l was in a club but as for her she does things l am supposed to be doing Technically l am the mother and she is a child

I took my purse and headed to the door

Tami: Masegowhere are you going

Me:l am going back to Aunt Veronica's houseit's more peaceful then here

I said then slammed the doorl left Tami with my mother and l really don't care if they fuck or notl mean the chances are high

I got in my car and drove and in few minutes l was already therel got in and went straight to my aunty's chest who was sitting on the couchshe patted me whilst comforting me

Me:l didn't know that Teresa is obsessed like thisshe nearly died aunty

Veronica:l know and l wasn't going to forgive myself if she passed awayshe is the only sister l have Masego

Charlotte the busiest being on earth got in

Charlotte:Good evening

Veronica:Good evening my babywe just had a tragic experience

Me:oh please Aunty she knows and she doesn't care

Charlotte:Masego what are you on about?

Me:You knew my mother was in danger but you decided not to stop everything you were doing

Charlotte: I had no choicel was doing what l am paid to dothe least l did was to text you

Me:And you were sure that l was going to see the text immediately? Charlotte you were at the laboratory not at theatre you could've stopped the tests and run to rescue your auntoh she is not your real aunt by the way

Charlotte: Masego

Masego:Don't Masego meyou don't care Charlotteyou don't

Charlotte:l am sorry Masego if you feel that way but l had to do my job


I've never came across  a situation where a son in law care about the mother in law more than the daughter but here it is

Teresa is in bed having a bottle of a cognacwhen she heard the door knock she hid the bottle then sprayed her mouth

Teresa:Come in

Tami got in with a tray of food

Tami:Mother in law l have cooked something for youso you can have those painkillers

Teresa:Thank you son

Tami:My pleasurel will be at the living room if you need anything


Tami left the room immediately his shadow disappeared Teresa placed the tray aside and took the cognac and for the reason l don't knowTami came back and found Teresa taking painkillers with a cognac


Masego is in the kitchen chopping the vegetables for supper and l am the one who usually does thatso l have to go to the kitchen no matter how awkward it will be

I got in and took another knife and helped her

so l have to go to the kitchen no matter how awkward it will be

I got in and took another knife and helped herwe were both quite so l had to break the silence



Me:Masegoso you won't talk to me?Masego if you were meyou would understand that l had no choice but to continue working

Masego: Charlotte you prioritised your job more than familyl mean you were doing teststests which can be waited for two weeks

Me:If you were me you were going to do the same sego

Masego:Yesif l was illegally adopted l was gonna care less for those who care for me and it's called being selfish

Me:So whenever we meet our differences you gonna remind me that l am illegally adopted

Masego:am l wrong?

Me:You know whatscrew you and to hell with you

I said and took the knife placed it in the sink and leftl bumped to Tami at the door and walked passed h without greetinghe yanked my hand and grabbed me back

Tami:Charl are you Okay?

Me: l am not and Perfect Timingl would be find if you can remove the refuse you call a girlfriend

I left Tami hanging in confusionl walked away without even know where l was going but l knew l need fresh air

Yes l am illegally adopted and l have improper documents but how can she always remind me that?Did l choose to be disposed?

Whilst l was asking myself those questions without answers l heard a hotter when l turned it was hope

Hope is the guy who is my colleagues and they same colleague who told me about the drunk Teresa

I begged me to beg in the carl didn't want to but trust me nobody says no to Hope so l got in

We drove to his house and we got inthe weather was cold and l was wearing a dress that didn't cover my shoulder or thighsso l was freezing and he gave me a blanket and turned on the heater for me

Hope is a gentleman and he is the guy every girl can go for sometimes it beats me why he doesn't have a girlfriend

Hope has most of the things his peers don't havel mean he is less than 28 but he already have his on apartmentcar and he is doing well career wise

Well his apartment is not that big it's three bedroomsliving roombathroom and kitchenit's not that big but it's big enough for a person to start a family but hopes house have no sign of a feminine aspect

Hope:l hope that the blanket is warm enough

Me:Yeahit is thanks

Hope:Do you care to tell me what is stressing a beautiful and independent lady like you?

I scoffed

Me: independent?

Hope:Yeah you are educated and beauty with brains are rare

Me:l am intellectually independent but basically dependent


Me:You don't get that?


Me:You won'tso don't think too much about it

Hope:okayso how is your Aunt?

Me:l guess she is fine

Hope:You guess?

Me: Obviously she is isn't you rescued her

Hope:oh l see and the video is still trendingback to the question what makes you to be sad?

I chuckled to hide my pain

Me:Those were tears of joy

Hope:You lie

Me:l am serious

Hope:make me cry with you

He got closer with a flirting motion and l held back


I got in Aunt Veronica's house and l found Charlotte in a bad moodl don't know what was bothering her since she is a free spirited being and usually she says no to bad energy but l guess being single contribute to a bitterness of a good person

Oh well l didn't come about Charlottel found Masego and told her about how bad her mother's situation is

I mean l found her having a cognac with painkillers and that's a serious matter we have to solve it before it gets out of hands and they only thing that can make her get back to normal is finding Eric

And wow we all agreed on finding Eric since the world is smallso now we are searching for his profilewe couldn't find himthen we checked him through Teresa's account

I am sure he once commented or likedit is a hard one because she have over 3k friends and the only option we will be left with is to hack her account

Whilst we are busy with other mission aunt Veronica appeared with a tray of juice

Veronica:Are you guys winning?


Veronica:it's Tricky

Me:But aunty l think you can help


Me:Try and call Teresa and find some few hints

Masego:No that will make her to be suspicious

Veronica:But we are not doing nothing wrong

Masego:No let me call someone l know

Masego stood up a made few calls and in less than thirty minutes we found Eric's email address and we got his WhatsApp number from there

We called him a few times and he didn't up but by the spirit of not giving uphe finally picked and we had a word with him and guess what he agreed to come back

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To be continued


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