So Masego and Tami finally got hold of Eric and they booked of a flight for him he is excepted to arrive today at 12:00 so they are preparing a welcome back home party

It's a surprise but they are not surprising Eric they are surprising Veronical don't know if you get that

Tami:Baby l think you need to go district your motherthe decorators are here

Masego:Yeah but l am worried about the cater

Tami:Leave catering to me just go make sure your mother doesn't notice


Masego went to her mother's bedroom

Masego:wakey wakeymom

Teresa woke up you could've seen how messed up she isseems like a lightning stroke her or she is coming from the loony binl guess a hangover does it's part

Teresa:segoyou are back

Masego:Yes and you have to get out of those blankets

Teresa:no no l can't

Masego:but you have to

Teresa:l am on leave

Masego chuckles

Masego:Do fashion designers have leaves?

Teresa:well l have no reason to wake up

Masego:well l will be the reason for you to wake up

Masego grabbed her mother's blankets whilst her mother is grabbing them backthey kept on doing the same thing till  Teresa gave up

Teresa:what's wrong with you

Masego:mom its a brand new daycan you hear the sound of birds and the sun is shining bright outside

Teresa:So you disturbed my sleep so l can hear the sound of birds

Masego:l want you to freshen up because l wanna do you a makeover and we are going to the sparlook how tired you areeven your wrinkles are visible

Teresa:what make over are you talking aboutl mean the last time are check you and l are not in good terms

Masego:as from today we are

Masego pushed her mother out of the bedroom


I slept at Hope's houseNo don't give me that look..

We didn't do anything l was sleeping at the guest room with brand new blankets and l took a taxi to come back homewhen l arrive my mother was wearing her special dressit's a cocktail dress from Indonesia she says

Me:l wonder what are you up to mom

Veronica: Girly first of all you didn't sleep at home secondly you enter with complaints not greetings

Me:It's was a compliment mom not a complain anyway sorry for not greeting you Morning mom

Veronica: Morning to you tool wonder who is the lucky guy who got himself a virgin last night

Me:who said l am a virgin?

Veronica:Don't tell me about fingers girlyou need a real think to be inserted inside youyou will feel how nice it is

Me:woah mom enough about the detailswho told you if l sleep out there was a bit of sex that happened

Veronica:I know the smell of cum

Me:Well you are smelling the wrong scent

Veronica:what can l say?You don't have to answer to anyone about your sexual life

Me:old lady!


Me:I asked where you are going and the next minute we are discussing my sexual life

Veronica:I am going to Eric's welcome back party but it's Teresa's surprise

Me:Eric is coming back?

Veronica:Yeah we couldn't help it but search him and book a flight for him to come back before Teresa's life get messed up

Me:That's a good thingMasego was starting to be bitter on me because of her mother's behaviour

Veronica:Don't take her too personalby know you should know that Masego doesn't know how to choose her words

Me:Then why don't she shut up

Veronica:well l don't let people get into you Should l wait for you to dress up

Me:no l am going to work

Veronica:Bye then

She said then took her purse and leftl went straight to my bedroom and took my cosmetics and headed straight to the bathrooml took a fifteen minutes bath then l looked for something simple to wearthen l leftl didn't have breakfast

I went to work and l arrived and parked my carwhen l was heading to the building l someone nearly collide me and l insulted the hell out of himl wasn't aware that it was hope

Me:Hopeit's youyou nearly collided meare you drunk?

Hope:You might as well say so because whenever l see you l fail to pull myself together

Me:Oh pleasegive me a minute Hope!

Hope:Charl please allow me to make you happy

Me:l don't need anyone to make me happy

Hope:okay people give me a position in your life

Me:I am your Colleague and we are friends that's it


He said that then in no second l saw him kissing methen he left

I didn't know how to feel or react or even what to sayit's my first time kissing a guy after alll wiped my lips then followed him


I am waiting for my mothershe is doing her things very slow and it's only an hour and 30 mins before Eric arrives and l am worried about the preparations

Then l saw my man deep in thoughts and l went to sit next to him



Me:You are so down why?

Tami:Why do you say so?

Me:you seem to be deep in thoughts and you ain't making any move

Tami:what kind of a move can l possibly make that can show you that l am not down?l mean l can't talk alonel was by myself

Me:not necessarily talking alone babe but showing that you are ernegeticnot having deep thoughts as if you got hurt or dumped

Tami:Babe honestly l should be thinking deep because we ain't sure if Eric will continue to be with your mother without that kid he want

Me:Yeah Plus being their surrogate is still a no

Tami:Not before we have our first kid

Me:Not even after

Door knock

Me:That must be auntyshe is so fastcome in

Indeed it was hershe got in looking very yummyeven her make-up is on fleeck actually l suggest she goes with mom then l will be in charged of decors and other things

Me:Yes girl

Veronica:l killed it right?

Me: fashion of the week

Veronica:No you joking

Me:l wish

Veronica: really?

Me:you are drop dead gorgeous

Veronica:will please take a pic

She gave me her phone and l took her a very nice picture

Veronica:let me see

I gave herher phone

Veronica:oh no this is gonna be my cover photo

Me: absolutelyl give it 1k likes

Veronica:Darling you feel me

Me:l feel you

I see the smirking Tami who wants to pull out a reckless laughter

Veronica:where is my sister

Me:she is getting dressed in her bedroom since the past ten years and please go with her

Veronica:No problemlet me go to her

Me:yes girl

I saw the motivated Veronica change her walks

when her shadow disappearedTami pulled out a reckless laughter

Tami:You won't see heaven you Masego

Me:I did nothing wrongl am admiring a beautiful thing

Tami:Yeah but l am sure Charlotte will be upset to be tagged in that picture

Me: Absolutely

Tami: Talking about Charlotte is she Coming?

Me:l am not sure she willplus l owe her an apology


Me:Yeah the last time l had a conversation with her it didn't end well

Tami:please you are goods at offending people


Tami:Let me check the RSVP

He then stood upl guess he was avoiding the conversation


Charl is standing at work and deep in thoughtsl guess it was about Hope's kissthe Doctor got in

Doc: Charlotte

Charlotte:Yes Doc

Doc:Did you send the test to the final examination


Charlotte takes a file and hands it to the Doctor

Charlotte:We found this toxic poison in those test and it's a slow one but it causes no harm but a fatigue

Doc: Fatigue it's also a harm right

Charlotte:Yeah and that poison it's an elome



Doc:Are you aware it's not the first time we find this

Charlotte:yeah and you might as well say it's a drug made out of sleeping pill but it makes a person collapse

Doc: oh l've heard that kind of scenario somewhere


Doc:Good job Charl

Charlotte: welcome


Masego got the decoration donesoundfood drinks and beverages available and Everyone she invited attendedit's only thirty minutes left for Eric's arrival

Masego is making calls

Tami:Baby if you are calling Ericl advice you not to because he is already in an Uber

Masego:No baby l wasn't Calling him l was calling Charl and she is not picking

Tami:I don't blame her she is still angry or maybe at work

Masego:No Tami what l said was harshCan you borrow me your phone

Tami:so you think she will answer

Masego:l don't know just give me your phone

Tami:okay madam

He handed his phone to her and  she dialedthe phone just rang

Masego:Still not picking

Tami:You see l told you

Masego:Yeah l mean maybe she used her common sense she knew that l borrowed your phone since she is not answering my calls

Tami:You seeplus you barely  her

Masego:Let me organise other things then

Thirty minutes passed and finally Eric arrivedl can't believe that Eric and Masego actually hugged each otherthey gave Eric the warmest welcome than ever before then minutes later Veronica got in with Teresa and they screamed


The confused Teresa gave them a glance without even knowing what to say to whothen she got blown away when she saw Eric appearing from the passage and right behind Eric there was Masego

Masego:Momeven though we can meet our differences l will forever be your childit's so unfortunate that we don't choose our parents but l am grateful to have you as my motherthe fact that you name me Masego(luckies) it makes me realise that your love is unlimited for meyou chose Masego (Luckies) over a Lesego (lucky) and for that matter l see no reason to oppose your choice of love when you allowed me to move in with my Tami mom l learnt that age has got nothing to do with love or maturity

Teresa begun to shed tearsEric went to her and reached her hand and squeezed it


Masego:(teary) l am not done mommom l've realised that Parents are the only God to help and guide you in your life!Guys a mother is she who can take the place of all othersbut whose place no one else can take.a mother always has to think twice once for herself and once for her child.The best sentence ever spoken- "I love you mom" .

The everybody in the room got so teary as much as Masego wasTami went closer to Masego as a pillar of strengthening her as much as she was emotional

Masego:l know there is a video trending there of my mother dancing on the tableyes to you she is a drunkard and to me she is a mothera mother who makes me laugh wiped my tears hugged me tight watched me succeed saw me fail cheered me on and kept me strong! I 64 you mom!

She went closer and wiped Teresa's tearswhilst Tami was wiping her's

Teresa:I Loved you from your first breath I'll Love you till my last.Love u Masego

Masego:l love you too momEven though I'm all grown up and will have my own family I will still need my mom...I love you mom and l will support every source of happiness you choose to have

Teresa:Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.

Masego:l agreeEric please say something

Eric: First of all thank you Masego for your blessings
Teresa I wish dreams were like wishes and wishes came true cause in my dreams I'm always with you

Veronica:Tell them Ricky!

Everyone broke and laughed

Eric:Nothing is perfect but when I’m with you everything is perfectBaby Terry let me remind you that true love does not have a happy ending because true love never ends and Love is like a wind we can’t see it. But we can feel itwhat l feel for you is real TeresaI don’t care how hard being together is or how you are nothing is worse than being apart.

Masego:Age is no guarantee of maturity.

Tami:YesEvery love story is beautiful but yours is my favorite.

Teresa:Guys you are too muchcan l have a bathroom

Teresa headed to the bathroomEric followed her

Masego:People l think we are done with the most important partyou can have the drinks and the stage is yours of cause

Everyone begun to serve themselves and others did whatever they wanted to do

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To be continued


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