Masego is cleaning the house removing the decorationcollecting dirty dishes actually she is cleaning the after party mess then Teresa appeared



Teresa: Masego


Teresa:Masego l am talking to you

Masego: Huh?

Teresa:How are you

Masego gave her mother one look and giggled

Masego:How am l?Mom did you just ask me how am l?

Teresa:Yes how are you

Masego:You really wanna know?well l am pissed and embarrassed

Teresa:Mhmmthat's interestingso what pisses you off?

Masego:Wowso mom you won't say a thing about that penniless bastard of yours?

Teresa:His name is Eric

Masego:And old enough to be your son!

Teresa:Grandson Masego!

Masego:You not even Ashamed Mom

Teresa:l wish

Masego:Mom pleasesince you are back we should be having a bond not a fightcan you please tell that guy to leave

Teresa:and go where?

Masego:I don't know but l don't want him here

Teresa: Masego remember this is my house and you are approaching your thirties that means you should be having your own house where you will make your own rules

Teresa went nearer to Masego and pulled her closer

Teresa:Baby girl there is no one or even you who is going to tell me to date and who must l not dateLove is a policy without terms and conditionsI didn’t choose him My heart did and you are the last person to judge me because l supported you and let that loser boyfriend of yours to stay in my house now this is how you react if my bring my boyfriend over?

Masego moved back

Masego:Mom so you think it's a good thing a mother and child can do to bring their boyfriends over to stay?Mom l am not saying you mustn't datedate Mon because at the end of the day you deserve to be loved and be happy but with your age matesmom that guy is so young and attractive and he can date every girl he want then why you?

Teresa: Because he loves me and l love him tooif two hearts feel the same way nobody can I interfere

Masego:Mom you are his ticket to escape povertyl heard that the economy is bad in Nairobi

After those words Masego's emotions were everywhere so she departed the room to go and freshen up

Teresa: Masego MasegoMasego come back here and finish what you have started

Eric appears from the passage

Eric:Leave her alone babe

Teresa:Did you hear our conversation?


Teresa:l am sorry love if you are offendedl think she is still shocked

Eric:It's okay babycome here

Teresa went closer to Eric and they hugged


I've always agree with most of my mother's stupid thoughts and decision since she believes that no child can guide a mother but this time she is totally insane

Guys everything is clear herethat boy can my mother not usthat guy is way too hot to date an old woman like my mother

My mother is a fat and an old wrinkled womanwhere as that guy looks more like a bodybuildertall and dark in complexionhe is everything every woman can recommend they why does he choose my mother?

Well l am meeting up with Charlotte and l guess l am late since my brain hasn't been functioning well l didn't check time

You see there she isl am right when l said l am late

I went to her table and we exchanged greetings

Charlotte:You look so down

Me:l am frustratedpissedangry and embarrassed

Charlotte:is it the aunty and boyfriend saga?

Me:Of cause who else?

Charlotte:Yeah nobody expected thatl am sure those ladies you invited got the headlines and gossip of the weak for themselvesl mean how dare she drop a bombshell in front of more than enough peoplesome of them don't even love heryho!But l must say that guy is really got a snack

Arghguys Charlotte is not into boys she is kind of a lesbian but she dresses like a girl and walks like a girldo everything like a girl but she doesn't do make up and weaves or wear dresses and she is not attached to guys and l've never heard her compliment a guy this is for the first time l hear herDo you see how handsome this guy is

Me:That's not a positive thing to say Charlmy mother's financial stability is at recession because my mother obvious does everything for him whilst we obviously know that he has a girlfriend or girlfriends somewhere in the world and l have to step back watch when he is strictly using my mother

Charlotte:It is what it is girl

Me:I can't let it be what it isl have to do something Charl

Charlotte: Something like what girl?

Me: Anything that will make my mother realise that this guy is  absolutely up to no good

Charlotte:Well good luck and please take this as a friendly warning that you and Tami might end up on streets if you do a wrong move

Me:It's okay to try and it not okay to fail to try

Charlotte:You know qoutes can mess with your mindset and they can mislead sometimes

Me:Not this time

Charlotte giggled good for her that she takes this as a joke whilst l am deeply and deadly hurt and embarrassed

Charlotte:Masego you are determined to get rid of your handsome stepfather?Never mention handsome that is my age and hot?

Me:it's not funny Charlottestop it

Charlotte:l am sorry but he is really handsome

Talking to Charlotte is like talking to a mute you won't find any answers or good advices

Me:mxm what are you going to order?

Charlotte:I am gonna have some

Taking the menu....


Teresa is sitting on top of Eric and Eric is tackling herwhilst she is pulling the loudest laughter l've ever heard then someone knocked at the door

Teresa:come in

She moved on top of Eric as she didn't know who was knocking then Veronica got in

Veronica: Terry girl

Teresa:Vero girl

Veronica:(smirking) and you brother in law

Eric:Hey sister Vero

Veronica:l hope l didn't disturb anything since l couldn't help itl missed my sister and yesterday we didn't talk much

Teresa: Veronica...

Veronica:Or are we not welcome anymore?

Eric:No sister Vero you didn't disturb anythingplease sit down l will go and make tea

Veronica:You are such a gentleman

Eric departs the sitting room

Teresa: Veronica!


Teresa:l am warning youthat is my man


Teresa:l will kill you

Veronica:No it's not that

you know what l am thinking?

Teresa:No l don't know but l know it's a stupid idea

Veronica:l am thinking about going for a vacation maybe l will get one for myself

Teresa chuckles

Teresa: Jealousy is a nasty diseasel wish you get well soon

Veronica:Not it's not jealousy is an influential behaviour

Teresa:So you mean l just influenced you?

Veronica:Yeah you look more happy and glowing than ever before

Teresa:I am glad you notice that l am happy and look at the situation in a positive wayunlike  Masego

Veronica:Just give her timeshe will come around

Teresa:l wish she does as soon as possible because l wanna ask a huge favour from her

Veronica:Huge favour?

Teresa:Very huge

Veronica:what is it?

Teresa:l want her to be my surrogate

Veronica felt a suddenheavy impact

Veronica:Did l hear you well?

Teresa:Yes l wanna give Eric a baby but l am too old for that

Veronica: PhewEric is slowtea is supposed to be ready by now

Teresa: Veronica do not change the subject

Veronica: Teresa l have nothing to say hence l don't wanna lie to youyou are facing a hard situation and you will go through many emotional phases or even lose Masego and l hope you are ready to do that

Teresa: Veronica

Veronica:It's hard for sego to accept and bless your relo imagine that requestit can separate you

Teresa:l don't wanna lose Eric

Veronica:Then you have to choose between him and sego

Teresa:But l really have to make this child

Veronica:You are old and that is impossiblewhy not try a private surrogate or an adoption

Teresa:Eric want his own flesh and blood and his family accepted me because we lied and said l can still conceive since technology is advanced these days otherwise they were not going to accept mesince l am five years older than his motherplus he wants a family that is hisSo if Masego agreeswe will carry a child that have both Eric's and my DNA

Veronica:You want to be a mother of your granddaughter?

Teresa:is it wrong?

Veronica:l am going somewherel forgot

Teresa:You are running away Veronica

Veronica: Teresa bye

She said whilst heading to the door


Things are bitter sour at  Kano's householdthey were all quite at the dinner tableall you could hear were fork and knives

It's not even yet time to sleep but everyone already headed to their bedrooms

Tami is sitting in bed reading a newspaperMasego got in and changed to nighties and got in bed

Masego:Tami can you please switch of the lamp so we can sleep

Tami:Masego it's 20:30 since when do we sleep this time?

Masego:I need to sleep for more than enough hourswhat l am dealing with is enough to handle my body needs to rest

Tami: Sleeping early won't solve your problems can't you communicate with your partner?

Masego:a simple request to tell you to switch of the lamp is now turned to a politic

Tami:Masego first of all you left without telling meyou disappeared the whole day and you came back late and you felt like you don't owe me any explanationnow l am trying to talk with youyou label me as a politician really?

Masego:Tami l am having issues with my motherl don't want to have issues with you tooanyway it's fine do not switch it offl will sleep whilst it's on

Tami:So you wanna sleep whilst you are angry with me?


Tami called Masego's name about five times but she kept quiet

Tami:Fine you can sleepmadam bossyl will follow your rules and regulations like l always dothe final word is yoursbadnight anyway

Masego: Badnight?So l am the bad hereTami worse you are not even aware that you are the greatest roots of my problems

Tami:excuse me?

Masego:Yes maybe if you were employed and usefulwe were going to move outas for now l want nothing to do with my mother but we have no choice but to stay here because my boyfriend is unemployedstupid useless and can't afford our expenses!

Tami:wowmaybe l needed to hear that a very long time ago

Masego:Tami if our situation wasn't like thismy mother wasn't going to underestimate us

Tami:It's her house Masego!

Masego: precisely she is doing this to spite me

Tami:How can someone spite someone by loving someone?

Masego:That's my mom Tamishe always does the impossible and this time she go the right spot

Tami scoffs

Tami:One minute l know youthe next l don'tyou know what you have told me enoughnow l know how useless l aml can't stand thisl really can'tyou need space Masego

Tami left


When Tami's shadow disappeared Masego went to the bathroom and too a razor wanted to cut herself but something stopped her and went to bed and cried herself to sleep

[Excuse the errors]
To be continued


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