Mission started the game is onl got this
Here l aml am helping my mother get her matchwell she think soso my plan is to make her fall for my fake accountisnt that a good idea?

So right now we are searching for Mr rightsince she think sol bet she will fall for my fake account since it looks realplus the guy on my profile picture is so handsomehe is two times handsome than  Eric is and l bet my mother would love to date him since she likes competition

Me:what about this one mom?

Veronica:l thought you guys hate the idea of us dating your age mates

Me:Mom we've learnt to accept that love is humble and love doesn't match aspects maturity matters

Veronica:Yeah but l want someone more like a body builder

Me:Mom please try to give a guy a chance you might never know maybe he is waiting for you

Veronica:You think so

Me:l know soTrust me Momwe both know my aura never went wrong

Veronica:okay let me send a hey

Okaylet me grab this opportunity with both horns

Me:let me go get you a juice

I then left her staring at her phonethe reason why l offered a juice l wanted to get an opportunity to get to my phone and reply to Veronica using the fake account l've created immediately when l got to the kitchenl made juice and went to my phone to reply

"Hey sweet Mommy❤️😍"

I texted

"How are you?"

She replied

"I am not okay 😭You are a thiefyou stole my heart"

I replied

"Really 😊"

She replied

"Trust me my ruby❤️who is the lucky guy?"

I texted

"I am single"

She replied

"Wow really?🤔can you please allow me to change your relationship to married ❤️🙏💍 can you please allow me to be yours"

I texted

"You are so funny"

She replied

"Please allow me😭🙏"

I texted

"How can l trust you with my heart"

She replied

"Believe me l want you to be my queen 👸"

I texted

"How do l know you are not a scammer?"

She repliedl couldn't help myself but laugh but l am glad she learnt her lesson

"Believe me l won't hurt you actually let me give you time to think about thiswe will talk later"

I texted...

I had to cut the conversation shortso l can go back to the living roomsince l don't wanna make my mother to be more suspicions

"No stress"

She replied..

I then sent her hearts then went back to the living rooml found her holding her tight to her chest Smiling the hell out of her herself

Me:Mom what's making you to smile ain't you supposed to be looking for potential babe

Veronica:l found him

Okay so she is falling for the fake mel must be good when it comes to the game of love

Me: excuse me

I pretended

Veronica:Yes this one


yes l chose the name Chrissince there is this actor named Chris in one of those series we watchwho happens to be my mom's favourite character

Veronica:Yes him

Me:Mom l suggested him and you said he is young and he ain't a body builder

Veronica: And you said maturity matters

Me:Is he matured?

Veronica:l am not sure about that but what l know is that he is what l am looking forlook in less than ten minutes our conversation blew my mind

She showed me the conversation between me and her unknowingly and wow l nearly believed the guy existthe conversation looks realif l want behind thisl was gonna believe that mom is really in love

Me:wow he is nice

Veronica:l think the mission is accomplished

Me:mhhm you go girl

Veronica:Yes darling

I saw her last toothyes that's how wide the smile wasa part of me felt guilty l mean l am playing with my mother's feelings


The teary eyed Teresa is sitting on the couch deep in thoughts about the idea that was pitched by Eric yesterday

Eric:babyl know you are still shocked about the idea l came with yesterday but it's for the better

Teresa:Tami has been nothing but a good guy to my daughterTami is Masego's friend partnerbrother and a son to meso how do l dare drug himfake the illness

Eric:babe they said the pill it's harmless

Teresa:You might never know Eric

Then there was a noise from the background which disturbed their conversationin no second the happy couple got in

Masego:Good Morning mom

Teresa: Morning my people

Teresa sniffs

Masego:mom what's wrong?

Teresa:l need to take a walk

She then stood up and departed the room

Masego:Eric is everything okay?

Eric:(clears throat)Yeah everything is okay

Masego:Then why is mom crying?

Eric:You know how woman can bel think she is just emotional

Masego:just emotional

Eric mumbled then asked to be excused the departed the room too

Masego:Tami my mother is not okay let me follow her

Tami:No babyjust let her be

Masego:But Ta..

Tami:She needs fresh aircome here

Tami held Masego closer and kissed her all over her bodythe wet Masego rubbed Tami's manhoodwhilst Tami was pulling her skirt and through her in the couch

whilst Tami was pulling her skirt and through her in the couchthen inserted his two middle fingers in Masego's coochie

*Scene controlled*

[sex scenes will forever be controlled since l totally have no control on who likes the page and how old is she\he whilst at the same time l don't wanna be explicit]


So far mom is eating on my palmas much as the account looks reall want more info related to mom's style actually a biography of how she was in her 20s and asking her those kinds of questions will raise suspicions to her

So l am considering  private investigators so l can get that infothey are quite expensive but l will manage and l obviously know that mom will send me that money thinking she is sending it to the so called Chris

Me:Hey this is Charlotte can l ask?


Me:Is this agency capable of getting me a private investigator?


Me:l am calling from South Africa at midway park


Me:oh since you can't assist me that means you can refer to some company l am close by


Me:okay thanksl'd appreciate if you can email me those details ASAPmy email it's Charlottekano****e-mail.com


Me:yes that's correctthanks bye

I disconnected the call and in less than five minutes l got a call from the agency and they are effective since they asked me about her ID number luckily l got it and they assured to get back to me as soon as they could


After everything that has happened l even lost interest on myselflike how the hell did l stay for weeks without having sex with Tami

Well the session was so nicel don't know if it's becausel haven't had it for a while or what but it was nice

Me and Tami we were fixing the dinner tablesince we decided to cook together after the hot session we had then Eric got in

Me:Eric dinner is ready please go look for mom

Just after l said somy mother got in

Me:Momgood timing it's dinner time

Teresa:No thanks my babyl am fullgood night in advance

She then left and we watched her shadow disappear in confusion

Me:Ericyou really really have to say something

Eric:l don't know why she is bitter

Me:There is no way that you don't know or what?are you cheating on Mom?

Tami:Masegono Masegoyou do not know about that

Masego:You can serve yourselves that's what you are here for by the wayl am going to check up on my mother she needs me


Love is a beautiful thingso there is Veronica in the kitchen who is in the kitchen Making breakfast whilst singing in a high notethe Charlotte got in from jogging

Charlotte: Morning mom

Veronica:yes baby

Charlotte: Breakfast smells divine

Veronica:(frowns)a porridge?

Charlotte:mom you know your porridge is different

Veronica:one of the kind?

Charlotte:one of the kind

They share a laughterthen someone knocked

Charlotte:come in

Teresa got in

Charlotte:Aunty Terry

Teresa:Hello family

Veronica:and what brings you here Teresa

Teresa:That's rude Veronica

Veronica:You never visit us without a reasonmore especially in the morningso what do you want?

Teresa:well l wanna have a word with you

Veronica:l knew it

Charlotte:well let me go shower today it's my day off so l need a little bit of a pamper

Teresa:Nonono l need you in this talk

Charlotte:No auntytell Mon she will update mel need a me time

Teresa:It won't take long l promise

Charlotte: promise?

Teresa:l promise

Charlotte:Get to it then

Teresa:(clears throat)Masego told me about the new drug you discovered at work

Charlotte:oh my god people's results are private and confidentialyou guys are not supposed to know about what l find and what l don't find in my patients systems

Teresa:NoRelax baby girl actually l appreciate having you

Charlotte:sowhat about the drug?

Teresa:You know that Eric and l want a child right?

Charlotte:yeah but how does that relate to the drug

Teresa:Good questionl want you to drug Tami

Charlotte and Veronica:WHAT!!!!


What happens when obsession hits harder?

Have you ever been obsessed with anyone?

If so please help out about how you healed from it because Hope really needs help otherwise he will hurt Charlotte

Hope begun to stalk Charlotte on social platforms and saved each and every picture Charlo has ever posted and he made them to be a hard copy and pasted them on the wall in one of his guest bedroom and he is staring at them

Things are really bad since he even Photoshopped some of Charlotte's pictures to be nudes


Charlotte:How am l even going to find the drug aunty?

Teresa:Relax about the drugl know where to find itl've already transferred the R1200 for it

Veronica: Teresa!

Charlotte:Well if you found the drug why are you involving me?

Teresa:Once l drug Tami he will collapse right and when he does you will make sure that when he gets tested the results should come back stating that it's a rare disease and it can be treated overseas

Charlotte:So you want me to take the results?


Veronica:But why Teresa?

Charlotte:That's a crime auntyl can be arrested or lose my profession

Teresa:If you are extra careful none of that will happen

Charlotte:Mom please say something please l am begging you

Teresa:Your fake mother won't do anything to help youher life is in my hands like yours

Charlotte knelt down and begged the careless Teresa

Teresa:when the results come backl will volunteer to pay those millions for the sick Tami and Once l do Masego will return the favour by being my surrogate

Charlotte:Aunty please don't do this

Teresa:And just like that the situation will be a win-win anyways you can excuse yourself and go for the so called pampering whilst you are digesting my demandsthat's allcio

Just like that Teresa left the house

Charlotte:And the you said nothing momyou said nothingyou kept quiet!

She said whilst shedding tears from the she got out of the house full of anger and slammed the doorthe helpless Veronica knelt on the floor and cried out of her helpless selfshe screamed out a sorrowful cry whilst placing her hands in her head

[To be continued]

To be continued


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