I bet Veronica found herself a boyfriend online

She is talking over the phone and blushing as never before

She disconnected the call immediately when she heard someone banging the door

When she open Masego got in and threw herself on the couch crying

Veronica:Masego what's wrong?

Masego:why does the idea of love have to make some of us victims

Veronica: What's wrong Masego

Charlotte got in

Veronica: Charlottel am glad you got in your sister is crying

Charlotte:Masego is everything okay?

Masego: Everything is wrong Charl

Veronica:is Tami giving you problems?

Masego:Tami is also a problem but the issue it's momlove is blind but not decieving like this

Charlotte:Sego l think you need to calm down and say something sensible

Masego:My mother want me to be her surrogate!

Then there was a sudden silence for a minute

Charlotte:let me go get sweet water for you

Charlotte leftwhilst she was away Veronica didn't know what to sayshe knew about the whole idea but she never thought Teresa will talk to Masego about it so soon

Charlotte came back gave her a tissue and water

Veronica:Girlsl forgot l have to meet one of my friends she is going back to America in two days timel have to go see her before she leaves

And just like that Veronica ran away from they matter like she always does

Charlotte:To that's challenging

Masego:TrickyWell l think l have to make peace with the fact that Tami works where l work because it's about time we move out of that housel suggest we find ourselves a back rooml am sure it won't cost more than a thousandeven if it's a small room as long as a bed fits

Charlotte:in other words you are running away from your problems

Masego:l don't have any problems Charlmy problems got solved immediately when Tami got employedis just that l got disappointed when he got the job at my workplaceso now l am seeking peace

Charlotte:Yeah seeking peace it is but at least move out whilst you are in good terms with your mother that's what l call peace

Masego:l don't care if we are gonna be in good terms or not as long as she will take less advantage of me

Charlotte:Do what you may but word of advice whatever you are doing In your life make sure you are in good terms with your parents or parent

Masego:You mean even if she is insane

Charlotte:Make her sane thenyes there may be differences between you two but do not allow them to separate youmany kids grow without mother's and if you had experienceyou wouldn't want to be part of the statistics

Masego:Charl please stop taking this personalof cause you have to dance to Veronica's Tune because your existence is validated because of her

Charlotte:Yeah l am nothing without Veronica because l have improper documents blahblah blah but you still owe your mother some respect even if she is insaneshe never disposed you or abort you

Masego:You won't understand Charl


Eric is passing up and down making  calls whilst Teresa is sitting on the couch cryingTami got inTeresa stands up


Tami:mother in law you are crying?what's wrong?

Teresa:My daughter...


Teresa:Masegoshe is angry at meshe can do something stupid to herselfl beg youl beg you Tami go and find her

Tami:I think you have to calm down

Eric:Yes babyyou need to rest

Teresa:(snaps)Rest?Rest how?How Eric!

Eric:Baby l think you are too old for doing this


Eric:no baby l mean you are too old to stress yourselfyou might even have a heart attack

Teresa::wow so that's what you think of me?you think that l am too old old and not fit enough for you?

Eric:No babythat's not what l meant

Teresa:Yes Eric clearly you have issues with me and the fact that my my daughter is missing is because of your stupid idea of her being a surrogatesince l am your grandmother

Tami:(confused) Woah Teresayou and your boyfriend asked my woman to be your surrogate?

Teresa:Call it what you may but as for you Ericl want you out of my house

Eric kept on begging Teresa but she is so damn serious about Kicking him out

Teresa:Eric stop wasting my time and causing a headache for meleave my house l will book an urgent flight for you

Eric couldn't do anything so he went to his bedroom and pack his things

Teresa:Tami why are you still here?Go and look for my daughter or else you are next

Tami placed his bags and left in the name of going to look for Masegothe very same Masego he isn't in good terms with

Immediately after Tami leftTeresa went to the bedroom and stood up folding her arms looking at Eric who was packing his belongings

Eric:l am done

Teresa:l hope you didn't take any of my thingscome

Teresa left the room then Eric was right behind hershe opened the main door for him and gave him few notes of cashl guess it was for lunchubers etc

Eric: TeresaBabyTerrylove

love cupcakesbabebubununuNani nunuberrymy lovemy heaven on earth

Teresa: Please leave Eric

Eric:Fine but l love you Terrybabe

Teresa:Take your love and leave my house

Eric takes his bags and close the door


He immediately got back

Teresa:In your next relationship make sure you don't listen to terrible friends and parents and choose your words wiselyfine that's all you can leave

Eric left and close the doorthe Teresa peeped himwhen she finally sees his shadow disappearshe broke and Cried


Charlotte is preparing the guest room for MasegoMasego gets in

Charlotte:You will sleep here Masego


Charlotte:Seems like my mother won't come back todayso l will sleep downstairs

Masego:Nonono please sleep with me Charl

Charlotte:okay but at least call Tami and let him know that you are safe

Masego:Tamioh no l am not in the mood to have a word with him

Charlotte:it's not for fun but for assurance Masego

Masego:Tami will never understand thathe will tell at me like a father who is yelling his teenage girl

Charlotte: But you sometimes behave like teenagers

Masego:what do you mean?

Charlotte:If you are not bickering with Tami it's your mother and l think l will have the same problem soon because seems like my mother joined the que


Charlotte:She created every social medias you knowworse she is on dating sites

Masego pulled out an unruly laughter something she has never done in a while

Charlotte:it's not funny Masegoimagine watching your mother giggling and smiling over the phone and tagging you in ugly picspics where you see a nose only

Masego:welcome to my world Charlthe next thing you will have a 12 years old stepfather

Charlotte:oh please that won't happen not under my watch

Masego:Never say neverit happened under my watch

Charlotte:l am not you and the damage is not yet big l can still fill the gap


Charlotte: Nothing harmful but she will eat on my palm

Masego:okayl am afraid


How do you handle stress?

Well some says music heals themsome say foodsome say social mediasome say a pillow talk

Well when it comes to Teresa l have to say alcohol and loud music heals her

Kicking Eric out of his house was not what she was looking forward to dol must say the situation forced her to

Teresa is Dancing and drinking l guess this is the 6th case Veronica got in to rescue the neighbours since they reprimanded her but she told them where to get of

When Veronica got in she switching of the loud music and yelled

"Teresa Kano!"

Teresa:Eish Veronicawhy are you ruining the party

Veronica: party?a party without a crowd are you insane?

Teresa: you get old if you likeDo your own party baby and Dance the hell out like this

Teresa Dances...

Veronica:You are drunk TeresaYou smell like a brewery

Teresa:If smelling like a brewery make me happy like thisthen let me smell like breweries

Veronica:No l can't believe you where is Eric

Teresa pulled out a sudden laughter a complicated one because she was shedding tears and laughing at the same time

Teresa:where is he?

Veronica:l am the one who is asking you

Teresa:He went back to his country


Teresa: Veronica my mother's childdon't take young boysthey are rubbishyou know what is rubbish? rubbish is young boys l should've listened to my daughtermy little sego is always right


Teresa:Eric told me thatin fact he insulted me and said l am his grandmother and l am not fit enough to be his wifecan you believe that?worse he wanna have sex with my daughterthat's rubbishall l wanted is to take his sperms and insert them inside Masegol did want him to be intimate with Masego anyway l am done

She said then she went to switch on the radio and increased the volume even more

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To be continued


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