Do you know how hangover hits l mean that illness caused by a previous bout of drinking?

Teresa wakes up and yawns


Veronica appeared and screamed in Teresa's ear l guess she did it on purpose since she knows how does Teresa exactly feel

Veronica:(laughing) Morning

Teresa:Can you please stop doing that

Veronica shouts againthen the irritated Teresa threw an object to herwith the aim of beating her

Teresa:stop it!

Veronica:It's not meit's hangover

Teresa:what happened yesterday?


Veronica looked at Teresa in disbelief and a little bit of smirk

Veronica:l think a coffee won't be a bad ideamaybe you will remember

Teresa: Please Veronica stop your games and tell me what happened yesterday

Veronica:l think you the one who should tell me what happened yesterdayyou have to explain what's wrong with you

Teresa: Veronica

Veronica:Yes Veronica is my name and Kano is my surname

Teresa:what know is that I kicked Eric out and Masego is angry Wherever she is and l said Tami must go look for her

Veronica:So its over between you and Eric

Teresa:Yeah and l thought l will live without him but eyy l couldn't even go for a day without himl am now a drunkard

Veronica:That's Trickywhat you gonna do from now

Teresa:There is no way that Eric will be my house without that babyso it's over between me and him

Veronica:just like that

Teresa:Yes just like thatyou know what let's go have some cocktails and freshen up

Veronica:l foresee an alcoholic here

Teresa: Freshen up Vero

Veronica:l am definitely not coming

Teresa:oh please party popper


Charlotte in the kitchen Making breakfastMasego appear

Masego:Charl can you lend my your dress

Charlotte:Ah nothat's my favourite dress

Masego:But it's my stylel thought you are not in to this kind of fashionsince you are a lesbian

Charlotte: Bisexual

Masego:But you never dated any guy

Charlotte:That's none of your damn business and l can't borrow you my designed dress

Masego:Oh please there are many broke designers out there and they can jump at any chance they get to design something like this

Charlotte: besides every reason l gave youthat's an imported fabric


Charlotte:So you can't have that dressl will look for the perfect one for you

Masego:but it's just a dress Charl

Charlotte:Yeah actually you should be looking for something to wear in my mother's wardrobe

Masego:What?Are you insane?

Charlotte:l am saneplus you are even more fat than meyou will ruin my clothes

Masego:l know you are joking

Door knock...

Charlotte:come in

Tami got in..


Tami:Hey Charl

Charlotte:excuse me guys

Masego: Excuse what?


Masego:No CharlTami is a newly found delivery guymaybe he is here to deliver something and as a resident you should sign

Charlotte:OhTami what are you here to deliver?

Tami:Masego l was just to check up on my womanas a worried boyfriend but making fun of my job was the least l expected from you Charlotte l will see you around

Tami leaves...

Charlotte:Masegohow can you??

Masego:how can l what?

Charlotte:You make me sick

Charlotte leaves...

Masego:oh noTamiTamibaby

She said whilst heading to the door


How can you define fun?and how can you define happiness?

Well for me fun and happiness are not the same thing

Fun is when you do some activities to ease up your happiness

And happiness is being physically spiritually and emotionally at ease

Well Teresa is having fun at this certain club it is the most famous club where you will find every performance you could ever think of

Strippers and bouncersblessers and biders you will find them there

You do you have a picture of how Ibiza is?Yes l mean that Ibiza vibebuying alcohol for everyone

Well again happiness is not having what you want but wanting what you have...but you or l will never tell Teresa that


Earlier on Tami came to check up on me and l messed up honestlyl love Tami but the fact that our lives are not the way we planned to be it's frustrating me

Our mates we graduated with are making it big in life and it's no like l don't fitl do is just that in whatever l am doing l have to think of Tami

Maybe the money l wasted on Tamil was going to take myself out on a holiday with it

Imagine a girl on a bikini inside a yatch popping champagnes with half naked man but here l am Shouting and yelling at Tami

Well l am heading to work and there is Tami

I guess l have to go to himwhen l approached him he didn't pay attentionbusy packing the boxes he need to deliver behind the Van

Masego: Really Tami?So are we going to behave like teenagers in love

Tami: I wish l was the so called teenager in love because right now l am not even sure if you really love me Masego

Me:How can you say that Thamsanqa Maseko!

Tami:How can you test me like this Masego Kano?You are right now l am talking with you on a cool platform and you are yelling

Me:Tami you are living under my mother's roof and worse l've been nothing but a supportive partner

Tami:You never supported me you were a supplieryou supplied my needs and then tell me how useless l am

Me: Thamsanqa...

Tami:Let me finishyou are an arrogant girlfriend Masego actually you've been giving your family reasons to underestimate me


Tami got in the van and left the vexed Me


The vibe and party is still onTeresa is still on fire

One of the waiters approached a guythat guy who had this interest in Teresa

l am not sure what kind of an interest but that guy seemed more concerned about the dancing Teresa because he never took his eyes away from Teresa

Guy:Hey dude

Waiter:Heywhat can l do for you?

Guy: please do me a favour

Waiter:The only favours l do here is to give you what you have ordered

Guy:Forget about orders actually l wanna give you an ultimatum

Waiter:which is?

Guy:You see that lady over there

He said whilst pointing at Teresa

Waiter:what about her?

Guy: Please do not give her more drinks

Waiter:is she your motheror a relative

Guy:what if we don't relate at all

Waiter:well l'd tell you to let her have funwe need grandmother's like herl mean look at her

The waiter encouraged Teresa to make more movesthe guy got more frustrated and yanked the guy's hands then the guy dropping the tray out of fright

Guy:piss off

The waiter humbles himself

Guy:l said piss of you idiot!

He said whilst banging the tablethen the waiter got out of the guys sight

The guy immediately reached his pocket and took out his phone and sent a massage to Charl

"Charl please come fetch your aunt she is in dangershe is over intoxicated"

I am not sure how do they know each other but they must be close since He recognised Teresa as Charlotte's Aunt


Everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you have made. If you want a different result make a different choice.

Did l just say that?oh no l didn't

Well l am gratefulyes l might not have everything l want in life but at least some of the things are working out especially career wise

Since l am a well qualified Doctor and have that capability of working in every department l am now promoted at work

I don't really like this departmentl don't like working at the lab but since their level of trust is upl won't miss this opportunityl mean they trust me with DNA's they know l won't be bribed to swap any tests so l will go for this opportunity

Okay so l am now phakathi inside doing some experimentsthen l got blown away when l saw Masego getting in the laboratoryl don't even know how did she

Me: Masego what are you doing here?You are not supposed to enter this premisesWhere did you pass?Did you bribe the security?l bet you did because you are not qualified to be hereyou are not even wearing a mask

Masego:Sorry Charlotte for comming to see you because l need you

Just like that she leftl left a little bit guiltyso l yanked her hand and grabbed her outside

Me:Masego not in that manner but you are not qualified enough to enter at places like a lab

Masego:l am going to get my qualifications thenso can you please excuse me?

Me: Masego we will talk at lunchtimel will come fetch you okay

I rushed back to the lab and immediately l got in a message clickedDamn l am not supposed to bring a phone alongyes those are one of the rules l was given

I wanted to switch of the phone but the message was disturbing but didn't have a chance to read it because l heard someone coming and it could be the Doctor

Doc: Charlotte

Charlotte:Yes Doc

Doc:I've brought more blood and saliva for you to test

Charlotte:Does this meanl will knock of late?

Doc:Yeah if you don't mind but l'd really appreciate to work with you

Charlotte:Nono stress don't worryl love my job

Doc:I know that's why l counted on you

Charlotte:Sureyou can hand me thosethe doc did so then he left

Immediately after he leftl took my phone and that message that clicked it was from HopeHope is one of my colleagues we work togethertoday he was off and l guess he is referring to aunt Teresal just forwarded the message to Masego it's her mother after all


I went to Charlotte and she wasn't available for talks but it was still useless because the talk wasn't going to solve things between me and Tamiso l am waiting for himl wanna fix things between us and the first step is to accept him as he is and give him a lift since we are going to the same house

Oh there he ishe walked past me and l followed him

Me:Tamil am waiting for you

Tami:(amazed) waiting for me?

Me:Yesl wanna give you a lifthoping that we will fix our problems along the way

Tami scoffs

Me:plus we are going to the same house

Tami:so you just realised that today?

Me: Realise what?

Tami: realise that we live in the same house?

Me:Tami please

Tami:Masego what would you colleagues say when a whole snack like you lift a dirty guy like meoh l am just a delivery guy by the way

When l was about to answer him my phone rang and it was a number l don't knowthen l switched of my data then a disturbing massage from Charlotte clicked it was about my mother immediately after l showed Tamiwe got in the car and headed to the hospitalwe forgot about the small talk we were having

[Please excuse the errors]




To be continued


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