Was on a night shiftl am tired asf and is about time l go home

Right now l am having a strong coffee l need itas l am having it l decided to log in my Facebook and first thing l saw on my newsfeed it was pictures posted by Masegothe party was successful l can telll even saw her call together with Tami's callsl am not in the mood to have a word with her

I just wanna finish this coffee the leave this buildingl need a long bath


That was the unexpected Hope

Me:Eish don't ever sneak up on me like that

Hope:Do you have anything to hide?

Me:From who?

Hope:It can be anyone People with secrets do not relax their bodies and allow themselves to have a peace of mindit's easy to make them panic

Me:Your philosophies are really boringif you don't mind may you please excuse me?

Hope:l do mind

Me:It's not like you have any choicewhat are you even doing here?

Hope:How can you ask me that?l work here

Me:Oh of cause you doexcuse me

I packed my things and took my bag

Hope:seems like l am really irritating you and that assures me that you are computable

If l knew doing a sleep over at Hope's place was gonna make things to be like this between usl wasn't going to consider

I didn't reply that l just sucked my teeth and left

Hope:Enjoy your dayl love you too

I went to my car and drove straight to the house the first thing l did when l got in l took a long bath with bath saltswhen l got out of the bathtub l felt the differencel felt more relaxed immediately when l got out l wore my pyjamasyes it's in the morning and people are taking them off but it's different this side since l was on my feets the whole night

I then went to the kitchen and made oats for myselfmy mother is not around if she was maybe l was going to have something fancy for breakfast

I then went to the couch and sat to watch the repeat of my favourite Sophie l love stolen throneFew minutes later l heard voices from the outsidethen my motherTami and Masego got in

Tami:at least the idea worked

Masego:l am glad Eric didn't give us hard conditions to come back

Veronica:yeahthanks guys for understanding that my sister's happiness is important

Masego:l owe that woman a lot

Veronica:That's rightjuice anyone?

Masego:No l am good l don't know if Tami wants it

Tami:No it will take us long

Veronica:okayoh Charl you are back

Me:Yeah mom

Veronica:l am going to bedTamisego l will see you around

Tami:okay aunty

Masego:it's okay thanks anuty

My mother departed the room

Masego:Hey Charl

Me:Hey to you too MasegoTami

Tami:Hey Charlyou were on night shift?

Me:yeahl am tired asfl am going to bedsorry

Tami clears his throat l don't what is that for

Masego:Charl before you go to bed can l please have a word with you

Me:make it snappy

Masego:First of all l wanna apologize for the way l spoke with you the last time

Me:You must be

Masego:l hope you will find it in your heart to forgive mel am also human

Me: Masego l know you will apologize and when you are forgiven you will do the same thingl didn't wanna have a word with you anytime soon because your are harsh

Masego:oh so you didn't pick my calls because you wasn't looking forward to have a word with me?

Me:The calls we not even supposed to come through l forgot to switch off my phone as l always to when l am at work

Masego:Yeah l understandl am sorry

Me:l've forgiven you a long time ago Masego

Masego: Really?

I rolled my eyes

Masego:please give me a hug as a sign of forgiveness

I opened my arms wide for her and we hugged for a very long timewe broke it when Tami complainedsaying will take his girlfriend away from him since l am a lesbian\bisexualwe shared a laughter

Me:You are insane this is my sister

Tami:l know how is work?

Me:phewhectic there is a new drug invented

Tami:New drug invented?by who and when?

Me:l have no full info but it's not harmful but when the substance reach your blood you collapseit's more like a sleeping pill

Tami:You guys experience shitwho would invent something like that?

Me:Yeah l chose this pathanyway what's fascinating?

After l asked that questionupdates came after the other ones


I've never thought l would ever bless Eric's relationship with my mother but it what it isalthough l acceptedl didn't accept it 100% l am still watching Eric and l hope he has good intentions

We got in the house with Tami and l headed to the kitchen when l heard my mother singing the putsununu song by mduduzi ft Q twins and l went with the flowmy mother begun to laugh when he heard me singing along

Me:That's my mom

Teresa:You are crazyhow are you?

Me:I am excited to win my mom back

Teresa:oh babyhow can l even thank you

Me:It's a simple favor

Teresa:l am listening

Me:You will stay away from the cognac bottle

Teresa:oh that's small water actually l will even make breakfast for all of you in this house

Me:okaywell l guess Eric is giving you good

We both shared a laughter

Teresa:so what time did you sleep yesterday?

Me:around 2.am


as for Charlotte why she wasn't with us yesterday?

Me:well she was at work

Teresa:she love her job that much?

Me:l think it was a tricky day momplus she told us about this new invented drug

Teresa:what kind of a drug?

Me:she said it's a sleeping pill but it has no timingyou just collapse out of nowhere

Teresa:YhoWonders never cease

Me:Yeahso how is daddy Eric?

Teresa:my man must be tired yesterday he really performed

Me: performed?

Teresa:Yes l got laidmy coochie is breathing fire

Me:you got what? Your coochie is what?

Teresa:Hey youtoo much info

She gave me a soft slap and we shared a laughter


Veronica also joined the ride if dating young kids multiple young kids

I know you won't believe me when l say she spent about 30k to some stranger she met online since they are dating

30k is a lot of money right?

She gave this so called guy the money so that he can fix his documents with the aim of comming this side so they can get married

Veronica is doing this with the hopes that Charlotte won't be angryeven if she gets angry she will come around like Masego did

She is talking over the phone with one of the guys she is dating l guesssince she is blushing and confessing her love to the person over the phone even telling him that money is not a problem

Charlotte is behind her mother who is melting over the phone eavesdropping to her conversation


Eric was still in bed when Teresa got in and kissed him


Eric: Mhmm

Teresa:You look so bored and you just got back you ain't supposed to be so down like this

Eric:l am not bored babe

Teresa:How about we go for shopping or a massage?

Eric:Babe l don't need a massage or shoppersl need solutions to our problems

Teresa:Babe you just arrivedwhat problems are you talking about?

Eric:Teresa l still want that kid

Teresa:Eric this kid issue is the main reason why l kicked you out and you know that Masego doesn't wanna be our surrogate

Eric:Babe let's try her again

Teresa:You are really insane and obsessedyou you jumped to the opportunity of coming back because you wanna fuck my daughter?

Eric:Babe that process is part of fighting for our lovel love you Teresayou make the lights go deemyou got my heartyou are my queenI am someone else when I’m with you someone more like myself.our Love situation is like war: easy to begin but very hard to stop believe me Teresa you are my queenl post you everydayyou are my profile picturel sometimes wish to buy you roses and chocolate but l am not working because l am not yet officially a citizen in this country because our marriage is delayed delayed because we don't have that kidl love you Teresa

Teresa:l love you too baby but you know we can't have that kid

Eric:we canwe can l have a plan

Teresa:what plan?

Eric:I heard you in the morning when you were talking with Masego and she said something about an invented drug she heard about from Charlotte

Teresa:What about the drug?

Eric:we can drug Tami


Eric:Yes and once he starts to collapse we will fake the results and say Tami has a rare disease and it will cost millions and millions for him to regain his recoverysurely Masego won't afford then we will pretend to offer her money in that condition of her being our surrogate


Eric:Baby this is the easiest waywe both know Masego won't let Tami die

Teresa: That is impossible the doctors will see that it's the so called drug

Eric:We have broke doctors so we will bribe oneoh l forgot we will involve Charlotteplus she is working at the lab

Teresa:But the final examination are not made by her

Eric:she will make a plan l know



I was called at work once again by our general management because l tool a file l wasn't supposed to take with me by mistakeso l was taking it back

I am glad l was called because eyyl overhead talking to his boyfriend over the phone and l think l will join Masego's quest which is something l am not looking forward to do

I went to work and dropped it and l got a call from Masego saying we must meet for lunchl told her to meet me at the hospitalwhen l got out l bumped to her

Masego:Baby Charl

Me:Hey look at youwho is taking me for lunch

Masego:It's me in flesh babe

Me:I am so thankful that you camel need someone and something to cheer me up

Masego:okay someone is full

Me:You wouldn't blame me if you can hear the reason why

Masego:Did Aunty Veronica tag you in her ugly pic?

Me:I so wish like she did it's so unfortunate she did something ten times worse than that

Masego:Okayseems like l failed to guesscan you fill me in

Me:My mother talked about sending 20k to a stranger she met online


Me:imagine 20k

Masego:no it must me 20 Rand l mean 20k it's not even my monthly salary

Me: Believe me it's twenty thousand

Masego:No this is insane

Me:Yeah but it's just a current situation

Masego: Current situation?

Me:Yeah she will soon send the money to me

Masego:What do you mean?

Me:l will catfish her

Masego:Excuse me?you will pretend to be someone else?

Me:l will notl am pretending to be someone elsel already created the account it

I showed her

Masego:Damn Charl this look real

Me:who am l?

Masego:wow let me watch this happening

Me:bring my phone

I took my phone and left the amazed Masego standing alone

We went for a simple lunch and she left me at the restaurant because she bought lunch for Tami so she have to give it to him before lunch time end

I then drive back home and when l got in l found the lady who is in love cryingseems like she had been crying for a very long time because her eyes are swollen

Me:mom why are you crying?

Veronica:l am sorry my baby

Me:What's wrong momwhat did you do?

Veronica:You warned me and l never listened to you

I am really confused now

Me:what are you talking about?

Veronica:l am scammed Charl

Me: scammed?scammed by who mom?

Veronica:I found a guy in social media and we fell in lovejust when we were starting to understand each other he told me about his sick mother and l felt like l had to do something and l sent him money

I knew this will happen...trust me it's not me guys

Me: mom

Veronica:I know l was stupid and all of the sudden just after l sent the money his account disappearedl tried to switch accounts and search him stilll even signed in a new account and still l can't find him

I hugged her with pleasure since l know how l am going to deal with her

Veronica:l am sorry my baby

Me:Relax mom l will help you find a good guy online

Veronica: Really?

Me:yesl know there is someone for you and you will be happy like Aunty Teresa and Eric

Veronica:You don't mind

Me:l don't

Veronica:Thank you baby

She kept on thanking me endless times till a part of me felt guilty but still l won't withdrew to my plan

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To be continued


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