🎶"You are the one that l feel and you know that is real...when l think of you l know l will be okay...It's you my love..everytime l sleep l see you my love..early in the morning it's you my love"🎶

Phindile wakes up when she hear her husband's melodic voice singing only you by ric hassani


"Morning Mrs Maitase"

"How did you sleep?"

"How could l not have the most peaceful night when l am sleeping next to the love of my life?"

Phindile looked at Rashid and smiled 

"I brought you breakfast in bed"

"What happened to room service"

"Room service is at 8.am and we have to leave before 8 honeymoon is over baby"

"Argh babe l still need to go clean our new apartment"

"Don't worry about that love

l will find a helper..we have to start our new life together we can't be in honeymoon forever"

"I know babe"

"Now it you still have a lot to do with your body so l need it to be fit"

"Excuse me?"

"I am Mr Maitase and the Maitase's do shoot"


"Ohhh please"

"Eat baby time is against us l have a meeting at 7.am babe"

"Sure but l suggest we bath together that will be more faster"

"Come on or you want us to have a small session in the shower"


"You got me"

"I know anyway that will take us long you have forever to fuck me now let's chase business"

"I suggest you go to shower l am already eating"


Rashid takes his toiletry bag and go shower..Phindile looks at him with a proud look and a smile  till his shadow disappear 


Mrs Saldana was having a cup of tea when Zoe appeared and sat next to her

Zoe: "mom why you didn't invite me for tea?"

She says the giggles...

Mrs Saldana: "Don't make me your Clown since when do you like tea?"

Zoe: "l am serious mom"

Mrs Saldana: "Ain't you the one who said tea it's for old people...you prefer cocktail?"

Zoe: "l am joking"

Mrs Saldana: "l am your puppet isn't it?"

Zoe: "l was joking as l said mom"

(Door knock)

Mrs Saldana: "come in"

After Mrs Saldana said so.. Phindile the favourite child got in followed by her husband

Mrs Saldana stood up and ululated as she approached them and gave them hugs

Mrs Saldana: "Zoe make yourself useful can't you see we have very important guests to offer tea?"

Rashid: "No..no Zoe don't bother yourself we are not here to stay we have a lot of things to do"

Mrs Saldana: "oh is it?"

Phindile: "Yes mom we do have a lot to do..l mean we still have to move in our new home and l still have to decorate and pack my furniture"

Mrs Saldana: "But that's easy you can also make Zoe useful..she is not working and always around watching the sun till it rise and set"

Rashid clears his throat..

Phindile: "Mom no l prefer doing things on my own...so if you don't let me go to my former bedroom and fetch the rest of my things"

She said then headed to the bedroom

She got in and took a suitcase and begin to pack her belongings

Meanwhile she was packing Zoe got in and sat at the edge of the bed

Phindile: "Sis..l hope you will enjoying having this bedroom to yourself...as for me I think l found my happiness...Did you see my honeymoon pictures?"

Zoe: "No l didn't"

Phindile: "l must say you have missed out on a trending story"

Zoe: "l must have"

Phindile: "And big sis you know love is such a beautiful thing trust me..yes l enjoyed my honeymoon jaccuzie's and resorts but the most important part was too feel being loved..l also think you should open up to love sis..who knows maybe we will have a double date all together and be best friends...you need someone to unlock your heart l know Bahru didn't go with the key or did he??"

Zoe: "Oh yes and you sound worried about me"

Phindile: "l am sis l'd really like to see both of us happy...l've seen the way mom treats you and l Understand every part of it"

Zoe: "You are the favorite child Phindile and that's it"

Phindile: "please don't say that"

Zoe: "I just did and Phindile l don't care wether mom loves me or not..or if she denies me in front of people or not..l don't regret dating Bahru or being a mother to Aziza and Abdii not knowing of Sifundo"

Phindile: "oh l see...you wanna bring up the Sifundo issue just as you did before my wedding day...Zoe l am coming from my honeymoon!..don't you think l don't wanna talk about that now?"

Zoe: "You don't have to want to Phindile...Rashid should know about Sifundo and Sifundo needs to know his real mom...don't you think giving the name "lesson" was enough?...what lesson did you learn if you do not wanna accept it?"

Phindile: "l think you have said enough"

She says then place her clothes in the suitcase carelessly with anger

She then aggressively zipped the suitcase grabbed it then stormed out of the room

She stood at the passage them pulled herself together and took a deep breath then headed to the sitting room where she found her mother and husband laughing

She sent her goodbeys immediately after she appeared since she wanted herself out of the house as soon as possible

Just after She announced her leave Mrs Saldana called Zoe and she appeared 

Zoe: "Mom?"

Mrs Saldana: "Your married sister and husband are leaving"

Zoe: "oh drive safe and wish you all the best"

Rashid: "Thanks Zoe"

Phindile: "You will find me in the car"

Phindile said then left...Rashid followed

Mrs Saldana: "And what must be wrong with you Zoe?"

Zoe: "Excuse me mom"

Mrs Saldana: "ain't you happy to see your sister happily married?..or you wish like Rashid was yours?"

Zoe: "Mom how did you even come up with that?...Rashid is younger than Phindile and Phindile is way too younger than me and of course l wanna see my sister happy"

Mrs Saldana: "In whatever you are doing you still have to remember that whatever you are going through you bought it to yourself...Zoe if you know that the last thing you could do to fight poverty is to sleep with Etopians worse having unprotected sex with them will make you have two kids and stuck local with no job or a man interested in you"

Zoe: "Mom you keep on repeating how l dated Etopians as if l killed a person"

Mrs Saldana: "You killed your reputation...now a person cannot even hide their identity because their fried hair makes it obvious that you stoop to low to get money"

Zoe: "l stoop low to get money because you failed to be strong for us...mom we all felt the pain of Dad's death but we pulled ourselves together and you failed to be there..still l didn't blame or judge you but you are back to judge me to judge me to falling I. Love with a guy who looked and found you and the very same guy who paid a pastor to pray for you and redeem you when you were a drunkard...a guy who made sure that your precious Phindile never lacks anything..the same Phindile who is now an angel forgetting that she was gallivanting around with Blessers till she got Sifundo but still l am the least favourite child"

A part of Mrs Saldana felt Zoe's words but because she is who she is she didn't humble herself

Mrs Saldana: "Still Zoe you should've done something maybe cleaning or selling veggies or using protection maybe we were not going to be stuck with Aziza and Abdii"

Zoe: "l am stuck with Aziza.. Abdii and Sifundo...yes Sifundo why don't you count him"

Mrs Saldana: "Why do you keep on bringing the Sifundo issue?...is that a way of wanting to ruin Phindiles marriage?"

Zoe: "l want Phindile to be happy in her marriage without any guilty consciences"

Mrs Saldana: "Stupid child...Who would stand Phindile's past?... especially Rashid...Zoe if you are going to tell him about Sifundo are you also gonna tell him about Phindile's arbotions and wrecking homes?"

Zoe: "You love a person for what she is not what she was and yes her past is not good at all but l am sure Rashid has a past too and l don't think saying a thing about Sifundo would affect them anyhow"

Just as Zoe was Explaining a slap landed on her face 

"You are not going to tell Rashid anything about Sifundo that's not your place to..we shall never talk about this anymore"

She said the moved her ass to her bedroom whilst Zoe is holding her cheeck not believing that at the age of 28 she got slapped

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[To be continued]


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