part 9 the orchid s2

"Leya please calm down okay" - "Don't tell me to calm down.." - She snaps. She's been tapping her feet ever since we arrived at the doctor. We need to be sure. We need to clarify and be really sure of this. I mean that home test she took could be wrong right? I mean... okay! We were not using protection. I just didnt thunk she'd get pregnant so soon. She just gave back only 4 months ago. How is that even possible... "Mrs Malinga? The doctor is ready for you" - The receptionist says staring at me. Leya is ready to rip her eyes out. I have been in this position way to many time. I'm so glad last night I didn't sleep with that girl... that would add just one more nail to my coffin. "Mrs Malinga how are you?" - She asks... "I'm fine. Uhm... i need a blood test. I need to find out if im pregnant or not." - Leya is just not wasting anytime. The doctor looks at her like she is crazy. She looks at me too and exhales. "Uhm... okay is it your first child?" - This is what I hate about having to visit a new doctor now Leya is annoyed with all these questions. We could've gone to her gynaecologist but I wanted to be there and how would she explain being pregnant to him? We really couldn't take that risk! "It would be my third child" - Leya says with a frown on her face. She's starting to realise the infinite possibility of her carrying yet another Mailinga seed. "And how old is the second one?" - "He'll be four months next week" - I say. The doctor's eyes pop!! Believe me I collected mine on the floor along with my jaw. "but... it takes about 6 to 8 months for the womb to be ready." - "Exactly ..thats why I need a blood test" - Leya stresses! The doctor is uncomfortable so am I.. and so is Leya!! I want to say something I want to tell her that everything will be okay but I can't And I don't even know whether things will be okay going forward. How could we be so stupid!!? "Malinga I'm talking to you!"- She nudges me. "Huh? What' you say?" - I ask coming back to life. My fingers playing with my wedding band. I have been wearing it ever since Leya brought it back to me after our first time together when she found out I was alive. "I said what if it's true?" - She says with fear in both her eyes and voice. "Then it is true sthandwa sam. I will not compromise anybody in this situation. We will just live each day as it is.." - I try to convince not only her but myself too. Oh fuck! Who the hell am I kidding? I am terrified!! Scared is probably an understatement. The doctor walks back in I didn't even realise she was gone. I have been so caught up in mathematics trying to find the answer to the equation of me being a dead husband having made my widow wife pregnant and also the fact that nobody would believe her unless I revealed myself... All I know is that the answer would be Mayhem!! "Well I managed to ask a friend of mine to process the blood fast and Mrs Malinga I believe congratulations are in..." - "Noooooo!!!!" - Leya screams before the doctor can finish her sentence. We are both in awe of the sudden outburst. Leya looks at me ... "Get me out of here" - She gets up and walks out. I run after her like she is pulling me by the balls. "Leya..." - I call after her she is walking very fast towards the parking lot. She is mad! Crazy! Angry! I... know this woman! I am familiar with this Rage. "What!!!!" - She screams! "Will you just wait?" - "Wait?? Wait?? Mkhululi wait for what?? Wait until I'm in labour again before you take action? Wait till the family sees that I am pregnant?" - "Yolathokuhle!!!" - I scream! She freezes! She blinks and swallows hard! "You just... did you just call me by..." - "Yes! Thats your name or have you forgotten? Leya that is the name that my Aunts gave you. We may have not used it but it is still your name." - She needs to know! "After your death it is only now that you think it's suitable to call me that?" - "Your name is Yolathokuhle Malinga. You are my wife and that child you are carrying is my flesh and blood!" - I feel the heat overwhelming me. - "Cataleya you are keeping that baby come hell or hurricane Katrina!!! End of flippin' story!!" - I open the door for her. I can see her close to tears but they are not about to soften me up right now. I am still the man in this marriage and my word is Law! Or atleast I think it is. I am frozen for a second when her palm lands across my face. "What' you do that for?" - I ask shocked! "For making me pregnant! Again!!!!" - She enters the car and closes the door folds her arms and stares straight ahead. Sigh! I have no idea what to say or even do. ■ The ride back to my house is quiet. She's quiet and I'm afraid that if I say another word I might get another hot klap! But then again I need to say something. "Latha?" - I whisper hoping she doesn't bite my head off. I look at her she slowly turns and looks at me. "Malinga I'm tired... I was supposed to be at work by now" - She says. "Let me take you.." - She shakes her head. "No she slowly turns and looks at me. "Malinga I'm tired... I was supposed to be at work by now" - She says. "Let me take you.." - She shakes her head. "No I don't want people to see me with a man" - "A man?? Yolath'okuhle I am your bloody husband!!!"- I roar hitting the steering wheel and for a second I lose balance of the car. "You are dead!!!" - she screams back! "And I am carrying another rendition of Jesus! Is that it? The holy Ghost came to me in the death of the night?? Mkhululi Nkosiyezwe Malinga do not flippin' test both my patience and my hormones!" - And the Queen has spoken. I shall say no more and I shall argue no more but like hell am I going to let Cataleya Yolath'okuhle Malinga complicate things more than they are already. "What are you doing? Mkhululi are you Crazy?! Mkhululi!!!" - I'm not hearing what she's saying. She's trying to touch the wheel as i am headed straight to Our Marital home. She's trying to touch the wheel... "Leya!!!! Cataleya stop it!!" - We are both trying to grab the wheel. The accelerator is on 180km/h. She's screaming... Im screaming! "Mkhululi nooooooo!!!!" - It all becomes dark after a heavy impact on her side. There's heavy pressure against my body. I see fuzzy pictures... "Leya?" - I call out to her. Her head on my shoulder. Both our seatbelts still on. There's blood... coming out of her nose and ears. I touch my face... I'm also bleeding. "No! Leya? Leya baby hold on..." - I try to touch her heart. She's still breathing. I'm aware of the commotion around the car. There's a lot of glass around us! "Leya!! Leya baby hold on okay..." - There are people around us trying to open the doors. I don't know how big the damage is... My head is light. "Sir. Sir! Are you okay?" - It's a man. I see him all fuzzy and dimmed. "My wife she's ... she's pregnant!" - "The ambulance is on it's way sir. Do you feel anything broken?" - "My wife... please just help my wife" - I can't breath! I think I'm starting to l..l...lose my... ●● ○○ ●● Everything is white. The lights... This whole room! I'm on a bed. My arm is heavy. A cast! Great! My face feels big. I look around... Leya? Where is she? Where's my wife?- The door opens. A nurse comes in. "Oh you are awake? Good we need your details for records. There was nothing we could use from your car even the lady you were with... there was no ID or even driver's license" - Great! That means no family was alerted. "My wife? Where is she? Is the baby okay?" - I ask trying to get off the bed but my head is still light. I sit back on the bed. "She's fine. Just a few bruises on her face.." - "I want to see her" - I demand. "Okay" - She says after swallowing hard. I didn't mean to scare her but hey it worked. She grabs the wheelchair and helps me on it. She pushes me out to the female ward. "Leya?" - She turns and looks at me. "You almost killed my baby Malinga" - She says with a straight look on her face as soon as the nirse walks out. "Sthandwa sam I am so sorry" - "Sorry? Sorry Mkhululi? What exactly are you sorry about? Sorry that you faked your own death? Or that you made me pregnant or the fact that you almost killed both me and my baby??" - "Leya but you touched the wheel..." - "Shut uuuuup!!!!" - She screams the nurse runs back in. "Is everything okay?" - She asks. "Get out!" - Leya shouts at her and then stares at me again. The nurse is gone! There's silence between me and a woman scorned. A woman I see to be beautiful and soulful. A woman I love so much that I am convinced that this is more than just Love. "Get out Mkhululi. I am not fucken doing this with you again!! No I am not. I am done." - "Leya what do you mean??" - "It's over!" - she folds her arms and looks away. "So what? Just an accident and suddenly it's over?? Leya how will you explain it at home? How will you explain the pregnany? My child!!!" - "I'll say it was a one night stand..." - "That's bullshit and you know it!!" - I say. She's pissing me off! She's really pressing my buttons. "Lath'okuhle you don't want me angry right now!!" - I threaten. "What? You'll shoot me like you did your brother? Bomb me like you did Zamani? Or that tramp you were sleeping with?" - She's shouting and screaming and just letting all her anger out in the form of words. I take a deep breath. I need a phone! "Listen to me woman and listen very very carefully because I am going to say this once and once only! ... You are my wife and that child you are carrying is mine along with the four that you are raising including MJ. And I will do anything to have all of you back in my life..." - "What are you saying?" - She whispers im fear. "Just sit tight and let me be your husband. Do not say a word to anybody not even about your name and who you are!"- She nods. Good!! I push my self out of the ward. I ask the nurse for some coins to make a phone call. "Sabelo get to General hospital right now. Bring the black book with you take the SUV go to the mall and buy two baby car seats!" - I hang up and I wait. ● ● "Make the phone call Leya" - I beg her with the cellphone that Sabelo brought in my hand. He is here too standing at the door waiting for a go-ahead. She swallows hard and takes the phone trembling. "Maria this is Mrs mlinga yes. Could please prepare for Ntuthuzelo. I'm sending a driver to pick him up now. No I'm not at work... just do as i say the driver will be at the house in 30.minutes. good" - She hangs up and looks at me. She swallows hard one more time before dialling. "Yes hello. This is Mrs Malinga.. could you please preare for Zana and Liso. My driver is picking them up early. Yes thank you. Bye." - One last call!! "Mama I'm okay I just got caught somewhere and my phone died. I'm not going to the office... listen I have arranged the kids to come to me at the park for the afternoon... I just wanna spend time with them. Okay ma thank you" - She hangs up and looks at me with tears in her eyes. "I hate you" - She says. "I'm sorry but it's the only other way. You can't have your cake and eat it" - "Fuck you!!! Fuck you Mkhululi I hate you!!! You're having me kidnap my own children.." - "Leya I'm doing this for you? You don't want me to come out? What the hell do y0u want??!!!" - I scream! She's quiet. She's crying; looking away! I look at Sabelo and I nod. He walks out and Leya's increases her sobs. "It's up to you my Empress... It is all up to you." - I say before walking out of her ward leaving her to think. We probably have the rest of the day to decide before the family realises she has disappeared with 2 toddlers and a new born baby.

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