part 8 the orchid s2

A new house seemed like a good idea. I spoke to my confidential banker and he made it happen. Leya is not happy. She is a woman scorned and right now Hell has nothing on the fury she dishes out. She has been cooking for me almost everyday for the past four months since she killed Anna. She is back at work but she always finds time during lunch or before she heads home to come and see me and I must say that things have gone back to 'Normal'. It must sound like a clichè or something but my wife and I are happy although in secret. She has been a very good liar because we do not suspect anyone onto us. She has managed to bring Zelo a couple of times thats what I call the little tiger with a spitting image of my father. I have fallen inlove with yet another bone of my bones. But I miss my other children. Zana Liso and even MJ. I want to see my children and she keeps on coming up with excuses. I know that Zana Knows me and she is very smart. She might say it in passing that she and her mother met some man and knowing my mother she would try to figure out who this man is and before we know... we would be busted! Sigh!! I miss my children! God Damnit!!! "Are you okay?" - she asks. She's peacefully laying on my chest as we watch a movie. I don't know the title nor am I listening or watching. My mind is too occupied. My soul is so tired of this hide and seek business but what else can I do. If i reveal myself I risk going to jail my wife going to jail too and also not seeing our children ever again. "I'm fine... I think" - I say and I sigh one more time. "We can arrange a distant meet..." - she says. She knows I miss my children. "What do you mean by a distant meet?" - "You sit from afar and you watch them... atleast you'll see them after a long time" - "Are you suggesting I see my children play and laugh but they won't see me? And I cant touch them?" - I'm getting quite heated by these arrangements. "Malinga its a risk... If they see you they might talk. They are children. I cant really trust them to keep quiet. Especially Liso" - she says and sighs heavily. "Fine then. But atleast I can hold Zelo" - I say and she raises her head and looks at me. - "No Cateleya I am not going to comprise on that. I need to see my son. Infact bring him tomorrow." - she frowns. "Mali..." - "No!!" - I remove her from my chest and I get up from this bed. We are still naked. She covers herself with the duvet and squirms on the bed. - "Cataleya I need to see my children!!" - "But baby..." - she begs. "What is it? Why do you refuse and reject all my suggestions Leya?? I say let me reveal myself at home you say No!! I say let me see my kids you say No!!! What do you want me to do then live on the run while you remain all sweet and innocent the poor widow. The victim!!" - I cannot stop talking. I am angry. I am pissed and I am so close to grabbing her by the arm and taking her home. To reveal to my family that I am alive well and kicking. "Malinga?" - she whispers. - "are you trying to say all this is my fault?? And that I am to blame for it all?? Am I going to apologise all the time for sleeping with zamani?? Remember you pushed me to that corner..." - She's off the bed and standing infront of me butt naked as I am. She's pissed just as I am. God knows I love this woman to the pit and core of my heart. Is it even Love?? I don't know. Dr Morrison's words keep ringing in my head whenever I question the depth of my love for her. We are both poison for each other and at the same time we are the Antidote for both our hearts and souls. And right now with her in my arms as naked as we are I feel safe and bare... I feel she can see the sincerity in my voice and heart that all I want is her and if me remaining in hiding will make her happy then so be it. A heavy sigh escapes my lips as I hold my wife in my arms for dear life. She sighs too. "I'll bring Zelo alone tomorrow you cn bond as much as you can. But Liso and Zana you need to maintain a distance.." - She says putting on her clothes. "You leaving already?" - I ask grabbing her from behind. "I have to. I have to start supper soon. It's mother's last day in the cape before we all leave next week" - she says fixing her self. I help her with the zip as I feel deflated. I know why they are leaving... It was bound to happen and quiet frankly I am not happy about it. I also wanted to be there but Leya refused utterly. "So its really happening?" - I say. "The king is not well.. Melumzi needs to be regent before anything happens to him otherwise we might lose the Throne." - She's concentrating on her make up. "Listen.. I was thinking we could take a trip to Durban. Just me and you..." - I say hanging over her shoulder as she continues to puff her face and make herself seem and look beautiful like she has not just had sex with her dead illegal husband. My body shivers to that thought and yet I want to laugh. "I don't have clients from durban..." - She says not even looking at me. "Okay how about Kimberly? I know that you guys still supply for Hawks Security" - I say hoping she agrees. I feel like I'm the wife and she's the husband. "Hawks is changing suppliers... they pulled after hearing im heading the account" - She says after she does something with her lips after applying lipstick. - "We lost quite a lot of clients during our absence" - She says "Leya when did my holiday trip suddenly turn to a conversation about clients?" - I am frustrated. Here I am trying to makebit up to this woman and she doesn't seem chuffed at all. "Cataleya What is it??" - I raise my voice just a little bit to show her my frustrations. "I can't just up and leave Malinga. I need a damn watertight reason to just pack up and leave for a whole weekend. I am still a widow you know... hence the black I am wearing." - She says and begins packing up her belongings. "Its also your cleansing this coming week. Maybe after that?? Leya I just want you all to myself. Without you stressing and worrying about having to go home..." - "My love i know.. please understand that In the eyes of others i am having an affair.." - "Bullshit!!! I'm ypur husband.." - "You are suposed to be dead Mkhululi!!!" - She roars!! I see tears. She's... she's hurting but she's been hiding it. "Leya?" - I try to touch her. She backs away. "No Malinga No!!! Do you know the pain of not sleeping in your arms everynight? Me having to explain to Liso and Zana everynight that you are looking down on them.. Mkhululi it hurts.. its painful and people Are not making it easy for me at all always reminding me that you are dead!! Have I mentioned the fact that I always want to scream and tell them that you are not dead?? I am not a widow!! My husband is not dead and I cannot pretend anymore!!!" - The scarf around her shoulders finds itself on the floor as she frustratedly stamps her feet on the ground. "Baby?" - I whisper taking a step forward towards her "Don't touch me!!" - she says and grabs her bag along with her car keys. "Leya don't do this..." - I beg but she's gone and I am left with a lot of confusion. Damn you Malinga!!! ● ● "Hi always reminding me that you are dead!! Have I mentioned the fact that I always want to scream and tell them that you are not dead?? I am not a widow!! My husband is not dead and I cannot pretend anymore!!!" - The scarf around her shoulders finds itself on the floor as she frustratedly stamps her feet on the ground. "Baby?" - I whisper taking a step forward towards her "Don't touch me!!" - she says and grabs her bag along with her car keys. "Leya don't do this..." - I beg but she's gone and I am left with a lot of confusion. Damn you Malinga!!! ● ● "Hi can I take your order?" - She says using my hand I dismiss her but she still stands. I am half drunk to even have the strength to entertain this girl. - "Not yet bring me another glass" - I say hoping she will get the picture. "Coming right up" - She walks away with a smile. She's beautiful! And Young too. She's back before I know it and places it infront of me with a pink Umbrella. "And This?" - I ask. "Just a 'enjoy your drink' gesture" - She says. "Uh Listen... Im married and I came here to get away from stress woman related please dont... don't start" - I am slurring my words. Itake out my phone and I send a text.. **Thinking about you... Love M.** "Sorry I was just being polite.." - "Uh whats your name?" - She blushes. Gosh don't they just love attention!! "Uhm.. Olamide" - She says with a little twick in her voice. "Aah so you are your father's wealth?" - "You know what my name means?" - She's surprised! "I was onced acquainted with a great Yoruba tribe.." - I say remembering my old business days. "Oh well I just know my name originates from te Yoruba tribe" - she says dismissing it like it doesn't matter. She's arrogant that much. "So you are South African?" - I ask. She nods. "Oh nice to meet you then Mide.." - I say taking a sip of my cold beer. She frowns. "What?" - "Usually my friends call me Oli..." - "But that is so common... people usually called my wife Cat and I called her Leya" - I see her expression changed. I did say I was married. "Oh.. okay" - "I'd like to order please... can you get me two plates of your steak special." - I say. "Two? Hoping for company?" - She smiles seductively. "No another plate is for my driver. You'll take it to the parking Lot the black Jaguar SUV. I'm sure he's hungry." - I hand her the menue and she walks away. My phone rings. "Hello?" - "Yes who's this?" - I ask checking the caller ID. Unsaved number. "Stakes are high Malinga. We need a 100Thousand to push up the ladder" - "Wait... woah what!!?" - "Yeah there's a new player in the game... She just rocked out of nowhere" - "It's a woman??" - I am shocked! "Yep and she's feisty as hell!!" - "Organise a friendly with her.. I wanna meet and greet" - I say. "It ain't that easy bro. All them dudes tried but she wants to meet everybody during the big table" - "Listen get this woman to meet with me. I have a lot of money on this game and I cannot lose it to some woman I don't know. I need to test her" - flippin great!! "Cool.. i'll make a plan" - He hangs up! Whole half a Billion on this game of Poker and just days before the big game they allow one more contender... are they flippin testing me?!! "Your food sir" - she says placing both plates before me. "Like I said Black Jaguar SUV outfront" - she clears her throat and picks it up. - "Thank you" - ● Dinner was nice I think but it's never the same when Leya cooks for me. Gosh!!! I miss the taste of her Savoury Rice with mutton gravy or chicken stew... "Hey thought I should call... I miss you. Please call me" - I leave yet another voice message. I have no idea how many I have left but i just want to hear her voice. "Leya why is your phone off? Come one baby please just... call me? Okay" - Damnit!! Wednesday evening_ I feel so lonely and so drunk and so... "This Mailbox is full..." Shit!!! I check the time and it says 10pm. She's still here unable to control her silly little girl crush on me. I wave at her and she doesn't hesitate and rushes to me. "What time you knock off?" - I ask and she checks her wrist watch! "Uh now actually.." - She says. "Good. Get your stuff Imma take you home" - "Really?" - "Yeah.."- I nod with a very drunk feeling oozing all around my head so nice all I need right now is good music and a great shoulder massage. She's back with her bag and jersey and we are on our way out. Her teeth all exposed smilling like she has won the lotto. ● The look on Sabelo's face tells me that sthis girl shouldn't be here and that I am going to regret this in the morning but here I am still telling him to take us to Sun International hotel. Like hell am I taking her the house. Leya would just smell her. "I though you were taking me home?" - She says acting all innocent. "I thought you'd love some dinner? I mean something different to what you serve." - She smiles!! "But you just ate.." - "I know..I'll just sit and watch you eat ypur dinner" - "Or we can just skip to dessert..." - She smiles seductively again.. "Sabelo drive this Car!!!" - I say and he steps on it. I must say her hands and her lips know just how to tickle my fancy. Room 209!! All i need is to bust a nut and get her a taxi to drive her home. All i need is to forget that I feel rejected by my wife. All I need is to... to Vormit!! "Whats wrong!!!" - She shouts as I run to the bathroom and I find myself throwing up all my beer and all the food I had. Now I feel really drunk. The more I throw up the more drunk I feel. "You okay?" - She asks already naked on the bed only covered in the satin sheets. "Yeah Im fine... Uhm. The room is paid you can stay over and order room service much as you like. Gotta be put by 10am tomorrow." - I leave her 4 R200 notes and I am out the door before she can ask what the problem is because I too wouldn't be able to explain the image of a Baby I saw while I was vomiting. "Sabelo take me home.. now!!!" - I say as I sit next to him on the front. The silent is very loud I can hear his heart beating. "I didn't sleep with her" - I say. "I understand Sir" - He says as he hands me a pack of my favourite CD's. I put on Rex Rabanye's Onketsang it is on repeat until we get home. Just one more bottle of wine with Sabelo as my Companion I am in bed by 1am... ● ● ● "Malinga!!!" - "Hmmmm" - "Wake up damnit!!! Just get the hell up" - She screams. "Okay okay!! I'm up.. whats the matter Leya? Where are the kids?" - I ask. "They are at school.. its Thursday" - She says with an annoyed look on her face. "Oh... and shouldn't you be at work?" - I ask. "Uhm.. uhm.." - She mumbles to herself and stutters... pacing up and down the bedroom. "You okay?" - I ask. She nods repidly. "Then why are you so nervous?... did they find out??" - My eyes pop!! "No..." - she whispers! "Then what Leya you freaking me out..." - I rase my voice in frustration. "I'm pregnant!!" -

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