part 7 the orchid season 2

“Why do we keep meeting here?”- She asks. I look at her and swallow the chunky bits of steak in my mouth before I answer. I am trying as much as I can to think of a quick response. I can’t have her knock heads with Anna anytime soon. I have succeeded in getting her to meet me at restaurants for the past two weeks. Although I miss her sexually I cannot risk her being in the house. No when Anna has been seducing me left and centre. I thought I’d be able handle it and actually resist her but I did it again last night. I dipped my hands in a forbidden bowl of pudding. If Leya went to the house now she would definitely feel the thick tension between Anna and me. She would definitely know that something went down and then all hell and its fire would break loose upon everyone. “I just want to get out of the house you know… with you” – I manage to fabricate yet another lie on top the many that I have fabricated through our lives. “Oh Well I miss you and I mean this sexually.” – She says looking at me straight in the eyes as she chews on her peri-peri chicken strips. This woman is hungry for me. I know I am too but I would be inviting trouble if I let her come to the house while Anna is there. I need to get Anna out of the house for a few hours just so I can shag my wife in peace! “I know” – I smile squeezing her hand. The waitress comes to our table. “Is everything still okay?” – She asks looking at me. I am looking at Leya who is ready to pounce on this girl and make this restaurant very small. “Yes everything is fine.”- She says but the girl is not looking at her. I doubt she even notices Leya’s presence right now. “And you sir?” –she still asks. I nod feeling awkward and yet afraid for her life because Leya’s grip on that steak knife is so alarming. “Yes I’m fine. Thank you” – I say with a polite smile. She walks away. Leya looks at me. She doesn’t say a word. She will never fully trust me with other women. She has turned into a jealous type. Yes she always was but this version is also violent. “I don’t like the way she looked at you” – “And for that you almost killed her” – I am slightly disturbed by my realisation. This is not the woman I fell in love with. But I know that perhaps deep down inside she is still there but afraid to come out because I have done nothing but hurt her. “I was hoping we could talk about the way forward” – she says. “Way forward?” – “Mkhululi I am not prepared to do this up and down I am doing with you. You are my husband and I want you by my side.” – “Leya how will that happen if we do not tell the family?” – I ask frowning. She is confusing the shit out of me. “I don’t know but my children are growing up. Our children Mkhululi they are growing up and I will sure as hell not let them grow up thinking their father is dead when he is alive and well doing nothing but attracting hoochies wherever he goes!” – See that right there is anger!! She is infuriated. She is literally poking or rather stabbing those chicken strips with the fork. “What do you want me to do then Leya Don’t you think I also want to see my children. Don’t you think I also want to be a normal family? What exactly do you want me to do?”- “I don’t know. You figure it out. You’re the one who decided to play Mhlongo and mess up our lives. Well this is not ‘Hlala kwaba fileyo’ this is real life Malinga. You got us into this mess get us out!” – She gets up and storms off with her purse in her hand. She doesn’t take note of the white lady that she accidentally hits on the head with her bag. She is angry! She is horny! Period!! *** “Are you gonna tell me what’s bothering you?” – I ask as I join her on that same bench at the park when she told me her water broke. It feels like it happened yesterday but a month has passed we are almost passing he second one too. I haven’t seen nor held my son again. I miss my children even the homosexual and married one. My little girls are probably more beautiful than the last time I saw them. “I just want my life back Malinga” – she says staring at the little lake or dam. There are ducks swimming around in it. “I want my life back! I want you back! I want MJ back! I want us back!” – She says putting her hands on top of my mine. She squeezes gently. “I almost told mother everything…” – what!!! My heart literally finds itself dislocated to the right hand side of my chest. “She has been keeping tabs on me. I have been out of the house abnormally and I refuse a driver every time. She accused me of having an affair. I almost yelled and told her everything because I felt that anger towards you. You put us all where we are now. I wanted to make her understand and actually see the reason why I am always out of the house… I almost told her everything!! But she wouldn’t have believed me; they still think I have lost my marbles so I let them. Nobody would believe me if I said you’re alive” – “Then lets show them” – I say hoping to get through to her this time. She turns and looks at me. “And risk losing you for good? Mkhululi you will go to jail. Culo is a widow because of you!” – “No!! She is a widow because of you! Leya don’t you see? All I did was for you because of you! Zwelonke broke the brotherhood code.” - I’m lying. I did. I broke the code by pursuing Leya when I knew exactly how Zwelonke felt about her. I broke that brotherhood code and I killed Zwelonke because I was afraid that he was taking back what was supposed to be his In the first place. “So this is my entire fault? I’m the reason you killed Amanda?” – What!! My eyes pop. “Oh yes I know about that too. You lied to me. You looked me in the eye and lied to my face. You were having an affair with Amanda. She wanted more than that and when you refused she threatened to tell me so you killed her! Is it still my fault? Huh? How is it my fault? In all these things that have happened that are supposedly my fault was there any event where I had a gun on your head and forced you to do them? Answer me Damnit!!!” – She screams. I am quiet. If she doesn’t kill me now I have no idea what will push her to kill me. Fuck!! “You’re my poison Leya.” – I say. “What??”- She thinks I am being ridiculous. “All I want is you. All I need is you. I don’t care about the damn universe pulling us apart and bringing us together again. All I want is you!!” – “What on God’s earth are you on about?” – She asks in frustration. She truly believes I am being ridiculous. “It’s not love anymore Leya. It’s an obsession. To have you in my life come hell or high waters. You brighten up my day even if you are not smiling. The thought of having you in my life makes me jump for joy. I know you might think its love but it’s more than that… it’s the hunger and the fulfilment of knowing that you are mine!” – “Then I guess the feeling is mutual don’t you think!!” – She asks but I don’t think she wants an answer. She shrugs her shoulders before getting up and walking towards the gate. “Leya I am serious this is dangerous but it is also long overdue” – I say running after her with her bag in my hand. “What…”- she tries to speak but I attack her with a kiss. I need to feel those lips once more. I need to hold her waist like I always did. I need to make her mine like I have always done in the past when we were quarrelling. I pull away and look at her. “I am loco about you.” – I say and she smiles rolling her eyes. I love it when she does that. It pulls the strings of my heart. “Do you trust me?” – I ask because what I am about to do needs a whole lot of trust and faith. She nods. “Do you trust that I will fix this and everybody will win in the end?” – She nods again. I am taking a very humongous leap of faith with this one. “Then be prepared for anything Leya. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.” –I say. She stands on her toes and kisses my forehead. “As long as I am with you I’m settled! You ride I ride. You fight I fight!” – She says and kisses me. Dr Morrison was right! We are nothing but poison to each other and yet our love is the antidote that keeps us sane I fight!” – She says and kisses me. Dr Morrison was right! We are nothing but poison to each other and yet our love is the antidote that keeps us sane even if it’s also the one that drives us crazy. This is no ordinary love and there is definitely something in our blood that pulls us together. Some sort of strange chemical; Poison! *** This is it. I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna let her down gently. Leya needs to find her gone when she arrives tomorrow. “Anna?” – I call out as I enter. Leya had to go back home. I was glad because it would have been much more worse than it will be if she was here when I tell Anna that she has to go. “Hey big daddy” – she says. I am no longer Mal but big daddy. Flashbacks from last night attack me. She kept on screaming ‘Big Daddy’ as I released my sexual urges on her. “We need to talk sit down!” – I say removing my jacket. She sits down next to me too close I can smell that she has just had a shower or bath! I move away unbuttoning the first two buttons on my shirt. I sit on the one sitter away from her. “Leya and I have decided that it’s best you leave…” – her jaw drops. – “we will compensate your for 5 more months the same wage until you can stand on your own two feet and get a proper job.” – She’s staring at me. “Just like that?” – She asks. “Yes Anna just like that. I want to make things right with my wife and with you in the picture that will be quiet difficult.” – “So you think you are just going to take my virginity and leave me?” – She screams standing up. Here we go!! “You wanted it Annabelle knowing fully well that I am married! I tried resisting you but I am a man and I have weaknesses!” – “I do not care about your crazy wife!!!!” – “My wife is not crazy!” – I scream at her too. I hate it when she says Leya is crazy. Leya is not a nut case; she is just a scorned woman! “Mal please…” – she walks towards me. I am also on my feet moving away as she comes closer. – “we can act like I am gone I’ll find a flat and…” “No!! No Annabelle! That would never work I do not want it to… you and I are over. There was nothing there in the first place.” – “You are not leaving me!!” – She threatens. “No Annabelle I am not leaving period! But you are. Pack up by tomorrow morning you need to be gone!” – “What!!!?” – “I did not stutter!” – I walk away leaving her standing there trying to blackmail me with tears. Only Leya’s tears work on me. Even Zothando tried it but she would fail dismally! “Lock up before you go to bed” – I say as I take out a yoghurt from the fridge and a soon. I guess that is my dinner tonight. _ _ _ _ _ _ “What’s that smell?” – I sniff in the air as the smell of fire woke me up. Shiiit!!! I spring up and rush out to the front with only my Boxers. “Anna!!” – I scream. She is watching the fire spread in the kitchen. I don’t know what she did to set it up but it’s spreading really quickly. I try to open the taps but nothing comes out. “Don’t bother. I trapped the water supply.” – She says as she folds her arms and watches me try to distinguish the fire with the wet dish cloths. “You are mine Mal. That crazy bitch does not deserve you!!” – She is delusional! “No Anna you’re crazy!!” – I say walking towards her. She is walking backwards with fear written upon her face. Right now I am about to strangle her to death. My fist across her face sends her straight to lala-land. I rush out to the back to the water supply and immediately I hear the sprinkler automatically raining inside the house. The bitch is crazy. She almost killed me. I am back at the house rushing through to my bedroom. I put on some clothes as fast as I can. I’m gonna lock her inside this house while I go and find something that will teach her a lesson. I know just where to go. Nxx crazy bitch!! _ _ _ _ _ _ I am on route back to the house. I got what I was looking for. It helps to know people in dingy places. One drop of this baby in her system and she will wish she had left when I asked her to. Nobody messes with me and gets away with it. I am not going to kill her but the torture I’m about to give her she will wish I could just kill he. I am even thinking of dipping her in an ice cold bath… The door is open. She must have woken up and found an extra key. I exit the car and rush up the stairs. The house looks like it had been attacked by world war 3 or something. The kitchen is still covered in ash and water but the lounge… the furniture is re-arranged. Anna is no longer on the couch where I left her. It looks like there was some of a fight… I am running through the whole house… “Leya?” – I can’t believe my eyes. Her hair is a mess. Her face is bruised along with a chipped lip. Anna is laying on the floor next to her with a knife driven right through her stomach. Leya looks up at me like she has been long expecting me. “is this what you want?” – she asks. I do not follow just yet. – “Is this what you want Mkhululi? For me to kill all these hoes that you sleep with? Did I not warn you about this girl?!! Answer me!!!” – “you did” – I whisper feeling like A little boy. “But no you chose to do what you do best fuck anything in a skirt!!” – she says getting up. They had a cat fight and judging by the looks of it Anna sure as hell got a beating of her life before she found herself with a knife driven through her. “I warned you about her I warned you about all these women Mkhululi but you didn’t listen. Well you had better listen to me and listen to me very very carefully! Clean this place up get rid of that body and tomorrow I will be here to cook and care for you like a wife should and like a wife does. You find a way to not only clean up this mess but all of the messes you have put us in…” – She’s gone! There’s a body in my kitchen.

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