part 6 the orchid season two

Three weeks ago my son was born. They named him Ntuthuzelo Malinga. Leya had to be in Eastern Cape for two days for his welcoming ceremony. I wanted to be there but she wouldn’t risk it she utterly refused and so I was left alone in this house with Anna breathing down my neck. She is still adamant that I am making a huge mistake by letting Leya come back into my life by letting her be my wife again. I think she is just jealous that Leya is here often even though I am still sceptical about it I still enjoy her presence. I enjoy her cooking. I enjoy the crazy sex we have. I am still shaken by the wildness that she executed when she begged me to make love to her two days after she gave birth. The woman was a total freak; she practically took over the bedroom and me. Hahah but I love her. I know I do. We have seen each other on every second day of the week. I call her every day before bed. “Doctor Morris will see you now” – The receptionist says with a massive grin on her face. I figured she has a crazy crush on me because she couldn’t stop looking my way and smiling since I walked in here. I nod and walk in to the secluded office. “Hmmm I see we are now walking” – she says with an impressed expression on her face. “Yeah although I still struggle a few times; I haven’t gotten quite used to it yet.” – I say making myself on the chair opposite her. She is ready for me to pour my heart out yet once again. “So what’s on your mind?” – She asks looking at me over her glasses. I still don’t know why she wears them when she’ll still look over them. I exhale before I prepare to speak. “My wife is back”- I say. She’s confused; judging by the frown upon her face. It eases up after a few seconds. She has figured it out. “Do you think it’s wise?” – She asks. “I don’t know. All I know is that I am happy and glad that she didn’t freak” – “What are her views on the fact that you are no longer Mkhululi Malinga?” – “She doesn’t have views. But she refuses that I tell my family the truth. She utterly refuses and it scares me because she is willing to do anything if only I promise not to reveal that I am alive” – “Why? Why is she refusing” – she asks writing notes on her booklet. “She doesn’t want to be caught in between.” – I say lying back on the couch and exhaling deeply. “When we first began you told me the reason of killing both your driver and brother; her! – I nod. She’s still looking at me over those glasses with a peculiar look. – “and now you say she refuses that you reveal the truth about everything?” – I nod. “I ask you once again why do you think she refuses? Is it really because she doesn’t want to be caught in between you and the family or is it because she wants to remain the saint in all of this mess?” – “What do you mean by that?” – I frown. I am beginning to be defensive. “Your wife slept with your driver that’s the reason you killed him. She kissed your brother that’s the reason you killed him…Why haven’t you killed her?” – “Because I love her!!” – I get up. “No! This is not love. It was never love in the first place you were obsessed from the moment you saw her picture. You were obsessed to the point where you wanted no man next to her and if they had to die then so be it. Mr Malinga as much as you think that you are the poison in this food chain between you and your wife I’m afraid she is also the poison…” – “And I suppose there is no antidote?” – I say sarcastically sitting back down. “Funny enough I believe you two are meant to be together. You have been through a lot. You’re like opposites attracting and yet at the same time destructing…” – “I am not sure I follow...” – “Let’s put it this way; the universe brings you together but when you are together you just can’t stay together! And so the universe brings you apart but that is much more hard because all you two need to survive is to be together… it’s a matter of Can’t stay together but can’t stay without each other…” – “So I should stay with my wife even if it means losing my family and living a lie?” – I am confused. What is this woman saying? “It surely depends on the two of you. like I said no matter how long you two stay apart somewhere along the times of this universe and circumstances of life you will find each other again…” – Sigh!! All I can do right now is shake my head further in confusion! “Okay I think we should leave it here today. Same time next week?” – I nod as I slowly get up and walk out. All I need is my bed and my wife. I do not care what this woman thinks. I pay her to listen to me ramble about my problems and not give her opinion even if I paid for it. _ _ _ “so how was the session?” – she asks as she joins me on the couch handing me a glass of whiskey. “Fine I guess. Had a lot to consider” – I say taking a sip. “Like?” – “Like my future with Leya.” – I say looking at her. “finally realised that you are making a mistake?” – she asks and then hides behind her glass. “No Anna. I love her. She is my life and the last thing I want is to be away from her or even hurt her again. She has been through so much because of me” – “I understand but you do know that from the moment you revealed yourself to her you risked being a fugitive all your life?” – “As long as I am with her then it’s fine…” – I get up. I need to take a shower. The door opening stops me from taking a further step. “wow she just bursts in… people knock you know” – Anna says staring at my wife. Oh fuck! Here it comes! Anna is about to get it… “I beg your pardon?” – shit! She’s walking towards Anna who is sitting on the couch still. “I said…” – she doesn’t finish those words when Leya’s palm meets with her face. “do not fucken tests me!! I have had it up to here with you and trying to get my husband between your skanky legs. They have tried one ended up dead and the other a lost soul looking for yet another man to trap. See him?” – She points at me Anna turns and looks at me too with her hand against her face. – “he belongs to me. We have four children together. He is my husband! Not ours! If I were you I would pack my shit and go voluntarily before the only way out is a body bag… don’t say I didn’t warn you” – She moves away from her and walks towards me. she steps up really close to me up to my face. “If you dare Mkhululi…” – she’s threatning me too. “if you dare have an affair with her or anyone else again… I swear! I swear on that grave you never occupied that I will kill you with my bare hands…” – she’s gone! What ??!! What on earth was that? “Leya?” – I am even afraid to walk closer to her. She is taking out items from the fridge. I know she loves cooking when she is stressed. She opens the drawer and takes out a …she takes out a knife. Okay! Somebody is dying tonight and it sure as hell is not the chicken on the counter. “baby? Talk to me please…” – I beg. She raises her head and looks at me with eyes full of rage and fire. She’s not broken but angry. “I bumped into Zothando this morning no the bitch bumped into me on purpose!!” – shit! – “and you know what she said? She said I stole you from her. You won’t believe who she was with!! Lebo’s husband! The prince!! You men just don’t get enough do you!!” – she literally cuts the chicken in half with the knife. “Le..Leya I take a step closer” – “Don’t you even think about touching me” – she warns pointing the knife at me. she is pissed the f** out and when she is like this I just never know what to do. I know I need to get Anna out of her hair or else she might really leave this place in a body bag. If the doctor had not told me that I still need physiotherapy Anna would be long gone by now. It is no option to get a new physio Anna would be long gone by now. It is no option to get a new physio who would be willing to work under confidential circumstances… “We give you love our bodies our hearts and souls we bare you children and all you think about is some hoochie in skimpy dresses and worn out legs… don’t we give you enough of it? huh? Don’t I Malinga? Didn’t I give it to you enough? When you decided to fuck your Admin staff and that… that pig Zothando…aaaarg she drives me crazy!!” – “My Empress?” – she gives me dagger eyes. “Answer me!” – she’s not shouting but I suddenly fear for my life as she orders. – “answer me Damnit! Did I not satisfy you??! huh!” – “You did baby…” – “Then what huh? You just couldn’t have it that you were to fuck one vagina for the rest of your life!! Then why the fuck did you marry me?!!!!” – I am ducking as tomatoes onions lettuces and everything on the counter comes flying my way. This woman is infuriated!! Hell definitely hath no fury like a woman scorned.. “Because I love you Damnit!!” – I scream too. “Liar!!! you don’t hurt the one you Love!!!! You don’t fuckn cheat…” – “Leya you slept wirh Zamani too!!! You fucked my driver and you kissed my brother!! What the fuck is that? huh? You think that is right? You think does not fall on the category of all the wrong that I have done? Hmm? Leya you were pregnant when you slept with Zamani…” – I am mad! I am infuriated! I didn’t want it to escalate to this but here we are in this mess of a kitchen playing the blame game. “I was tired! I was broken Malinga… all you did was drink and smoke and abuse me emotionally and physically and …” – “So that send you to my driver? Leya you even had the nerve to be corky about it..remember? when I asked you?” – “All I wanted was to feel special for once. Do you think it was easy? Huh? Do you think it was fucken easy Mkhululi? To know that every day you would come home smelling like sex and Zothando’s perfume? Listening to you talk to her in the bathroom… hearing you dream about her?”- she’s crying… - “You had stopped loving me. you had stopped fulfilling your duties and vows of being my husband… I was nothing but she who was ordained to give you an heir to the throne… all I wanted was love not one i had to beg and ask for but love that was due to me!!” – “That does not fucken justify the fact that you acted like whore in my house!!!” – “a whore? Mkhululi you’re insulting me??” – “If the shoes fit wear them!!” - “Go to hell!!!! Go to hell you and that bitch in the lounge that’s listening to us!!!” – she stomps the knife on the counter grabs her purse from the high chair and she’s gone!!! Fuuuuck!!!! _ _ _ _ _ _ “That’s the third bottle…” – “so?” – I am drunk. I can feel myself. I needed something to numb the pain after Leya left. One simple meeting with my ex and we have exchanged harsh words. I called her a whore?!! I called my wife a whore! Who does that? come to think of it I am the biggest whore between us. There were more! More women than she knows. Even before I married her. I am lucky I guess that she only found out about the two. She would have probably never have married me if she knew about the others; Those phone calls in the middle of the night me leaving her alone and coming back at the wee hours of morning or leaving her in the middle of the night…it was the rush! The thrill and the hot sex! It was all about the sex and the fact that these women ate out of my palm. I was king of the jungle… “can I join you atleast?” – “Anna please… just get away from me I do not want company” – I says pouring myself yet another glass. I came here in the mini spar room because I wanted to get away from her and all I wanted was a place to quietly sit drink and think! I look at her before I take a sip. “you know it’s not right drowning your sorrows alone… what if you drown yourself too you need someone to help you up” – “I am not sure i even understand what you just said but it’s fine…” – I say and pour on the cup she is holding. She hops up on the massage bed and sits next to me with the whiskey bottle in between us. The two empty bottles are on the pedestal next to me. but I am not yet drunk to the point of a black. I want to! I just want to get drunk and maybe this pain I am feeling right now will go away. I drove her away once again!! I drove Leya away AGAIN!!! I need to call her. Maybe we can work things out! “Leya?” – “Malinga!! Are you nuts you know you can’t call me at this time” – she’s whispering. “Leya I’m sorry… please come back I need you. I miss you!!” – “Are you drunk?” – She asks she’s no longer whispering. – “so that’s your coping mechanism? Hmm? Every time you have a problem or an obstacle you get drunk!! That’s the only way to fix things for Mkhululi!! Will get drunk the fuck away from me and do not drunk dial me. I have a baby to take care of! Nxx” – she’s gone! But I’m the one who called her and I didn’t even get to say a single word! Let me try again! “The number you have dialled…” – aaaaah fuck!!!! Anna screams in fright as the glass of whiskey meets with the wall. She looks at me. I grab her cup and down what’s left of her whiskey. “Mal?” – “hmm?” – Oh that feels so good. HeR hands are magic right now on my shoulders. I could lay here and let her massage my whole body. I haven’t had one in a while. “I could ease your pain you know… just tell me you want me to. I want to hear you say it.” – her breath is warm against my skin as her tongue and lips land on my ear. Her hands are still travelling all over my naked upper body. Her hands are heaven I tell you. “Tell me you want it Mal…” – She nibbling on my ear planting wet kissing on my neck and shoulders. I don’t want to be but I aroused. She stops I raise my head and look at her she looks down at my… I know! Ooooh fuck! I attack her with a kiss as I grab her towards me. my left hand spreading her legs and I can feel the wetness between them. She lets out slight moans as my fingers do magic to her enchanted island. In one slide I pull her legs up and she’s lying on her back with her legs spread towards me. I pull the shorts she is wearing and IT stares at me right in the face. With my face in between her legs I can smell and taste that it’s fresh out of the bath… I hear moans and groans as my tongue invades her slowly but violently. Her hands on my head pressing me further in motivate me to continue. Regrettably she tastes really good. I am ready for her as much as she is ready for me. “stay here” – I get off the bed. Fuck!! I am so drunk; I can hardly see my way through the door. I am in the bathroom looking for rubbers… found the pack. She’s completely naked when I return. I pull her from the bed and I make her bend with her ass all exposed to me. I am taking this from behind! My trousers are on the floor and I assemble the weapon with protection… “wait… I want to see you” – she turns and looks at me seductively before looking down… she gasps. “I knew you were big just not this big…” – I say no word! I push her back to bending and I slam in her; so hard her scream echo’s through the whole house. but she welcomes me with warmth and showers of an orgasm… she’s going crazy trying to touch me and balancing on the stretcher and enjoying at the same time. “ooooh Mal…” – “is this what you wanted? Hmm?” – she croaks. I grab her by the hair and it drives her crazy as I am still inside of her. Every bit of inch invades her in and out before she anticipates it… “Tell me Annabelle is this what you wanted!!!?” – “Yes! Yes!! Ooooh Fuck!! Yes!” – “come here” – I pull her towards the couch. It’s much lower than the stretcher bed. I am now out of my trousers and left with only my birthday suit… “bend” – I order. It seems to turn her on. She groans in pleasure as I slowly make my way in once again… aaaah this feels so good! “tell me how it feels!!!” – I demand. She can hardly breath as I have not decreased the pace. “does it feel good? Huh Annabelle? Does it feel good!!!!?” – “yes!!! Yes it feel good…” – she doesn’t stop screaming and praising my d* and how good it feel. That does nothing but turn me on more. That’s the thrill of it all… “Oooooh My Gaaaaaawd!! Yes!! Aaaaaah Yes …..mmmmmm” – I believe she just had the biggest one of all she has been getting since I invaded her. I’m almost there I can feel it… shit!! I can feel my veins tensing up… “Shoooot!!!!! Annabelle!! Fuck!!” – I need to catch my breath… she’s is literally panting as she still assumes her position. I am still inside of her… “did you enjoy that?” – I ask. She nods without saying her word. she has no words to say… “Good. Because you will never get again” – I exit her and pick my clothes heading to the bathroom. “whaaaat?” – “You head me” – I say before closing the bathroom door in her face.

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