part 10 the orchid s2

'I wouldn't be a man if I didn't feel like this. I wouldn't be a man if a woman like you was anything I would resist. I'd have to be from another planet; where love doesn't exist. I wouldn't be a man if I didn't feel like this' ... I am singing along in my mind as the radio silently plays in this car. My wife has been quiet since this afternoon after the three most crucial phone calls she had to make. I managed to bribe a nurse to handle all the payments and documents without involving our names. Leya has been sitting on the far end of the car with her head against the window. I have seen her wiping tears away and when I offered her a handkerchief she just stared at me to death. We are here Sabelo is not back yet. "Don't touch me!!!" - She yanks her arm away as I try to help her get out the car. She decided to discharge herself because She wanted to be home when Sabelo brought the kids. She's pretty mad and infuriated at me. I have no idea what she needs me to do because she refuses for me to reveal myself and yet she also refuses that we take the kids and run away. She's angry and all worked up. We are both casted; I on the left arm and her on the right. I have more scares on my face than her. But her face is more swollen than mine. I feel a sense of heartbreak as I remember the time I hit her. I regretted it the second it happened and when I saw her later that day; I had seen how the make up had managed to conceal the bruise of my backhand across her face. "Baby?" - I whisper as I limp behind her while the driver that Sabelo organised takes out the baby food and toys I asked him to buy. "Hmm?" - she grunts! Phew!! Atleast she still allows me to call her by petnames. I exhale as I follow her straight to the bedroom. I find her staring at the mirror im awe. Frozen at the door I'm afraid to get close as I read the expression on her face. What follws next is a tub of body lotion vaseline anything she can find flying towards me.. In pain as I am I duck as much as I cn but my Matrix tricks are out numbered as one of my shoes meets with my forehead. I see stars for a second before I lay my eyes on my wife on the floor crying and sobbing loudly. I'm even afraid to get closer to her. "My empress?" - I whisper again slowly walking towards her. I bow down to her level nowbon my knees with my hands trembling as I attempt to touch her. "You shoul have never bought that painting Malinga" - She sob! - "You have ruined me! You ruined my life my sense of thinking! All I think of is you... I hate you so much for being the only man I love so much. Am i even making sense??" - She exhales and begins giggling. She giggles louder with tears still flowing from her eyes and mucus from her nose. She starts laughing with the volume increasing. I begin giggling too and we are now laughing together. Me against the bed and her in between my legs. "This is not funny!!"- She says between her laughs. We continue to laugh. We are not laughing with sane minds but I think We need it. I do not remember us laughing so hard about anything and so now we found laughter in nothing. She silently and slowly stops laughing turning her head to look at me. Behind these bruises and Cuts I still see my kinky afrochic wife who won the hearts of my family the very first time they met her. She had won my heart way before then; how funny it is that it was not even a competition. She bites her lower lip. A kiss is inevitable. Her warms breath against my skin sends thrills throughout my body causing n0t only my hairs to stand but also an organ that is dangerous when it comes to baby making!. She pulls slowly away from the soft succulent kiss that has left me with a hard erection. "Do you think it's a girl?" - She asks. I smile. She's warming up to the idea of another baby. "Why a girl? I need boys to carry my name" -I say pulling her nose; the only thing that doesn't seem to be painful. "Well i mean Mj is a male then zana then Lizo Ntuthu and now this one... Ntuthu needs to protect someone too" - She smiles! "Hmmm Imagine. Our little family in a small comfortable house. No more troubles!!" - I say

Ntuthu and now this one... Ntuthu needs to protect someone too" - She smiles! "Hmmm Imagine. Our little family in a small comfortable house. No more troubles!!" - I say already imagining the little house I found just outside Angola near the West Coast. A little house near the beach where my children could run freely and my wife could have some peace and probably start painting again. "Do you know what I am imagining?" - She asks. "What?" - "Me resting!! Actually relaxation without any stress..." - I smile. - "But there won't be none now will there??because I will be on the other sodebof some stupid country hiding away with my dead husband and my three kids!! Yerheeee Mkhululi!!!!" - She screams in frustration getting up and heading towards the kitchen. Am I allowed to blame this on the hormones? One minute this person is smiling and laughing the next she is an angry warthog eating Ice cream with barbeque sauce!! "Leya?" - "WHAT!" - She responds annoyed; walking barefoot to the lounge. She throws herself on the couch and indulges in her yucky food. "We have to cross the border by midnight!" - Her eyes pop! Uh-oh!! Here it come. I am expecting that tub of ice cream to fly straight to me. I am saved by the door and two little princesses run in screaming towards their mommy; oblivious to my presence. Sabelo walks in behind them with Zelo in his arms. "Come to your father son." - I say feeling defeated as I realise that my daughters don't know. I have only been gone for what? 5 months and Zana has forgtotten already??! "Leya tell them" - I demand. She stares at me for a second before clearingbher throat. "Zana say hi to daddy" - She turns and looks at me for a split second before turning to Leya in confusion. "Grandma said Dad went to heaven and he's bever coming back" - She whispers. "Daddy is back nana go on! Go kiss daddy hello. You remember how he kissed you goodnight and he'd tuck you in with Pinksy the teddy?" - Zana nods. Leya is trying by all means to hold her tears from rolling down her face but her voice is giving her away. "And... and daddy would sing me the crocodile song..."- "Crocky Crocky Crocky moving all aroundy looking for some foody. If little girls are not sleepy then crocky crocky crocky will chewy chewy chewy!!" - I'm surprised I still remember this nursery rhyme! It seems like years since I sang for the girls. Zana is quite old but Liso seems to be quite lost. She is now paying attention to the ice cream she is eating while herother is in tears watching me on my knees hugging both Zelo and Zana. "Daddy promise you won't go to heaven again Mom was lonely. She was crying saying she misses you" - Leya Gasps! I swallow hard! Our eyes meet!! She looks at me with pleading eyes. "I can't lose you again Malinga. The kid's cannot miss their father again. I cannot miss my husband again."- She pleads. With our children all Oblivious to this moment of emotions between their mother and I. "Sabelo get the pilot with the jet ready. Have you arranged for the passports to be delivered at the house once we get there?" - "Yes Sir and the birth certificates too!" - "Good Job! I'll need you to convert some money into Dollars and transfer it via western Union." - He's gone living me with my Family. She looks at me. I still have Zelo in my arms with Zana next to me already playing with the remote changing channels while Liso is finishing off the Ice Cream with had barbeque sauce. "Please trust me!" - I beg her. She nods. I know it is not because she Just wants to but because we are surrounded by our children and she too said it herself that she cannot lose me again my kids cannot lose me again. I need to raise this family. I need to build it!! ●● ●● "Where are we going Daddy?" - She's been talking nonStop ever since she realised it is me; eversince she remembered me. Even Liso is warming up to me. Leya has Zelo on her Lap breast feeding. He has been cranky ever since webgot off the long 10 hour flight. I had arranged with a friend of mine from Angolan Airpot to use the Governmental Private strip for a quick drop. He promised us discreet and ofcourse for a price. I'm proud to say we made it safely and right now this moening we are on route to our new home. "To the beach princess." - "Can Lili and I swim there?" - "As much as you want. But you need to promise that you'll take care of Lili. She's your sister" - She smiles revealing her teeth gap that is taking its time to grow. "I promise.." - "Beeach!!!" - Liso screams clapping and laughing. She has my mother's laugh and MJ's dimples. I steal a glance at my wife and I meet a smile. A beautiful smile that melts my heart. I squeeze her hand. "It'll be okay My Empress" - Once again I assure her although my knees and ankles are wobbling in fear. A lot could go wrong and not only I but Leya could go to jail too. I had Her phone and Car disposed. By the time they realise she is gone we would already be across the west coast; in our little Beach house as a happy family. "I arranged for MJ to meet us at the house" - I say and her eyes pop. "He's here?" - "Yes. I've been keeping an eye on him and he's been country hopping" - "how'd you get him to the house?" - She asks. "Means you wouldn't approve of..." - I whisper looking out the window. "Mkhululi Malinga what have you done to my son?" - "Please don't be mad okay but I had him... abducted!" - "Blasphemy!!!" - She says clapping once and looking out the window. "Leya?..."- "I have no words for you!" - She says without even looking at me. The girls are slowly drifting into sleep and now the car is quiet with my wife chewing Gum in frustration; making loud pops after massive bubbles. ○●○ □■□ We are here. I take a deep exhale as soon as the car comes to a halt and the driver unlocks the door. I get out and I open for my wife who shoves the baby in my arms; causing him to cry as she rushes into the house. I rush after her; leaving the sleeping beauties in the car. She opens the door to find MJ with a spoon in his mouth with a tub of ice cream in his hands. His foot on the table with the tv making as much noise as it possibly could. I told the guards to let him get comfortable and inform him that he won't be hurt. His eyes pop. He gets up with shock obviously written on his face. "Ma... d.d.d.Dad??" -

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