part 8 the orchid

It's been a week a week of crazy sex. We have done it all over the penthouse. In the kitchen on the counter on the floor on top of the sink. It has been absolutely crazy. In the lounge the entertainment room the bar. Ooooh Lord the bedroom the walk-in closet You name it and we have done it there. One evening we were on our way to the rooftop restaurant he owns that too we never made it to the door. He said I was too sexy and that he could have me for Breakfast Lunch and supper. He has been an amazing man to me. We have seen each other every week for breakfast for lunch for dinner and mostly I would end up at the Penthouse. It's Sunday the last time I saw him was friday on his way to the airport. His father held a ceremony yestersday. He wanted to take me with but he knew that he couldnt I could not just get on a plane and attend a family ceremony as a girlfriend. Oh hell no! We spoke on the phone almost every chance we got. Texting back and forth me laughing my lungs out and blushing like the sun won't set. I am alone in my apartment sitting in front of an unfinished painting. I feel empty alone and surrounded by some sort of dark nature. I cannot concentrate in this painting. I walk to the door just after a few light knocks. I am not in the mood for anyone. Its sunday I need my peace and quiet. I open he is standing there with a huge grin on his face. "HeeeY You" he hugs me tightly and pushes me away from the door so he can enter. He walks straight to the cupboards to find something to eat. Thats my brother for you. "Bulumko what are you doing here?" I ask irritated because I know he will notice that I am in a bad space and then he will as I will have to explain because he just will not let it go. "I need you help sisi wam" I know thats a huge favour. I fold my arms and look at him. I am sure he wants money. He is the older brother but he always wants money from me. "you the rich one" he says when I complain. He works as a sales person for some car company. He says he is saving up for a Taxi or school. Which ever comes first. He was always good with Mathematics and Accounting. There was a time where he wanted to be an accountant or work in Finance. He was prepared to go to school and study hard until one night. While working as a cashier at KFC just after matric he was implicated in a crime. A jewellery store was robbed and while the robbers were being chased one of the dropped a bag next to my brother as he waited for a bus home. Confused and shocked my brother opened the bag and before he could do anything he was arrested. 15 years without parole was his sentence. Luckily for us one of my distant cousins is a lawyer so we appealed the case and my brother was out after 3 years. He was never the same again.� He is staring at the painting with squinted eyes. He has never understood my paintings or sculptures but he loved my furniture. He has a flat in Gugulethu and most of his furniture was made by me. He is proud of me I know. Sometimes I see the Love and Hurt in his eyes. I know when he looks at me he sees mom he ran away from home when she died and only came back the day of the funeral. "This is one ugly painting.. What is it?" He interupts my thoughts. I walk up to the painting and stand next to him with a frown. I take huge breath and sigh. "I don't know" I say and we burst in laughter. He frowns again. "You were always the weird one" He says walking back to the cupboards. He makes himself an overflowing bowl of cereal and digs in. I am still standing near the painting but my mind has drifted off. Mkhululi is on my mind. I miss him it has only been two days but I really miss him. "so how is my Rich little sister doing?" he asks completely concentrating on his food. I spank his shoulder and sit opposite him. "what? You are rich Princess and you know it. This furniture of yours and those crazy clay pots you make. You know you are rich I know that too. Question is when are you buying a sports car?" I know I will be buying it for him. I will just end up taking a taxi still while I own a sports car. Maybe I should buy him a small car he has been with me ever since I was born. He has been the best brother anyone could ask for and he has never asked for anything from but always gave. I make a mental note to do window shopping for a car. My brother has always been the playful type. Everytime I am in his presence we laugh we play and we just become happy. Today us no difference. He is tickling me and I am laughing uncontrolably totally oblivious to the door opening and Mkhululi watching us. "Someone please tell me what the fuck is going on?" I scream in shock and quickly push Bulumko away from me. I fix my hair breathing heavily. "Hey" Those are the only words I can utter silently. I clear my throat. The boquet of red roses is laying helplessy on the floor before him. He is written rage and confusion. I know he thinks Bulumko is my boyfriend or something. But he knows I have a brother I have told him countless times. " is my brother Bulumko.. I told you about him remember he.. He came to visit.. He works In town and .. And..and.." okay I am explaining way too much. I am stuttering and breathing heavily. He is walking towards me and I am taking steps back. I know I have been slightly scrared of him but now his face is written something I am not used to. I am really afraid even with Bulumko here with me. It feels like he would overpower both of us. I swallow hard as he is showing no emotion on his face whatsoever. I am sweating my palms are itching. I can literally hear my heart beat through my chest. I am expecting a clap across my face but...� "Nice to meet you brother" He is holding out his hand with a huge smile on his face. Bulumko returns the shake with a smile too. "Aren't you Mkhululi Malinga? Director CEO and Head of Finance of International Arms and Ammunition?" Bulumko has his eyes hanging out of their sockets. Mkhululi nods no smile just a pleasant expression on his face. "Damn! I was watching you last night on Late Night news. The melting of old and unused weapons. Its quite a good innitiative but I doubt aged owners or criminals would hand them over just like that. I mean my dad gave his gun to me when i turned 18.." My brother has turned on his wireless radio. He is talking non stop and Mkhululi is listening to him attentively. Wait.. Dad had a gun? Bulumko has a giun? How come I never knew about this? "wait you have a gun?" I interrupt their conversation. They both look at me like I am standing infront of the TV during an important soccer game or some stupid action movie. He nods with an expression that suggests I should know the fact that he owns a 9mm silver platinum fire weapon. Its after two hours. I have made some food for them. They have been playing chess and having an intense conversation like they have known each other for years. I have known Mkhululi for only two weeks if not less and I have not had an intense conversation like them and its only been 2 hours. I am Jealous. I end up going back to my unfinished painting. I have moved it to my clay room to give them space. I think its a woman but it has an adam's peak. Maybe it is a new version of the famous Mona Lisa painting. I am staring at it. All I see is a neck and a chin. It is hardly a face i should just change its cause and make it a tree. But I won't I know it will forever haunt me. I feel warms arms around me followed by a wet kiss on my neck. I shiver. The paint brush is on the floor I am against the wall he is breathing heavily in my ear. His hand inbetween my legs I let out a sharp moan as he manuvers it right up in my enchanted island. I want him I want him now. My legs are around his waist his pants are already on the floor. "Your brother said bye" He mummbles in between the smooches while he makes his way inside of me. That is conformation enough for me that Bulumko is gone. Now I can go crazy. I am screaming moaning groaning my nails digging deep on his back his neck. I am biting and grabbing his ears. I am losing my mind in his mercy. I lay my life of orgasms in his hands. He owns me sexually. He is the death of me. His hands are violent now The pain of him grabbing my neck my waist and my buttocks. I swear I will have bruises or smudges. He is grabbing me tightly I know he is close to breaking out. Only then do I realise that we did not use protection. I must get an emergency pill. He tenses he is sweaty and he is trembling. He shoots and I can feel his soldiers rushing through my body. We collapse on the floor and curl up in each others arms. � "when did you come back?" I ask. I am dishing up a light meal for the both of us. Just some chicken and rice nothing fancy. He is eating like its the last plate he would ever have. "early in the morning I missed you so much" he said with a tinkle in his eyes. I smile politely okay I am lying. I blush a lot. Silently I tell him I missed him too. Like a school girl I can't look at him. "Cataleya?" I look up at him briefly and then look down again. "I Love you" there is so much emphasis on those words that I actually believe them for the first time. "I Love you" I bite my tounge right after I utter those words. My heart races like a grand prix ferari. His eyes light up. "This is the first time I hear those words from you" He is not lying. I have avoided saying them because I did not know How I felt but lately I have been all mushy and warm. I have been having this fuzzy feeling I found myself praying about it and actually found the answer I am inlove with Mkhululi Malinga. I may not know the skeletons in his closet how many they are or how old they are or how scary they are but I love him. I knew I am yet to experience and meet the real Mkhululi and just the thought makes me tremble. He is spending the night tonight. He is cool and collected as ever on the couch changing channels. I am trying by all means to clean up my room and get it ready for him. I am fummbling through my closet looking for something to wear. There it is The lingere I bought for him at Entice the sunday I was arrested. I quickly rush to the bathroom and change into it. I fix up my hair and then stand at the entrance. I am trying to seduce him but I am failing. He is loking at me giggling and shaking his head. I suddenly feel like Bella when Edward refused to make love to her in their honeymoon in Twilight. "i have longed to see those legs in that sexy tiny little thing you got at Entice... Come here" He is smiling seductively and I am more than happy to jump on him and let him make my body his. It's monday morning I don't what time it is but he is kissing me and tracing his hands all over my body. "Nana?" His voice is begging. I groan and slightly open my eyes. "Morning sunshine" his face lights up. He pulls me up excited like a kid. "I have a surprise for you" before I ask who it is the door bell interrupts us. I put on my robe and head to the door. "Princess!!" He screams. "Dad?" I choke blink and swallow hard. What is he doing here? Its monday morning for goodness sake. He makes his way in and I can't stop him. I rush behind him. Hoping and praying that Mkhululi does not come out. "Dad I am not alone" I say praying and hoping that he does not skin me alive. "I know Bulumko gave me the heads up" He is as calm as a cold bottle of wine. This is not my father at all. My father would have screamed his lungs out telling me about my morals and culture and stuff. �.. "Baby who is...." He freezes before he even finishes his sentence. We are all in the lounge frozen like ice cream. "Introduce yourself Boy" My father demands. He is balancing with his walking stick. Lord I pray he does not strike him with it. "Mkhululi Malinga. URhadebe Umthimkhulu Undlebe ntle zombini... My father is Wongilizwe Malinga of Bukhosini Village" "hmm well give me some space with my daughter my boy" He is calm. He scares me. Mkhululi grabs all he can and rushes out. I want to follow him but I cannot. "Ntombentle.." He is frowning I am so ashamed right now. "does he makes you happy?" I nod he sighs. "If he ever break your heart I will shoot him in the head. Now come greet your father and make me some food I am farmished." Relief is overwhelming me as I hold my dad for dear life. I Love My father He is the best. I leave him in the kitchen and rush to my bedroom. My phone has been ringing non stop. There's a text. *Enjoy Your new car my love* The keys are on the table next to the bed. I want to scream but I cant cause my fathers heart attack. I am excited too excited. I grab the keys and rush to the door. "YeeeeY where are you going?" Oh God.. Dad is truly one character. I make up a senseless excuse and I am at the parking Lot. There it is a sparkling Red Audi tied with a ribbon. I scream jump up and down going crazy. This is amazing! I call him and scream in his ears thanking him non-stop and all he says is "You deserve much more my love". I am back at the apartment and my father is asleep in his designated bedroom. I quickly take a shower and in an hour I am out of that apartment in my new car on my way to the apartment. I cannot wait to get to his door the lift is so slow and I am in such a rush I could snap my fingers and find my self there. Finally I reach his door. I take a huge breath and turn the door knob. She's in a red leather bikini suit or whatever you call it. She is skinny and yellow boned. I am sick just by looking at her. "Who are you?" I ask. Mkhululi appears behind me. "What the hell Zoe??" He knows her?.. She is smiling seductively at him. "Get out! Now!!!" He yells. "I came to..." He looks at me his eyes are sincerely begging me to understand. I am out of there even before she finishes speaking. Tears are flooding my face I cant breath.. I feel so betrayed I need to get out of there. I can hear him screaming my name but I drive off. I cant look at him right now. I am on the highway I need to get to my shop. I cant go home. Dad will see through me that I am broken and he will want to break his bones. The traffic lights turn green for me I change gears and then tires screech hooters all around me and next thing my brand new car just kissed an old scrap metal. The idiot tright to jump a red light and came right into me. I am shaken tears rushing down my face. This idiot apologising non stop.� I know I am mad at him but I had no choice. I sent him an sms saying. "Highway behind Hotel. Accident. Im involved" He is here within an hour. I hang on to him and cry like I have never cried before. "Its okay baby I am here now." The guy who caused the accident comes to us and apologises again. Big mistake. Mkhululi grabs him and then punches kicks and blows follow. I am screaming pulling and trying to stop him but he is having none of it. He is purely panelbeating the poor guy. I am screaming at him to stop I am crying too and he is angry as hell. The guy is on the ground caughing and bleeding through his nose. "You almost killed my wife you Dog" He pulls me by the arm we get into his car and the driver drives off. We leave the car there with other people still shocked and amazed. He tries to touch me I flinch and gather myself into a corner in the car. I dont want him to touch me I cant have him touch me with those hands. He almost killed that man. I am terrified!

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