part 7 the orchid

I am In the interrogation room. There is a light above me and this place is as hot as hell. I am sweating in this maxi dress my shoes are on the table and my mini make up is wearing off. I want to cry but why? Why should I cry! I am not guilty of anything. I am mad angry pissed where the hell is that amount of Money coming from? Huh? Why is Mkhululi keeping such moaewqqewqney in the boot oft his ctar! "So where did you steal this money?" he asks me. I could spit on him. He had this smug on his face Lord I can Just picture Mkhululi walk in here and punch the lights out of him. "I did not steal this money I am telling you It does not belong to me." I am frustrated my tears are starting to form. I have been held against my will in a dingy police interrogation room for hours. Mkhululi must be worried. "I need to make a phone call" I say staring straight at him. "oooh You are one of them. Those bitches who do a crime and hide behind their so cold rights... Well honey You have arrived at park station. It is too much of a coincidence that a Casino was brilliantly robbed of 6 million in cold hard cash and then the next day we find a lady with a portion of that money and expemsive clothes... Very vey coincident indeed" Im am becoming frustrated even more. This dark and sweaty idiot of a sorry ass cop is blatantly accusing me of a crime.. "I don't know what you are talking about" I say looking up at him. I can feel my eyes have turned red because they are itchy from all the silent crying. "WHERE IS THE REST OF THE MONEY!!" He bangs loudly on the table I get the fright of my life and scream that I do not know what he is talking about. He grabs me by the neck I am now against the wall choking and trying to break free because I am losing my life in 10 seconds. I am hanging by his arm and he is laughing his arse off. I am on the floor coughing my lungs out. I am not sure whether it is the slap on my face or the kick in my stomach that drives me crazy causes me to scream as loud as I can begging and begging trying to save my self from this man who has no mercy. He lights a ciggarette and take a few puffs. He looks at me. "You better tell me beautiful lady because if you don't I will burn that pretty face of your" He threatens me. Some sort of buzzer saves my face from meeting with ciggarrette ash. He yells for the person to come in. Its a lady cop. "Someone is here for her" "what!!" evidently he was not expecting me to be found so soon. He groans in anger and walks out leaving me on the floor listening to the pulses of pain on my face and body. I want to cry but I cannot. I feel betrayed I feel violated both by this man who beat me into a pulp and Mkhululi well I can't put my finger on why I am angry at him but I am after all he is the reason I am a victim of police brutality� "Leya?" I open my eyes he is hovering over me. I can see another pair of legs behind him a number of pairs infact. In one go he picks me up like a sack of potatoes and we are out of that dark room. I hang on to him for dear life. He is shouting and screaming I can feel myself dozing off and all I can hear is eachoes of sounds. He puts me down on the chair I slightly open my eyes. He is yelling shouting and screaming that they will pay. He demands his money and they hand over the briefcase. He askes about my face I must have a bruise. The cop that hit me is now looking remorseful. Mkhululi is at his whits he is sweating and breathing very fast I can feel him as he is carrying me to the car. "Is she okay?" A female voice asks. "Bazonya!!" Another male voice states. It has so much anger in it but I think it belongs to a tiny body. I am laying on Mkhululi's lap at the back. He is brushing my face softly. "Zwelonke There will be no shitting of anybody. Let this go I will deal with it myself. Did you get the name of that captain?" Mkhululi is as calm and collected as a Kingping. "Mabandla... Freaken Fat Pig Captain Mabandla" I want to get home my home my apartment and I just want my bed and sleep. I had a very long day and my body hurts. These men are arguing back and forth

with the woman trying to calm them down. The car stops In the middle of nowhere!! "Zwelonke stop being so stubborn" Mkhululi is shouting. "I am not being stubborn brother I am angry. They laid their hands on our wife! Who does that? Huh.. How dare he! I swear I will kill that bastard" Zwelonke has voice has changed he is now angry. MJ's mother is looking at me she feels sorry for me I can just read her eyes. "will you all just shut the hell up We need to get Cat home and let her rest" She screams at both of them. They quickly look at each other and shake hands. Zwelonke smiles and looks at me. "she's awake. . . Hi Leya" he is smiling with a frown though. I respond with a polite wave. Mkhululi's phone beeps but he does not look at it it keeps on beeping and he ends up switching it off. He seems irritated. We are not going to the Penthouse at the hotel we are on out way to the estate type house. I will start calling it the Lodge. I am in the bathroom a hot bubble bath is ready for me. There are roses all around it and classical Jazz playing in the background. He comes behind me and unzips my dress. It slides down to the floor and I am left with my two piece black laced lingere. He unclips the bra and i let it fall. He goes down and kneels behind me his head rests on my buttock. The light wet kisses send thrills all over my body. I have never had a man kiss my bums before. I let out a moan as his hands make their way to my front his finger makes a trail just above the panty gutter. I tremble. He slowly takes the lacy piece and slides it down my legs. He lifts up each of my legs out and I am left naked and vulnerable.� A kiss on my bums one more time and he gets up and helps me in the bath tub. I am overwhelmed. A tear escapes my right eye he smiles lightly and removes it. The water feels so good on my body. I look up at him as he gets up. "Dinner will be ready in 15 minutes." he walks out. Now I am alone I have all these thoughts rushing through my mind. I know He will give me an explanation I need one for closure. I haven't looked at the mirror since we arrived. I have not seen my face. I can feel the pain but how big is the damage? I have come to realise that Mkhululi meant what he said about not being an ordinary man. Tom Dick or Harry. I now know that there is lot I do not know about him and I am afraid that when I do It will be more than I am bargaining for. I am afraid. But the mistery in him is drawing me closer. I want to be a part of him I want to feel him next to me all the time. I want to feel his hands his lips and I want to hear his voice and his heart beat with the same Rhythm as mine. The table is set I am first to arrive. I sit where I sat on our first date. I am wearing his robe it had his name I found it in the bathroom. He comes in changed from a suit to jeans and a golf Tee and Addidas Pushies. Ooh God! He also has those too? He comes to me lets out his hand and I stand up. He holds me so tight yet gentle. "I am so sorry Please forgive me." There only thing I can do is nod. I am also holding him and I dont want to let go but Zwelonke interrupts our intimate moment. "I just spoke to mom she says Dad wants us all home by tuesday morning" His face is written worried. Mkhululi nods and sits down. He looks at me. He is not smiling or frowning. He has no emotion at all. "I love you" he whispers. "aaah Dude. Just Like that? Couldn't you wait until you are alone?" Zwelonke complains. Mkhululi giggles and takes a sip from his lemon water. He introduces us officially. Zwelonke is the Youngest he looks more like Melumzi but the ears the nose and the eyes. He gets them from my man. He is the IT expert he is handsome too. They are all Handsome even the crazy older brother. A call came in the middle of the night. I am laying on his chest. I have lost count of the nights where we just sleep and not make love. He has not touched me in that way yet. I long for him I want him to have me at his mercy. My body knows his hands his lips and his touch but not the one thing thing that holds the pleasures of an orgasm. I want him but he's not in bed he is on the phone speaking silently and seemingly in a very intense conversation. He comes back rips off the covers and looks at me. His lips smash into mine our tongues are dancing the samba as our hands are dancing the Pata-Pata. The moment is intense underneath I am already naked only wearing his t-shirt. "Make love to me please" I beg. He takes me into his arms and makes me his. I am Inlove.


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