part 6 the orchid

The ride back to the Hotel is quiet again. He is under a lot of strain. He is tense I can feel it in the way he is shifting the gears. He is frowning seemingly deep in thought. I don't know what to say I have no idea how to comfort this man. This is the first time we are in this type of situation I do not even know how I feel about him yet. But I know this he makes me feel something crazy but warm. I have never experienced someone like him. Every bit of him I have not experienced before. We arrive at the penthouse. He sighs heavily as he takes off his jacket with Difficulty the wound giving him problems. I decide on making him a light meal. Lord please do not let this man refuse this plate because I will literally feed it to him. He is laying on the couch switching from channel to channel not really concentrating on whats playing. I am making as little noise as I can in the kitchen. In an hour I am done. I slowly walk to him with sanitised cloth hanging on my shoulder and the tray of food in my hands. My knees are wobbling as I am walking. I have no idea what satanic and zombic demon has possesed me but I kneel before him and place the plate on the table. His eyes literally hang out of their sockets. He sits up straight with his mouth hanging too. Maybe I should have bought a bowl of lukewarm water. Yeah I failed him.. I guess thats why he is all eyes out. I hand him the cloth and he takes it with great hesitation. He is wiping his hands looking at me with a frown. He gives it back to me I push the plate towards him. He looks at me at the plate and then back at me. "are't you eating?" He asks. I finally breath. Hallelujah! He talks. I shake my head. I want him to eat. He has been stressing and I just need to see him eat. That is the one thing that My father taught me. If he is angry give him food. He may throw it at you but deep down he will know that You Love and care for him. If he is hurt give him food. Not only will it just comfort him but the fact that your hands prepared it will comfort him even more. The list is long but bottom line is always feed your man. And he too will know the value of eating your food. If you want to break your woman refuse her food. He pulls the plate and digs in I am still on my knees watching him eat. I want to see his face when he takes the first spoon. He eats and eats and tries to feed me too I take a few spoons but In no time he completely sweeps the plate. "That was lovely MaMgcina Thank You" He takes the cloth again and wipes his hands. His deep exhale and leaning back on the couch are enough comfirmation that he enjoyed that meal. I open the fridge There is draught beer and a bottle of white wine. He just had chicken and Vegies so white wine will do. I pour him and my self a glass and Join him on the couch. He puts his arm around me and we just take sips in silence. I can never start a conversation with him. �"Just how much of me did you google?" He asks. I want to deny it I know he is just guessing that I googled him so denying would be easy but I can't. I am not looking at him but I can feel him looking at me. "Just a little your name and what you do.. Thats all" I take a sip again. "Leya I am a very different man. I know I am. I am not ordinary. I am certainly not Tom Dick or Harry. I am Mkhululi Malinga. What you see is way less of what you get" he says. I am now laying my head on his chest. He is playing with my afro. "I Love You Gcinakazi" I bite my tongue. Did he just tell me that he loves me? "I know this is crazy but I really do the fact that I hardly know you does not faze me at all. I love you and I will love you even when I know you. Thats it and thats all." He takes a very deep breath after that speech. I know he did not rehearse that one. I know he did not first write it down on paper I know it comes straight from the heart uncensored or anything. The door bell saves me from responding to such a heartfelt statement. The lord knows that this man has spinned my life around in less than a week but Love? I cannot really say I have fallen inlove with him. Its too soon besides I still need to get used to him. The Driver who bought my painting walks in. He has a huge smile on his face. He slightly bows at me I bow my head back. "Your Empress" he says. "baby you remember Zamani My driver?" Mkhululi says joining me on the couch Zamani still standing infront of us. "I had already gave him the name driver because I didn't know his name" I have a jokeful smile. Mkhululi giggles shaking his head. "Forgive him my love he is the shy type" Lol could have fooled me. Zamani is talkative if you give him a chance. "Go to the study I will be with you in a moment." Mkhululi says he is serious again. He changes so quickly. Zamani is gone he takes my hand. "I know it's late but I have some documents I need to sort out. I asked Zamani to bring them from the house" I just nod in approval. I grab the remote to show him that I will keep busy. "No I will take you to the spa. I told Zamani to book you a treatment for tonight" ncoooooh that is soooo sweet!! Wait... So he knew that Zamani would be knocking by 8pm and he decided to book me a spa treatment just to get out of their hair. ShadY!! What? Are they planning some type of heist? I am back from the spa when the clock hits 23h00. It was one lovely session facials manicure pedicure massages.. You name it. Except ofcourse the part where the guests and the spa employees speculated in my presence who I am to MK. Yep thats how they call my man.. MK.. My body just shivers because MK from Uzalo immediately came to mind the first time they mentioned that name. How can they associate my man.. MY MAN.. To a good for nothing jailbird who wears skimpy leather clothes. The thought just messes up my head. IMAGINE!!!� He is not at the penthouse when I return. I notice that he had taken a shower the clothes he was wearing were in a heap on the floor. There's a note... 'Had to quickly dash out. MJ's Mother called a meeting' In the middle of the night? Who is she to call a meeting? I have never heard of a wife calling her inlaws in the middle of the night for a meeting. It is my first time!! Oh well.. I am sleeping alone tonight again. This holiday is starting to not be what I thought it would be. I check the time when I hear the key turning. I am still awake it is 2am. I hear him undress he gets into bed and holds me from behind again. It feels like DejaVu. It is morning when I wake up and he is nowhere near by my side. Its Sunday damnit. Does he not take a break? Can I really deal with this? I know I am very needy and clingy. What am I gonna do with a man who is hardly home? "Looking for me?" He is standing by the door already dressed. I look at the time its 8am. He smiles I die!! "you have 2 hours before church begins." Church?? You have got to be kidding me. I am so embarassed right now. Last time i went to church was christmas eve. Dad practically dragged me. Dont get me wrong I know the lord and his miracle work but church? I am always too busy. Its not an excuse but I really am always too busy. He hands me his credit card like he is handing me a piece of paper. "There is a lovely botique just outside the hotel get something nice for yourself" "No its fine I have my card with me" he looks at me. I cant explain his expression. "Dont break my heart please" he begs. How can someone beg you to spend his money. How? I take the card and quickly take a shower. I wear a red plain maxi dress with a black platform wedge. He enters as I am struggling to buckle the shoe in the bathroom. He slowly kneels before me takes my leg and puts it on top of his and softly traces his finger on my freshly shaved leg. I am a hairy woman i take after my father. He is done he helps me get up. I turn and look at the mirror to fix my hair he holds me from behind against the basin. I can feel his manhood against my bums. Its erect. "get something sexy for tonight aswell" he whispers in my ear his hands tightly on my waist. I moan my eyes slightly closing involuntarily. The pleasures of his kisses on my neck killing me softly. The more he plants a wet kiss the more I moan the more he grabs painfuly but pleasurably on my waist and the more I moan again. My loins are calling out for him. He is staring at me in the mirror. "can I go alone?" I beg. He is shocked but decides to let me. The word 'sexy' is in bold on my mind and sexy I will get. "be quick we need to be in church in an hour" and by that he hands me the keys of the car and the access card to the basement garage. "I will walk you to the car." he kisses my neck one more time before he walks out. I follow him literally running after him like a puppy.� "becareful" He plants a kiss on my lips. I am inside the silver grey Jaguar. I do not even know what version it is. But its a Jaguar and its a sports car. I am overwhelmed. I already freak just by driving now I am driving a car almost worth a million. I will stick to 40km/h. I know cops wont stop me for being slow. Slow never killed anyone. I am starting to get used to it. I decided to increase the speed just a little to get to the botique quicker. It is far than he said it is. I drove almost 15 minutes. Its not a botique this is a mall!! I have no idea where to go. I settle for the nearest botique. I get a black number it reveals a straight string line at the back until the waist. I have a tatoo of an Orchid so it shows very well. It hugs my body well and then has a mini fish tail. I add black an red stilletos to go with the red clutch I have. That is for tonight. For church I grab an umbrella dress black and white stripes I will wear the same heels I am wearing. I feel naughty so I enter a lingere store called Entice. I buy a lacy red number. I have one thing in mind for me to put it on and him to take it off. 30 minutes and I am out of there. I get to the parking lot load the stuff and Im on my way back to the Hotel. This machine has a phone it rings just once and immediately goes through bluetooth. "Leya baby?" I dont know how to respond. By his name? Or baby? No My love sounds nice.. Or MK? Euw.. The Jailbird comes to mind.. "Hey" I respond so silently. "are you on your way back?" he asks. I tell him where I am. "great .. I can't wait to see what you bought at Entice.." I blush not sure what to say. I tell him I am approaching traffic cops. It seems they are checking validation. "The registration papers are in a file in the dashboard if they stop you" I immediately take them out because the Cop signals for me to stop. I stop on the side of the road. "baby we will chat when I get back okay they stopped me" Did I just say the B word? "Liscence and Registration please?" The man says. I hand him my liscence from my wallet and the registration papers on the file. He looks at them and gives them back to me with an unpleasant stare. I am buckled up so I figure everything is in order so he will let me go. "It is standard procedure to check the boot Miss... Mfiki so please open it" He has an arrogant attitude. He signals for another officer to come and asks me to step out of the car. "Is there a problem?" I ask. He shakes his head and says he just needs to ask me a few questions. The other officer opens the boot and fiddles through my plastic bags. This one is staring at me from top to bottom especially my legs and my boobs. He is practically undressing me with his eyes. I feel so uncomfortable right now i could just cover myself with a Sotho Blanket. "Captain I think you need to see this" the one searching the boot calls this idiot before me who has an annoying grin painted on his face. I follow him .. "well well well what do we have here?" The silver briefcase that was there when I was loading in my bags is now open filled with hardcore cash stored in R200s. The cop whistles in shock I am In shock. He is shaking his head as he takes one stack and counts. "10 Thousand each stack 30 stacks... How much is that Constable?" He asks. The constable starts counting. "300 Hundred hot Thousands Captain" he replies. I think I need to pee. What the hell is that kind of cash doing in Mkhululi's car? What happened to banks? "Miss Mfiki.. I am afraid you need to come with us to the station to explain this dilemma" I am in the back of a police van. I am not given a chance to explain that this is not my car or that I do not know who the money belongs to or how it got there and its procurment in the first place. The Jaguar is towed away!!

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