part 5 the orchid

I am shaking in my boots. I have no idea where we are going and how I will be recieved where we are going. He is driving he looks so calm and collected and me? I am nervous and anxious. He looks at me like i am something to eat. The way he is smiling feels more of "Im gonna have you for dinner" type of smile more than "its gonna be okay". Paranoid? Maybe. But I am anxious really anxious. My palms are sweaty and my hairs are standing. I keep brushing my arms feeling frustrated. I have known this man for less than a week and already he feels comfortable to introduce me to his daughter? Is he dying soon? We arrive at a beautifuly built tuscan style double story house. It reminds me of an Italian Painting I wanted to buy a long time ago when I was still a struggling artist. By the time i had enough money to buy it some rich idiot had bought it. He pulls me closer and kisses my forehead. "You will be just fine" he says as he presses the door bell. Now we wait! He squeezes my hand and whispers with a smile on his face not even looking at me. "She will love you I know" he is convinced he's excited. The door opens. She is one gorgious lady. Tall like a model. Perky breasts and butt. She is wearing the highest heels I have ever laid my eyes on. They are shiny and glittery. Her nails she could dig a grave. Her hair she could donate it to the cancer foundation. I blink He is smilling at her she is disgusted. "You have 2 hours" she says leaves us at the door and walk away. We follow her. .. The nursery is beautifully decorated with cartoon princesses. From Barbie Sofia The first.. You name them. There she is she is adorable. Looks like her father. That smile those eyes those teeth. If she were a boy I am sure she would be the exact replica of him. She runs to us and jumps on him. He picks her up. She is screaming her lungs out. "DaddY" she yells so excited and completely oblivious to my presence nor her mother's who is paying no attention to us but her nails. She is blowing that gum like a ratchet ghetto rat. Sorry for judging but she is ratchet. I can just smell her. Okay Enough! "Baby This is Portia Zana's mother.. Portia this is Cateleya. My Empress" I dont know whether to smile or let out my hand for a handshake. I settle for a nervous wave. He looks at the cute bundle of joy he is holding I can't help but smile. "I see so she is my replacement" she is raising her nose. The Rat is undermining me. Looking at me from head to toe. Girl!! I went to a township school I can be ratchet too. I look at Mkhululi talking to Zana some toddler jibberish. She is giggling nonestop and he is tickling her. I love this side of him. It warms my heart. I want to experience it with our children. Wait... Whaaaat? Did I just think that far? I haven't even shagged the man. Jeez! "Zana This is Aunt Leya.. Baby this is my princess Nkosazana Malinga. My precious diamond" he is proud I can see it in his eyes. "Zana is not a Malinga" Portia says not even looking at us. "Shut up" He tenses up I can feel his hand gripping me tight. He puts Zana down and tells her to go play. She stands and looks at me. "I'm a princess Just like Sofia. I have a very big kingdom" she is too adorable . I am inlove. "Really?" she pulls my hand and we are running to her play station. Mkhululi pulls Portia violently and closes the door. Zana shows me all her toys. She's 6 and still in preparatory school. But she is smart. Yelling and shouting interrupts my conversation with Zana. Portia and Mkhululi are at each other's throats. I cannot hear clearly what is being said but its rough out there. Glasses shatter Zana is frightened. She runs to me and holds on tightly. "Mommy Im scared" she is crying already. "sssshhhh Its okay baby" I am comforting her. I have no idea what is going on here. I can hear Portia screaming and yelling. Mkhululi is also not backing down. I am starting to get adgitated. "Princess Stay here okay... I will go and check!" she nods. I kiss her forhead and walk to the door. I bump into Portia her hair is a mess her hand is bleeding. "Move Bitch" Call me a bitch one more time!! She picks up Zana and walks out leaving me standing there. Zana is kicking and screaming. I walk out Mkhululi is putting on his jacket when did he take it off? I step on the glass pieces on the floor. "we need to go Portia is insane" he says. He is used to this racket! We leave. The way back to the hotel is quiet. I am not ready to say a word. I want to hear what he is going to say first. "She refuses fot Zana to take my surname. She has to take my surname. Its tradition. I paid damages. We spoke to her family and they agreed to give us Zana now she is using Zana for financial gain. You know what she wants now on top of that house a Lamborgini.. Where the fuck will I get the money for a damn Lambo.. Fuck!!" He bangs the steering wheel. He is frustrated he is angry he is just enraged! I bet he is thinking twice about me now. We woman are drama with a full stop. We arrive at the hotel just after 2pm. He suggests lunch and I am so hungry I could eat a whol3 Leg of a Lamb. He wants to take a shower i help him take off his jacket. He refuses politely and walks to the bathroom still dressed. I hear the waters running while i freshen up. Few minutes later he is out in just a towel. He is walking towards me. I am not blinking at all. "staring is rude my love" I blink rapidly before I look for something to do. I can't take in what I am seeing. Is that why he refused me taking off his Jacket? He had a huge scar on his shoulder back. It's bleeding. I walk towards him and trace my fingers on it they are covered in blood. "I didnt want you to see it" "I know blood freaks you out so I didnt want you to see it but I need your help baby" he begs silently as i am staring at this scar on his back. "she tried to kill you?" I ask. I am concerned. That Hoodrat just tried to make me a widow before I am even a Makoti. What the hell!! "she has always tried to kill me baby. Its our machanism its how we communicate." he is taking this just like another lame obstacle. "but its not healthy for either of you or even Princess Zana" I say I didnt even realise that I am smiling. He turns around and looks at me. "what do you think about Zana?" he asks I can see he values what I think about her. No man wants to choose between another woman and his child. I give him the answer he wants to hear the answer that has dominated my heart. "she is adorable" he holds my hand. He looks me straight in the eye. "Thank You" he whispers and plants a light kiss on my lips. I nod slightly when he looks at me. I pull him to sit and I nurse the scar. We have lunch at 3pm but who cares? And who's counting. We are laughing and just chatting generally. He is a crazy man he makes me laugh uncontrolably. He makes me forget about the outside world for a while. He is different from the guys I have met. He is smart elegant educated and he holds culture and tradition. My dad's list is fully ticked. I should call him. Maybe later I dont want to interupt out lunch. It is just too perfect I dont want this afternoon to end. I dont want to be away from him. The sunsets we are at the in_house park walking barefooted holding hands. This feels like heaven. I dont wanna wake up if its a dream. "I have something for you" he says reaching in his pocket. Oh My God.. Its that ring box. We stop walking he is looking at me with pleading eyes. "I bought these the very first time I saw you" he opens the box. Its Earrings. Phew! For a second I thought it was a ring. They are beautiful. I thank him. He puts them on my plain ears. I think he is trying to tell me that I am too plain. Maybe its time I took Lebo's shopping offer. I could use a wardrobe revamp. We are heading to the penthouse and he has not touched his phone the whole day. Like he said. "I value our time" he said as he was switching it off. A porter comes carrying a phone on a tray. Its for him this time. "whaaaat!!" is all I hear from him and then he stares at the phone before giving back to the porter. He comes to me rushing. "Its my brother there was an incident. We need to go" He's practically dragging me to the Lobby in the lift and in the penthouse. I put on comfortable shoes grab a scarf incase its cold and we are Gone! He's driving by himself again. Its an hours drive from the hotel to city hospital. He is on the phone the whole time treying to find out what happened. We arrived and the waiting room is fillied with Men. They are all worried. They are formally dress. He is fuming with anger.� "You bastards! You let my brother get shot? Where were you!? Huh! How can he get shot in your presence under your Guard!!..." He is yelling on top of his voice I am trying to calm him down and he seems to be listening. Maybe its because I used these words: "My love calm down please". We are there for almost three hours. Mkhululi is demanding to see the doctor. He is going crazy. Pacing up and down the waiting room. He wants to see his brother. NOW! "what will i tell dad? What will I tell MJ? Fuck!!" he takes out his cellphone and calls someone. "get to city hospital now!!" he dials another one again. "I take it you know the news... Well get to work then trace his steps phone calls everything. Find out who did this. I swear I will cut off their genitals and feed it to them with BBQ sauce" My eyes widen. He is dead serious. He is sweating and he is angry and worried. He hangs up and looks at me. He sighs and sits next to me holding my hand. "I would never hurt you" he says out of the freakn Blue!! I have no idea how to respond. I end up nodding and cuddling my head on his chest. He holds me tightly and we are rocking back and forth. The doctor is here. Melumzi suffered two bullets on his right shoulder. They managed to remove them both and he is now sedated. The relief on Mkhululi's face is priceless. He was really taking strain. So was I about him. A young man walks in probably in his 20's he looks like a confused teenager. Those hip hop types. "what happened?" he asks. Mkhululi sighs and shakes his head. "high jacking he refused to give up his car and they shot him!" Mkhululi is lying through his teeth. He is not even stuttering. "where the hell were his guards? What the hell are they getting paid for? Huh.. To just sit and eat all day?" The young man is furious. "MJ calm the heck down. He is fine and he's just sleeping." Mkhululi is now calm. I cant believed he lied just like that to his nephew. He looks at me and nods as he is hugging MJ. They break the hug. "I need to call mom" he says taking out his phone from the pocket. "no need I am here in flesh in blood" The lady walks in. She looks like Mme Maputla from Skeem Saam. Only she is expensively dressed and accesorised. High society. Mkhululi's eyes are hanging out of their sockets.


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