part 11 the orchid

"Zana be careful!!" I have been running all over this Wonderland running after the little princess in a princess dress and a crown. Its her birthday today and She is spending it with me and her father. But where is he!? It has been over an hour and his phone is with me so chances of calling him are slim. Zana has been playing each and every game that she can. She is too fast for a 6 years old. My hads are full with all the prizes she keeps winning. She is a happy little bundle. "Mummy.. Mummy look what I won" She is jumping up and down holding the the crown in her hand. "its for you mummy" "Really? Ooh thank you baby" I kneel down for her and she places it on my head. "There! Now you are the queen I am the princess.. Where's daddy?" Trust me child I also want to know. "He went to get us some ice cream" I say looking around for her father. Mkhululi where are you? She's pulling my hand away from the entrance and deeper into this place full of screaming and running rascal. Whoever invented this place wanted to drive mothers crazy. Its mayhem!! "Zana baby slow down" I am becoming dizzy. The running is killing me my feet are killing me. I feel so hot and I need to get naked now. I cannot take this. I sit down on the floor flat and begin fanning myself using a flyer. "Are you okay ma'am" He is looking down at me. He is smilling from ear to ear. I nod as I fan myself. "Can I help you up" he lets out his hand. "You better keep your filthy hands to youself Boy" He's here I didnt even see him. The guy walks off feeling intimidated as I am. Mkhululi can be such a scare sometimes. "where have you been?" I am starting to get furious now that he is here. "sorry I got held up" he helps me get up. I need to sit the longer I stand the dizzier I get. "Are you okay. You are dripping wet??" he is concerned. Is it that bad? "Where's Zana? We need to go?" I point with my finger where she is. He walks up to her and then the begging and arguing begins. She wants 5 more minutes and he is having non of it. He threatens he begs he really begs and all Zana wants is "5 more minutes daddy". I look at my feet they are swollen and sweaty. I take off my sandals and walk barefoot to the entrance. I need air lots of it. "Baby you need the doctor" he says. Zana is walking inbetween us holding my hand. He is carrying my bag. "Zana is such a handful little princess. She had me running all over this place" But she is adorable. She turns my world upside down when she is visiting. Yeah Portia allows her to visit once a month. After the last episode Mkhululi gave her the lamborghini and somemoney in exchange for a weekend visit. Too much I know but he loves his daughter. He would do anything for her. She brings out a different person in him. "Daddy mummy is a queen" she points to my 'crown' with a huge smile on her face. Her missing teeth making here even more cuter. He looks at me and smiles. That look was different. Like he just realised something. He stops walking we stop too. "Yes baby. She is" he holds my hand and squeezes it tight. He's looking at me I am looking at him. My heart beating really fast I think he can hear it. He comes closer and plants a light one on my cheek. "euuw daddy..." she is holding her hands to her face. We laugh at her and she looks at us disgusted. "Im gonna tell" she walks fast infront of us. "She calls you mom" He says randomly. "Im inlove with her" I say. I am trully inlove with her. She is a very unique child and she brings out a smile in me. We are quiet for a moment. He is just looking at me and I can't. I cannot look Mkhululi in the eyes for more than a second. "I love you" he says. "Its only been 3months going on four but Damn girl. I ain't been sleeping" I can't help but laugh. Sometimes I think I was too easy for him. I never gave him a hard time. He also was too fast for me. I never had time to grasp on anything. One moment he is an annonymous buyer the next he buys me a holiday the next he is Mkhululi Malinga and before I knew it I am inlove with him. "I love you too" I hold my palm against his face. I want to kiss him but we have Zana watching us from the car. She is frowning with her arms folded. "Daddy can I have my happy meal?" Her face is telling a different story from what she is saying. She wants her happy meal. End of story. Shot! I forgot about it. I am back inside the mall with my bag rushing to McDonalds for the princess' happy meal. Children drive parents crazy truly. "A happy meal please" I ask taking out His credit card. The cashier is looking at me like she is trying to put together where she knows me from. "I know you" she says. "You do?" I ask putting in the pin on the speedpoint machine. I know it by head now. Perks of having a man with a lot of money he could buy the world. "Yeah You are Sikho's Girlfriend" My stomach flushes! I can feel my heart begining to pound my chest. "I saw you with a man. You are married now with a child. Congratulations" Her face is saying something else. I am sure she could spit on me if she was not at work. "Pity Sikho's children are now orphans. You should be ashamed of youself.." I look at her nametag. Linda. Where the hell is my order. This girl is ready to insult me. "Look I dont know what you know but I didnt know he was married. I never killed him. He killed himself.." I am crying now. Gawd!! Can my tears just for once not embarass me? "You knew.. You are such a bitch.. A slut. Nxxx" she is insulting me with everyword she can use. We have become the centre of attention. All i can say is "I didnt know" .Maybe me crying is giving her leaverage to insult me. I wipe my tears. "Dont stand there and judge me. Sikho cheated on his wife. He is the one who killed his wife. Do not put the blame on me" I need to stand up for myself. "You bitch!!" She is grabbing my dress from across the counter. People are shocked. I know they have heard of a customer attacking the Waiter or waitress but not the other way around. There is chaos. I am trying to get myself from this crazy chick. Is is cursing and yelling. He's here. Inbetween us. How he got here I have no ide but I am glad. I was ready to turn ghetto on this chick. He grabs me by the arm and we are out of there. The happy meal in his other hands. He is furious. I can here by his breathing. My dress is torn i have lost an earing the crown is in my hand and my hair is definately not what it was in the morning when I was leaving the house. Where will i begin telling him that I had an affair with a married man. It has become a norm that our rides back to the penthouse are quiet accompanied by a sad love song. Today

accompanied by a sad love song. Today Toni Braxtion is gracing us. "I wanna be" is playing silently. We dropped Zana off at her mother's place. Her face covered in tears. "Can I explain?" I ask. He turns up the volume. "When we get home" he is clearly not in the mood. I reach out to the radio and turn it completely off. He looks at me disgusted. He stops on the side of the road. "You wanna explain? Go on then" he is angry. I can just sense it. "My ex boyfriend. He died. Suicide. His wife walked in on us. I didnt know he was married I swear on my mother's grave" I am explaining too much in so little time. I can hardly breath but I want him to understand. "Why didnt you tell me" - He is voice is concerned. "I dont know" - I am officially cry baby. "Lets go home" he says. Thats all? I just wasted 2 litres of tears and all he says is Lets freakn go home? We are home in no time. Yes The penthouse in the mountain is now my home. Even though I don't want to admit I have practically moved in. My toothbrush is here some of my painting tools are here. I need to get out of this dress. This bedroom is so hot. Those flushes are coming back. I sit on the bed trying to catch my breath. He walks in and closes the door behind him. "so that waitress attacked you because you had an affair with a married man?" All I do is nod. He is pacing up and down infront of me. "does she know who I am?"..Is that a Rhetorical type of threatening question?. "so she laid hands on you? She touched you? Tore your dress and made you lose an earring?" He noticed all of that? I nod. He is out of the penthouse before I can even say another word. Please lord. Please let him not hurt that girl. My phone rings I forgot that I had something called a phone. "Sisi I need your help" "Culo?How did you get my number?" "Please I am at the mall behind the hotel. Can you come please?!" She begs. I quickly change into jeans and one of Mkhululi's T-shirts. I grab the nearest car keys and I am out of there. I hope I do not find another briefcase in the Dodge. I see he left with the BMW. � "Are you okay? Is everything okay?" That is my way of greeting. She looks drained. Her eyes are puffy and pinkish. She has been crying. "I can't do it sisi.. I can't do this" she starts from the top. She is a cry baby just like me. "What ? What are you talking about Culo?" - I am concerned. Surely what ever is her problem is more than she can handle. "I want to tell him so bad. Last night.. He almost found out." -It's the pregnancy. Zwelonke still doesnt know. "then tell him honey. I am sure he will be happy" - She shakes her hed vigorously crying non stop. "He will want to marry me. My dad will kill me if he finds out any of this." - "Then tell him. His brothers are going to fix this. Don't you want to marry him?" -she smiles and nods. They love each other. Truly. Zwelonke and I are the same age but I cannot help but see this as young love. "you see now tell him you are pregnant. He will know what to do." -she smiles. I hold her hand and tell her that I will support her all the way. Her phone rings. After a few yes' and okay's she hangs up. "Bhuti is with Zwelonke. He says I should ask you to take me home" Bhuti is Mkhululi. She has a very calm and humble tone. Maybe it comes with her tiny body. Mkhululi's car is parked right next to Zwelonke's. I can see smoke from behind the house. It seems like a braai. "Leya" Zwelonke shakes my hand. He is the quiet type. Doesnt talk much only does when he has to. He seems to be also in a bad space. He holds Culo's hands and kisses it. The clingyness runs in the family I swear. Mkhululi comes to me and hugs me followed by a kiss on the forehead. "is everything okay?" he asks. "Yeah she just wanted to talk. The whole things between your brother and and her father.. Its killing her" - I am careful not to spill the news. "hmmm" he takes a sip from his whiskey. "She's pregnant." "How did you know?" - I am shocked. "Zwelonke found Home tests. 7 of them. All positive. He is thrilled. He called me crying because he proposed. She ran out of here like something was after her" Ncoooh this feels more romantic than Sad. "Yeah the parents are coming down nextweek." -he says. I turn around and stare at him with a question mark. "Yes my parents" Oh No!! Lydia has invited Culo and I for lunch at some fancy restaurant. I am first to arrived and shown our table. I sit opposite the window. A limo stops infront of the restaurant. Wait.. Its that same man I saw Lydia with. She gets out too. A hug! A Kiss. On the lips.. Noooo... Its not just any kiss. She looks different! Like she's more happy there than when she is a wife. "Giiirl.. You look a bit bigger than the last time. How long has it been? A few weeks? Whats He feeding you?" -is she dissing me wheight? Yes I have gained. So what? You are having an affair. Who's the worst between us?� "so how you been? MK proposed yet?" - she takes a sip of her cocktail. She loves alcohol i have noticed. "Everything is good. I love him" - I smile as I say he last three words. I really do love that man. "hmm atleast one of us is in a good place. Culo has become the most important jewel in this family. And me I am just another old hag"-- Issues?? "What do you mean?" -I am so curious. "well she could be carrying the.." Culo interrupts us before she could finish. The moment is awkward between them. Infact it does not seem Lydia like her at all. But why would she invite her if she doesn't like her? "So It's Melumzi's birthday soon and I want to throw a small family and friend type of thing for him." -- wait.. So she is cheating and yet she want to make a party for the victim. Clever!! "I can help with anything" -Culo volonteers with an excited smile. "Obviously I called you here for your help.." that was bitchy of Lydia though. "But we are not here now for that so lets just chill and drink... Oh I forgot you can't.. You are carrying the new Malinga Brat.. As if we don't have enough" Culo is as confused as I am. This lunch is a disaster already and our food is not here yet. I am starving Jeez!! "So Leya any ring on your finger? You are the only one who doesn't have it" .. I look at Culo who smiles a little looking down. I look at her hand Zwelonke proposed. "Mkhululi has always been the fast one but on women he is the slowest" .. She is drunk! "Mkhululi is not slow. We are doing just fine. I am not waiting for him to propose anytime soon. We are fine the way we are. He loves me." The way she had been treating us since we got here has been adding to my impatient self. "Keep your panties on Leya. You will also get married to the chauvinistic men of this family. Just know that you will not only be marrying MK but Mzi and Lonke. Just know that" -- She doesnt stop drinking. Our food comes and I dig in. Culo seems to be uncomfortable. She leaves after eating. "Lydia whats happening to your marriage? Why are you... Why are you treating Culo like that?" - I ask. "She is carrying what I couldn't for years. She is carrying my baby!! I was supposed to carry that baby. But Nooo.. It had to be her. Not even you! Nxxxx.. How could this happen? Huh?" -- she is blabbing and I am confused. "What do you mean?" "I want a divorce Leya Melumzi betrayed me!! He said he would always love me" - she is now sobbing attracting attention. "And now that little thing is carrying the heir to the whole Malinga Empire.. Nxxx" Wait! This is about money!? The Malinga Riches? She is bitter because of money?. "But you have MJ... He is also a Malinga. He is the oldest born of the oldest.." I say. "Leya MJ is not my son." Somebody.. Shoot me now!!


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