Diary Of Nolita Page 9

I opened my eyes.

Dad : we are going through a divorce.

Me : ohh just kill me already. 

Okay I’m going to pack I am really not interested in this drama. Hold him .

I gave the baby to my dad and walked to my room .I was not really happy about the divorce 

situation. I really loved my parents .My mother is my world and my dad my dad is my life ..I can’t 

afford to loose them but I won’t stop them I mean I am “under age” after all .I packed my things 

and went downstairs

Me : I’m ready

Dad: I love you sweetie .tomorrow I’ll fetch you okay

I looked at him with my teary eyes then nod

Dad : I’ll increase your monthly allowance and also give you the BMW x6 okay .Don’t worry when 

you return we will live happily together.

We shared a very emotional hug then I went to the car and we drove off

Mrs V: Hello Nolly I am Mrs Vermaywerks you can call me Snell


I faked a smile and nod. Mxm she couldn’t even say Nolita

After what felt like a decade we arrived at the house and I was show my bedroom .I decided to 

bath then go to sleep. Her house was bigger than ours it was in a very expensive estate they 

must be rich ohh and Snell is coloured and she got the most adorable son err.. Mmmh I wonder 

how her husband looks like – that’s if she has one lol.


 …Part 4 

.Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months .it has been two months since I’ve been 

living with the Vermaywerks and I must say that their life’s aren’t as exciting as I imagined. You 

know how white people are “always busy and have no time for family yep “(no offense guys ).


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