Diary Of Nolita Page 7

He stood up and walked but stopped then came back

Him :I didn’t get your number .how will I pay you?

Me : oh yea uhm its 078*****212

Him : bye princess.

Me : just disappear already


…Part 3 

I got my pizza and went back to the station .I was so sad that Pink broke. I looked very depressed 

that my father didn’t say anything to me the whole day .After work

we went back home and now 

I started getting scared cause I remembered that my mother told me to cook but I didn’t

Me : err dad.

Dad: sup?

Me : can we please buy a family meal at spur

Dad : sure

We passed by spur and got the meal .we got home around 7pm and it looked like no one was 


Dad :I wonder where your mother is

Me : probably gossiping with that ghetto friend of hers MaNkosi ( I uttered )

Dad : say what…?

Me : nothing.

I walked up to my bedroom .MaNkosi is the house help at Amily’s house & She is from one of 

those ghetto places and she’s very much annoying “always stalking me and telling my mother my every movement "


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