Diary Of Nolita Page 6

Me : (fake crying ) daddy he broke Pink .he bumped me with his big metal chest it almost gave 

me a brain damage .

Dad :(sigh) is he there?

I looked at Chris

Me : yes captain .

Dad : put me on speaker

I did so

Me : you are on speaker

Dad : hello Chris .I hear my daughter complaining that you broke Her phone

is it true?

Chris: yes sir it is and I apologize. I promise I’ll return it brand new

Dad : it’s okay my daughter is just being crazy

Me : excuse me sir you cannot just call me crazy in front of a stranger .daddy I’m opening a case 

against Chris

Dad : yes right you’ll open a case once you have matured .

He hung up

Me : okay.

I gave Chris his phone and looked down. I felt so embarrassed

Chris :so …..princess ..are we cool?

I looked at him irritated

Me : you are still here?!

He chuckled

Him : bye then


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