Diary Of Nolita Page 4

Me : cool

He gave me the money and I walked out playing with my phone .I got into the car and started 

playing my hip pop music of course I was listening to Soulja boy. I put the volume on maximum 

and started driving while singing to the lyrics. Yes my father taught me how to drive in case of 


“hey I seen you yesterday. You didn’t even wave. That’s why I had to say hey

hey hey. Goodbye. 

You think this is funny. I think your a dummy. I have a lot of money. So hey hey hey hey. Hey you 


My phone disturbed me from my singing. I answered without checking the ID

Me : yeah?

Mom: I want you home now !!

Me : I’m driving. Call you back later

I hung up .I really don’t like how my mother treats me .I do everything she wants me to do but 

still treats me like a adopted child ….I got to the restaurant then ordered. I turned and attempted 

to walk away but mistakenly bumped into some big chest and my phone dropped

Me : dammn you got a good hard chest

Person : sorry are you okay

Me : I am but I don’t think Pink is

I said looking at my phone


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