Diary Of Nolita Page 3

Me :da…..da…daddy

Dad gave me a weird look

Me :I am dehydrated

Dad still kept quiet looking at me .

Me :I think.. .I think….I’ll

I dramatically fell on the floor

Me : help me

Dad : Nolita baby you should have just gone to church.

Me : indeed .now I feel like this is Labour

Dad : do you still want to work for me?

I got up from the floor and gave him a mocking look

Me : you got to be kidding me right?

Dad : I can have you as my PA

Me :I will be honoured.

Dad laughed

Dad : jokes

Me : I’ll get you for that dad .

I walked to his desk annoyed

Me : so what is next?

Dad : go make us some coffee. In fact I’ll give you money to buy pizza at pizzalitos

you know the grill


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