Diary Of Nolita Page 10

In the house there was Snell and her husband Vick their adorable baby boy Shawn and their house 

help Candy .

So today is a beautiful Sunny Saturday and Vick told me that his other son was coming home 

;mmmh it didn’t interest me much. Moving forward I made my way to the car and texted Floryan 

on WhatsApp who happens to be my best friend from primary. We are going to my dad’s 



Nolo: are you ready?

Ryan :yeah I’m by the main gate

Nolo : Okay .bye

Ryan : sweet


I logged out & drove off to where Ryan is .Floryan is black just like me .oh yes let me describe 

myself so I’m hundred percent black but look coloured ha-ha perks of having gorgeous parents


my hair is light brown but I painted a small part faint blue and my eyes are brown. I am five feet 

tall wouldn’t say I’m fat or skinny but I’m sexy

I looked around for Ryan until I spotted her talking to some old man .trust Ryan with man

Me : Ryan!!!!

I screamed .She looked up and ran my direction .Unlike me Ryan is big. She has the body to kill 

for & she’s very enthusiastic and naughty.

Me : get in man we’ll talk on the way dad is waiting for us.

She got in and we drove off 


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