Diary Of Nolita Page 1

When I look back at my life I see a precious little diamond living the way most parents want their kids to live but 

nothing is as it seems .This is a story of a girl named Nolita the only child of Gilbeth Ndaba and Mrs S (Suzanne 

Ndaba).. Right now I am dead and I will tell you how I ended up here .This is my story and it all started when I was 15 

years old. Enjoy

Mom ; Nolita wake up. We have to go to church today .

Nolo :mmmh mother I'm not feeling well please may I skip (lies)

Mom : yey wena ntombazane (you girl) I'm not going to play around with you. Go bath or I'll bring the bath to you.

By that she meant she'll spill water on me in bed; yes she has done it before so what will stop her now.

Nolo : Mrs S please I beg .My tummy is painful I think I'm starting my periods

Mom : just for today I'll let you stay .Make sure the house is clean and you have to cook because you don't want to 

experience my wrath .

She walked out of my room banging the door ...My house is a beautiful double story in a white neighbourhood. It has 

5 bedrooms 3 toilets a laundry room 2 kitchens

cinema play room sitting room dining area and a "basement 

medical room " .My father is a well known Cop in fact he is a captain and my mother is a nurse .I am doing my grade 

10 in Mermaid academy...

I got out of bed and did the usual morning routine. While I was still eating my father walked into the kitchen 

Dad : Morning princess

Me : Good morning

Dad : is your mom gone?

Me : probably

Dad : and why are you still here?

Me : I am not feeling well so I decided to stay.

Dad : well you can't stay home alone

Me : dad I am not 5 years no more

Dad : And I give zero fucks. You are coming to work with me

Me: why do you work on weekends?

Dad : I'm a captain .I need to lead by example

Me : whatever .

Dad : and you better drop that attitude

Me : yes sir

We got in the car and drove off to Macdonald first

Me : so dad when am I going to start working with you?

Dad : when you are old enough

Me : am I not old enough now?

Dad : yes

Me : but I once told you your own work

Dad : that was once

Me : I can still do it again. Try me

Dad : Nolita!

He looked irritated so I kept quiet for a while . On our way to the station I began speaking again

Me : So dad do you think that the law of South Africa is fair to us children under the age of 18

Dad : why do you ask?

Me : back in the days no make that years children my age would become kings or chiefs and would own some 

businesses .How is it that now we are not allowed to pursue our own company projects without an adult included ?


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