He looked at him with eyes full of pity. He should've known better than to betray him. He observed him for quite some time. He wasn't willing to speak the electric torture couldn't make him talk nor endless threats for 6 days. There isn't anything more he could do to make him talk. He had to kill him for his own satisfaction he was gonna find who he sold it to anyway.
Quinton: Pass me the gun.

He neatly folded his sleeves up. Jake hesitantly reached for the gun on top of the table. 
Jake: Are you sure bra Q?
Quinton chuckled. And opened his hand. Jake slowly placed the gun on his palm. 
Quinton: Bring me the silencer

Jake hurried to the safe and punched the pass code it unlocked. He grabbed the silencer and gave it to his boss. Blood has always been Jake's worst fear but due to certain circumstances he had to man up and face his worst fear. He saw Pitbull on the floor closing his eyes for the last time lying in a pool of his own blood. Quinton placed the gun on the table. 
Quinton: I have somewhere to rush to. By... *looks at the watch* by 15:50 I want this body out of my premises and this place cleaned up.
Jake: Yes boss.

Quinton took his jacket and vanished. Jake couldn't get used to how ruthless and heartless Quinton is. He had no regrets or whatsoever. He killed people like ants. He was merciless.

The session was heated up. He was so sweaty his handkerchief was now doing nothing.

Chris: "My beloved I don't think you hear me. When they turn their backs on you use that into your favor!
When your own husband that promised you forever send you those divorce papers use that in your Favor! Use every negativity into your favor. Let God take charge of every situation he shall not forsaken you. He shall not let you sign those divorce papers alone. He shall not let you spend those lonely days and nights alone. Make him your friend

make him your best Friend.
Can I get an Amen?"

"Amen!" The congregation chanted. Some were crying. Some were at the verge of breaking down. Pastor Chris always had a way of sensing their situations. He was preaching from deep within his heart. He was going through terrible divorce and he was about to be left with only a 4 roomed house and a cressida to his name. While his ex-wife get their mansions cars and businesses.

Chris: "In conclusion can we all bow our heads to pray. Heavenly father we come before you as vulnerable sinners. Let our love for material things not lead us into temptation. Heal all the broken hearts. Keep reminding us to praise you Lord even on hard days. Keep reminding us that you're our savior. Without you we could never go on. Keep proving your presence in our lives Lord in everything we go through. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen."


And that was the end of the service. He went to his office. He wanted to break everything in front of him.

'Greed is not bigger than your name Lord' he said his meditation prayer.

Tyler: "Come on now Cindy. You know Pearl ain't my girl."
Cindy: "Then what the hell was she doing in your bed naked?"
Tyler: "How do I know? She's been stalking me for weeks."
Cindy: "Babe this is serious. I don't wanna be out there looking stupid."
Tyler: "No need to worry girl I got you. Come to daddy?"

She gave him a bear hug. 
Tyler: "I'll see you later okay?"
Cindy: "OK love."
Tyler: "Wear that sexy number"

He winked at her as he jogged back to his house. He found Pearl fully dressed about to leave. 
Tyler: "And then?"
Pearl: "Am leaving"
Tyler: "Can you stop being childish and let us sit down and talk about this like adults... Grown adults."
Pearl: "It was a fling Tyler I get it there's nothing to talk about."
Tyler: 'Did I say that?'
Pearl: "Not in so many words. Look dawg last night was fun but you and I will never work."
Tyler: "Oh really?"

He picked her up and placed her on the couch and got on top of her. He placed his ice cold soft as a marshmallow lips on hers. She protested at first but he was too damn gently his tongue parting her lips couldn't help but make her wanna devour him right there at the spot.

Tyler is a Casanova. He owns women. He thinks he even owns their vaginas. He has his way into females pants. They call him "Tyler the Panty dropper"

Khulekani: "I do not do relationships."

Emihle's jaw dropped. He took a sip on this Scotch. 
Emihle: "So what does a date lead to?"
Khulekani: "I don't know. I don't do these things. They're too fancy for my liking. People should just hook up once and get married the next day. I don't have time for playing house"

Emihle busted out loud. 
Khulekani: "Care to share the joke?"
Emihle: "You are really bad at this big broe. Maybe you should forget about Zekhethelo."

Khulekani frowned.
Emihle: "Oh God! Did you just frown at a Lady? You're scary as it is. This date was a pure waste of time."
Khulekani: "Am glad you said it yourself."
Emihle: "All because you're complicated."
Khulekani: "I don't have time to waste in my life."
Emihle: "Now tell me how on earth are you gonna get Khethelo if you don't do relationships?"
Khulekani: "I'll approach her. Ask her to Marry me"
Emihle: "Oh no"

He gestured for a waiter to come. He paid the bill and walked out with Emihle running behind him like a little puppy.

Khulekani is as cold blooded as his twin brother Quinton. Emihle is their little sister their treasure. She's a no go area. She's their little princess.

°°°These are the Dube brothers. Let me take you on a glorious yet complicated journey of brotherhood°°°

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