Chapter Two


After 2 years failing to get my brothers together God finally made a way. When our parents died. Khulekani was appointed as my legal guardian. He was my mini father. I loved them all the same. I visited each one of them in turns except for Tyler. That one has a very busy life. He's a party animal. I was the closest to the twins I guess it's because they shared a bond. Well where are my manners. I am Emihle Imizamo Ngcobo 22 years of age. I am the younger sister of 4 brothers. The twins Chris and Tyler. After our meal an odd one. We went our separate ways they promised to set a date to meet again. I needed some time alone with Christian. He didn't seem okay.

It was the next day. I woke up to my human alarm banging my door calling my name. I opened for him. My head was so heavy. 
Kk: "You look like a mess."
Me: "Thanks broe."
Kk: "Skhumba took the cars to service. So we'll be sharing a car for this week"
I blanky stared at him. He isn't serious is he? 
He took a glance at his watch.
Kk: "You have 30 minutes to get ready"
Me: " But I..."
Kk: "Unless if you'll catch a taxi"
Me: "yep. I'll catch a taxi. A taxi is actually a good idea" I said without raising any suspicions on why I wouldn't want to ride with him. At the usual I would've been thrilled to have him driving me around but not today. I have plans huge plans. Ask no questions...hear no lies. 
Kk: "OK I'll see you later." I pouted my lips he brought his cheek down. 
Me: "Bye" he walked down the hallway. I sighed in relief. He turned back.
Kk: "Call your brothers invite them for Dinner."
Me: "About that. I was thinking we should go away" I dared. He's not the type to go on vacations.
Kk: "You're crossing boundaries now baby"
I knew it!
Me: "Its been 2 years bhuti" I said with my voice breaking.
Kk: "Don't do this Emihle. I have a very busy schedule so are your brothers"
Me: "Nobody has anything important more than family in Weekends"
Kk: "Check with them and get back to me. I'll see where I can squeeze your getaway"

I hugged him. He left. I screamed alone I was not so far from getting my happily ever after.


I arrived in my office. Khethiwe followed a minutes after me with my breakfast. 
Khethiwe: "Morning Sir. The did not have cinnamon buns so I settled for a cheese sandwich"
Me: "It's okay my Darling. Please check my meetings for today. Cancel the not so important ones"
Khethiwe: "I'll be on it Sir."

She collected the papers on my desk. My eyes landed on my parents portrait on the left side. They looked happy they were happy. I've never seen them fight they died a peaceful death. I wonder how disappointed of us they are.

Khethiwe: "Sir" she said tapping my shoulder. I looked at her. 
Me: " sorry they died a peaceful death. I wonder how disappointed of us they are.

Khethiwe: "Sir" she said tapping my shoulder. I looked at her. 
Me: " sorry you were saying?"
Khethiwe: "Your sister is on call"
Me: "Oh" 
I took the phone.

Me: "Love"
Emihle: "Hey. Am booking an appointment"
I chuckled.
Me: "For when?"
Emihle: "09:45"

I looked at the clock on the wall. 
Me: "it's 09:30 MaNgcobo"
Emihle: "I know but the lift isn't working so am taking the stairs"
Me: "Okay baby."

I gave the phone back to Khethiwe. 
Me: "Please ask Prim to prepare a Greek salad Steak and sex on the water"

Khethiwe chuckled and quickly composed herself. I frowned.
Khethiwe: "It's sex on the beach Sir"
Me: "oh yeah that. My bad"

She took her papers and walked out. I ate my sandwich before the helicopter comes and consume it all.

The helicopter flew in and crashed itself on my arms. 
Me: "Okay get off"
Emihle: "Am your little girl hug me back"
I squeezed her tight. She rested her head on my shoulder. This is the person I'd do anything for kill for at any given day. She finally decided to let me breathe. She went to sit on her favorite couch. Her couch actually because I never let anyone sit on it ever since she claimed it as hers. 
She crossed her legs. 
Emihle: "Stop smiling at me like that. Your guess is right am here to ask for something"
Me: "Of course"
Emihle: "I really miss you guys"
Me: "But you see us every time you want"
Emihle: "It's not the same. I wanna have you all around"
Me: "We're old Emi we have lives different lives. In everything we can give you we could never give you that."
Emihle: "You can. And you will"
Me: "Yeah?"
Emihle: "Yes. We can go away"

I laughed. 
Me: "Are you serious?"
Emihle: "Yes. Cape Town or Durban. But I was thinking of Mpumalanga. What do you think?"
Me: "Honestly emihle I don't know who'll agree to that idea. None of us is adventurous"
Emihle: "I was able to convince Khule you too is down to the idea. Chris and Tyler will definitely go with it."
Me: "Really? Khulekani agreed to that?" 
Emihle: "Not in so many words but he said I should hear what you guys think then get back to him"
Me: "Fair enough. Decide where we're going and call me when you're done"
Emihle: "Date?"
Me: "Confirm with your brothers"
Emihle: "You guys won't regret this I promise. Borrow me your car"

She took the keys before I could answer.
She gave me a hug that wasn't so tender and ran out.


My phone rang. I rolled to the other side of the bed. 
Me: "Hun" I said in a sleepy voice.
Emihle: "Open the gate you fool"
Me: "What are you here for?"
Emihle: "Can't a girl visit her brother without a reason?"

I rolled off the bed careful not to wake Neliswa. I pressed the remote from the balcony the gate slid open. She was with Quinton. I don't know what she's hoping to achieve from all this but it's definitely not rekindling. My brothers and I ruined each other so much to rekindle.

Neli: "You have a nerve!"
Me: "Morning"
Neli: "Am here in your bed and you answering your girlfriend's call"
Me: "That was my sister"

"Babes!" Emi shouted getting in. She jumped on me and kissed me all over my face. Neliswa snatched her away from me and slapped her hard across the face.


Tyler jumped to Neliswa. He threw countless punches at her she fell down and hit her head on the floor. She stopped crying.

Tyler: "Fuck!"
He bent down to feel her pulse. His heart skipped a beat when he felt nothing.
Tyler: "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" He rubbed his head roughly. He kicked the couch.

Emihle stood at the corner with her mouth hanging open. 
Emihle: "Is... Is she dead?"

Tyler slowly walked to his baby sister and hugged her so tight. 
Tyler: "It was a mistake... I didn't mean to"

A sob escaped Emihle's mouth. Tyler was as terrified as she was but he had to act tough and be a man

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