Chapter Three


I had to think and fast. I took Emihle to her room. And came back to stare at Neliswa. Reality kicked in. I killed a woman! 
I walked to her I touched her again. She was beautiful I knelt beside her. 

Me: "Am sorry Neliswa. I didn't mean to you know that. You triggered me. I don't want anyone touching her let alone laying a hand on her. Am sorrrry!"

I sobbed bringing her to my chest. She was truly lifeless I couldn't bring myself to believe am responsible for it. 

Me: "Please wake up"

My door wildly opened. Khulekani walked in. He charged towards me. I stood up wiping off my tears. A slap landed on my cheek. He punched me. He slapped me again. He kicked me so hard I fell and hit my head on a vase. 
Kk: "Why did you do it in front of a child?"
Me: "It was a mistake man!" 

He slapped me again.
Kk: "Do not shout at me."
Me: "Am sorry. Everything happened so fast the next thing I knew she...she was lying there lifeless"

I was in so much pain. I groaned trying to get up. 
Kk: "Do you know how much trouble you've caused us?"

I just stared at him. 
Kk: "Answer me dammit!"
Me: "It was a mistake Khulekani"

Quinton and Chris walked in. Thanks to you Emihle now they can judge me even more. 
Chris: "Oh Jesus Christ! What have you done!"
Me: "It was a mistake. Don't come here and act all holy"
Kk: "You killed a woman! Infront of Emihle you dammit!"
Quinton: "It was a mistake he just said. No need to get all worked up about it" he said calmly.

Khulekani chuckled in disbelief. 
Kk: "Was it a mistake like the way you killed my wife?"
Quinton: "Khulekani I-"
Kk: "No! We had a future Quinton. A new born baby! That am not allowed to even see. You took all of that away from me."
Chris: "It was a mistake Khulekani."
Kk: "So that makes it better? I wanna know why you ran home knowing very well you were chased"
Quinton: "How many times must I tell you WE HAD NO IDEA!"
Kk: "Father pleaded with you to stop being a thug Quinton you continued. You continued stealing you even dragged the kids into it"
Quinton: "Don't blame me for their actions. Yes I was wrong for being home during heated times. But I Still say even today. I am sorry Khulekani"
Kk: "No that doesn't make it Right Quinton. You didn't even suffer the consequences of killing my wife!" 
Quinton: "That's because I did not kill her!" 
Kk: "Keep telling yourself that Quinton. If it makes you ease your conscience keep telling yourself that"
He said heading to the door Quinton stood on his way. I knew he's never forgiven us. He will never forgive us. 
Quinton: "I don't want you to hate me forever."
Kk: "Move out of my way Quinton" he said with so much hatred in his voice. 
Quinton: "No. Here" he said giving him a gun. "Shoot me" 
Chris: "What on earth are you guys even doing? Quinton why do you have a gun in your possession?"
Kk: "That's because he'll always be a killer"
Chris: " Khulekani

put that gun down. This isn't the time nor the place" 
Quinton: "Stay out of this Chris"
Chris: "Think of Emihle she's here how would she feel knowing her brothers killed each other. Khulekani I know you're hurting I know you're angry but pulling that trigger isn't worth it"

He pointed the gun directly on Quinton's forehead. They deadly stared each other in the eye. Khulekani's hand started trembling. Failing to hold on to the gun it hit the floor. He.... He sobbed Khulekani cries? These brothers will never stop amazing you I swear. A cold blooded bastard that just punched me to death.
Kk: "This isn't okay Quinton. You know I love you so much and you're torturing me with it. You know very well I'll never kill you."

He went down against the wall. Such a deep voice making noise. Quinton squatted in front of him.
Quinton: "If it was possible I would've swapped lives with her."

The whole room was filled with mixed emotions. Only Quinton brought out the emotional Khulekani and vice versa. 
He got up. 
Kk: "Help Tyler clean this mess. I need to clear my head"

I got where he was coming from. After 2 years he finally voiced his feelings. He totally cut us out after that encounter. We'd send him messages on how sorry we were.

Kk: "Whatever you do. It must not include burying her"
Quinton: "Cremate her?"
Kk: "No. Dump her somewhere so she can be found"
Quinton: "That's polluting the air. We'll-"

Neli coughed.


We all turned to look at the girl. Tyler ran to her and hugged her. Sometimes I fail what do these guys do. She looked terrible 
Me: "What happened?"
Kk: "My job here is done." He picked my gun up and gave it to me.
Me: "Thanks" he looked directly into my eyeballs. He is obsessed with my eyes so I gave him the satisfaction of not blinking. 
Kk: "Never do that again."
Me: "What?"
Kk: "Help Tyler with the girl." He walked past Me.
Me: "Never do what Dube?"

He closed the door behind him completely ignoring me.
Me: "Chris pray for the girl and get out of here. Am leaving "
Tyler: "Please wait for me in the lounge"

I walked out. I found Emihle and Khulekani eating ice-cream. I took a spoon and joined. I couldn't care less about how much Kk hates me but I could never let people eat ice cream in peace. 
We ate in silence. 
I kept stealing glances at Khulekani. He was focused on ice cream. He's never easy. He's like a snail. He's always inside some sort of cage. I don't even know what happened in there when hr started crying. I am pretty sure he could kill me if I told anyone he cried. 
Emihle: "So?"
Me: "So what?"
Emihle: "Is she dead?" She said whispering.
Khulekani chuckled. 
Kk: "Why are you whispering?"
Emihle: "Is she?"
Me: "No she fainted."
Emihle: "What is Chris still doing in there?"
Me: "Isn't he a Dr?"
Kk: "Of course! Who could forget"

We laughed. Thinking of how much our mother always reminded us to make a living for ourselves because "Chris was one step away from turning his around in medical school"

Kk: "That's it Khulekani you're dropping out where's a distinction."

We laughed even more. 
Me: "Not to be unfair or anything but MaNgcobo loved his son"
Kk: "Of course he had TB when he was young"

Well once he starts being stupid he never stops. And I didn't want him to stop.I had missed him. We laughed shaking our heads. 
Emihle: "I had forgotten how identical y'all are."

We stopped and looked at each other. He is me and I am him.
Kk: "Can I ask you something?" I frowned. 
Me: "Uhm... Yeah"
Kk: "Why isn't your beard cut?"
Me: "Because I am tired of being confused with you"
Kk: "For real? Are we that identical?"
Emihle: "Duh! Oh welcome Bhut Chris. My mother's Dr. And you Tyler my mother's skirt chaser. Why did you kill your girlfriend?"
Tyler: "You need to stop with jumping into people's beds"
Emihle: "Am I not your little girl anymore"
Me: "She what? What actually happened?"
Chris: "Yeah I'd like to know too"

Tyler: "Why are eating my ice cream?"
Kk: "What happened? That's what we're talking about. Not answering why we're eating ice cream"

He was back at being his scary self. 
Tyler: "Well. Emihle called saying she's outside. Neli confronted me about speaking to my girlfriend in her presence. Emihle did her usual and jumped on me. Neli slapped her"
Me: "Drastic"
Kk: "Emihle"
Emihle: "Bhuti"
Kk: "What did I say about manners?"
Emihle: "She wasn't in the room"
Kk: "Next time ask if your brother has company. Women are jealous out there."

Me: "Chris"
He kept his eyes looked on the ice cream. Kk nudged him. He startled. 
Chris: "Sorry you were saying?"
Kk: "What is up with you Chris?"
Chris: "Stay out of my business."
Kk: "Your business is our business"
Chris: "Oh really? So we gonna sit here like everything is fine. Only to have Khulekani pointing a gun into our heads "
Kk: "Why?"
Chris: "Because we are to blame for your wife's death"
Kk: "Aren't we past that?"

That was music into my ears. Emihle screamed and got on top of the counter. Khulekani took her down.
Kk: "You need to stop acting like a headless chicken."
Emihle: "Can't a girl be happy when mission is accomplished?" 
Me: "So... Christian Dube. What is bothering you."
Chris: "I have somewhere to go to. I'll call you"
Me: "I don't have a phone"
Kk: "And he calls himself a business man. Emihle do that thing on WhatsApp"
Me: "A group Khulekani"

Emihle went to hug Chris. Tyler followed. Kk and I looked at each other. 
Kk: "Am not doing it"
Me: "You might as well" 
Kk: "You go first"
Me: "You always claim to be older so elders first"
Kk: "No you-"

Chris: "Just come already" 
Kk: "This stuff is for women"

We dragged our big asses to the group hug. Emihle was in the center like a little puppy that she is. 
Emihle: "I love you guys." 
"We love you too" we all said in unison.

Does it get better than this?

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