Chapter Six



Our stay in Durban was shortened. Thanks to whomever tried to steal me. I was just glad that they stole a wrong person. Imagine being without my brothers I'd die. I live to annoy them. I know they lowkey wish I wasn't their sister but they won't admit. They hired bodyguards for me. Extreme I know🙄. They even get to restrooms first checking the coast before I go in. We spent the Saturday riding back to Jo'burg. On Sunday we lazed around the house. Quinton insisting on getting me bodyguards. When I went to mall in the noon. I went back home sooner than expected I hate it when people look at me like am one of those rich kids. Bodyguards were just too much. So today was Monday. Varsity for me and Work for the brothers. I wore my one shoe and limped to my ringing phone. Oh Tyler! I huffed annoyed. 
Me: "What?" I was seriously irritated. He had to fetch me yesterday but nope. 
Tyler: "Morning babe. And yes I know you're mad at me but man. I was still wrapping my head around everything that's happening"
Me: "We could've wrapped them together you know" I said teasing him. 
Tyler: "Yeah right. So we good?"
Me: "Are we? Let me think... No Tyler Inathi Dube. You owe me"
Tyler: "Name your price"
Me: "You owe me a favor but let's stomp on it for now"
Tyler: "Whatever. Bye"

I threw the phone on the bed and looked for the other shoe. My shoes aren't the best of friends they're always hiding somewhere. I couldn't find the other one. I sighed and wore the closest pair. I'd tell you my problem but you'll say am spoiled which is true but don't appreciate it when people say it loud. I texted Nkule my best friend to get ready. Her car had a problem so I was gonna be her lift lady until it got fixed.

I found Bhut Khule drinking coffee. 
Me: "Morning baba Mbuyazi" he smiled amused. 
Kk: "You miss him so much?" 
Me: "A lot. Don't get me wrong you're doing a great job as a parent but I just wish they were still here" I said taking a big chunk of my sandwich.
Kk: "I know. Me too. Am sorry about what happened in Durban" I looked at him his eyes were so intense 
Me: "No its okay. Are we danger?"
Kk: "No I mean even if we are. Nothing is gonna happen to you." He said with so much assurance.
Me: "Let me get going"

I kissed his cheek and walked out. My car was already waiting for me He's so sweet. He knows how much I hate taking the car out of the garage.

I drove out of the yard with the BGs driving behind me. I don't know if I could get used to it.


When I arrived from Durban I found my house as cold as a deep freezer. There were bottles of Heineken in the bin. And an ashtray on top of the dressing table in the main bedroom which is our bedroom. I felt the sudden emotionless vibe. I didn't know to feel about this whole thing at the point. I wished to say Quinton was trying to get at me by saying she's cheating but it turned out to be true because I could smell a different cologne. I used the guestroom. The house didn't feel homely it felt like I didn't belong like I belonged somewhere else.

So today I woke up and prayed as usual. I woke up a bit late than the usual. I glanced at the watch. I had to meet with my lawyer in an hour. I freshened up and wore formal. I left the house and headed to the firm. I was 5 minutes early.

"Mr Khali is asking you in"
Me: "Thank you" I headed inside and closed the door behind him. 
Muzi: "You may take a seat" he said gesturing for me to sit down.
Me: "Thank you"
He sighed.
Muzi: "This divorce is gonna be a very ugly one"
Me: "Tell me something I don't know"
Muzi: "Your brother was here" 
Me: "Quinton?"
He nodded. 
Me: "And?"
Muzi: "He threatened me to give him information about everything" ugh this mental disturbed pig!
Me: "Am sorry. I'll talk to him."
Muzi: "Have you thought of signing your possessions to anyone of your family members?"
Me: "I couldn't"
Muzi: "Why is it so?"
Me: "See when my brothers and I fought I disbrothered them"
He chuckled. 
Muzi: "Is there even such a word. What about your little sister?"

Emihle! Why didn't I think of it sooner. 
Me: "So everything that I had before we married isn't hers?"
Muzi: "It is. As long as it is under you. That woman is out for blood Dube. She wants you left with only that 4 room house and a cresida"

I sighed. 
Me: "I'll have a word with my brothers."
Muzi: "Make it quick. Her lawyer is dangerous"
Me: "You kidding me!"
Muzi: "Well I can take him down but he's good at taking away everything"
Me: "You not making this any easy. I'll see you around"

We shook hands and I left.


"You get on top tonight am on the bottom 
cause we trading places. 
Now put it on me 'till I say oweee! 
And tell me to shut before the neighbours hear me. This is what we do when we do it like me. Trading places..."

Usher's song filled the room in full blast. My phone rang.
Me: "Hey baby"
Kim: "Open up"
Me: "Just a second"

I pressed the remote control and went back to my pots. The door opened. She looked as beautiful as ever. Damn! 
I hugged and kissed her cherry lips.
Kim: "I couldn't sleep a wink after you told me you were back"
Me: "I know babe I know."
Kim: "Are you making breakfast?"
Me: "Yep. Take a seat"

I dished up for us and sat down. 
Kim: "This is fantastic babe. Thank you"
Me: "Anything for you my love"
Kim: "I think I made a wrong impression to your family that day. Maybe I should meet them again"

What?😳 I choked on tea. She rushed to me.
Kim: "Oh Honey are you okay" she said brushing my back and gave me water.

Oh thank you Kim for almost murdering me! Why would she want to meet my family. 
Me: "Thank you"
Kim: "Invite them over I'll cook."
Me: "Babe look I.."
Kim: "Don't worry hun I can cook. Do you have oxtail? Mmmh but they seem like African men I'll prepare dumblings and tribe. Is it fine"
Me: "I think we're-"
Kim: "You're sweating. I'll make sure I put a very long beautiful dress and a head wrap"

She kissed me and took her bag.
Kim: "Am going out shopping "

Sigh! Why is she complicating my life. My family has no idea on how to be nice in irritating moments. And besides I wasn't ready to introduce anyone to my family and I DON'T WANNA GET MARRIED! 
introducing someone means to have future plans with them. Don't get me wrong I liked Kim I liked Kim she was strong and very beautiful her hips ass and those beautiful long sexy legs. Meeting my family would mean we're making things official which is nowhere near to my plans. I got off the chair and we to shower. I needed to speak to Quinton he'll know what to do.

I drove this his workplace. I greeted the receptionist. She confirmed that he's in. I begged the Khethiwe lady to let me in.
Khethiwe: "Mr Dube doesn't appreciate unexpected visits"
Me: "Am his brother and its urgent"
Khethiwe: "Why didn't you call him?"
Me: "Why are you depriving me of my brother Lady?"
Khethiwe: "I have a name"
Me: "So? Just call him and tell him am here to see him"
Khethiwe: "Why don't you call him since he's your brother" 
Me: "Fuck you."
Khethiwe: "Oh? Fuck you too Mr"

Why is she challenging me. 
Me: "Khethiwe I just want to spea- oh thank God. where'd you get this moron of a lady" I said when I saw Quinton. He grabbed my hand and pulled me into his office. I closed the door behind us. 
Me: "Where'd you get that woman?"
Quinton: "She's a child. And why are you guys fighting"
Me: "She wouldn't let me see you"
Quinton: "I could hear you from down the hallway. You're also a blabber mouth as her" I scoffed 
Me: "Oh please. So look man... I mean Quinton. Kim wants to meet y'all"
Quinton: "Who is 'y'all'?"
Me: "Sorry you guys"
Quinton: "When?"
Me: "Tonight maybe? Are you not swamped."
Quinton: "Fortunately I am not. Don't know about your brothers though."
Me: "Please tell them"
Quinton: "Okay go now I have to rush my next meeting"

I followed him out. 
Me: "Bye Makhethi"
Khethiwe: "Mr Dube senior I'll kill your brother"

Quinton chuckled and we parted ways.


At a press conference. The journalists came in numbers. Glade walked to Khulekani's office. 
Glade: "Are you ready Sir?"
Khulekani: "Yes. I'll be there shortly"
Glade: "Ok"

She went out and assured them that he'll be with them shortly. Cameras flashed at him as soon as he he made his way. His presence changed the whole aura in the room. The room went dead quiet when he stood before them. He wore his nerds which added the spice to his spicy self. Ladies were distracted by his perfection. Glade stood tiny next to his tall and buff self. 
Khulekani: "Good morning. I am Khulekani Dube. Share holder of Dube construction. As you all know that one of our employees is making it to the most front pages about his ill-mannered self. As a company we do not condone what he did therefore we've taken a decision to cut him off as one of us. The Dube constructions is 100% behind the victims and we're offering them psychologists they went through a very traumatic experience. We'll make sure that Sbusiso Mkhwanazi gets what he deserves. Thank you"

He walked away. He loosened his tie as soon as he got into his office. He hates crowds. His phone rang 
Kk: "Quinton"
Quinton: "You nailed it! Were there hot ladies?"
Kk: "How would I know? And thank you"
Quinton: "I've knew you were gay"
Kk: "You're crossing boundaries now Dube" they laughed..
Quinton: "Tyler invited us for dinner"
Kk: "I am flying to the cape tonight"
Quinton: "Come on. Don't let him down"
Kk: "OK I'll reschedule"
Quinton: "OK be nice when we get there"
Kk: "Am always nice. Bye Quinton I have a meeting"
Quinton: "Be nice."

19:50 at Tyler's place.
Kim was wrapping a doek. She was a bit nervous. Tyler peeped his head in. 
Tyler: "They're here"
Kim: "Am coming"

Tyler went back to his brothers. 
Tyler: "She's coming"
Kk: "Is it that coconut?" Quinton eyed him.
Tyler: "Be nice please"

Emihle: "Do it for us"
Kk: "I would like to know why you are making me a bad person"
Emihle: "And try to smile"
Kk: "OK"
Tyler: "Smile"
Kk: "I'll smile when she finally decide to come down"

She came down and greeted them. Khulekani looked deeply at her. 
Kk: "Where are you from?"
His siblings looked at him in disbelief. 
Emihle: "Hi Kimberly am Emihle." She extended her hand to shake hands. 
Q: "Am Quinton"
Chris: "Chris"

They all looked at Khulekani. 
Kk: "Shall we make this quick?"
Kim: "Well Am Kimberly Rose. Am colored but I speak Zulu very fluently"
Chris Q&Emi: "Nice to meet you"
Quinton: "Again." They laughed. 
Kim: "Let's eat. Shall we?"

Kk had not taken his eyes off Kim. Kim dished up Chicken for herself.
Kk: "Don't eat"
Emi: "But I..." She stopped and nodded when she saw her brother's blood shot eyes. 
Kk: "We'd also like chicken"
Kim: "Uhm...I made enough for 4 people."
Kk: "Why? I will not let my siblings consume so much fat its late for eating mogodu"
Tyler: "Why are you doing this?"

Kk: "Shut up" Tyler stood up furiously and charged towards Khulekani. Quinton stopped him.
Quinton: "Kim. Emi go upstairs." They rushed up. Tyler was breathing heavily.
Quinton: "Don't be stupid now. Fighting in front of a guest"
Kk: "Am not fighting anybody something is off about this woman"
Tyler: "You always have something to say!" He said angrily
Kk: "When you get into trouble with her. Don't contact me. Take this meat and feed it to the dogs and don't let pussy control your guts"

Chris wished to agree with him. Something about her was unsettling. 
Kk: "Tell Emi I left"

He grabbed his keys and left.

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