Chapter One

"Nkanyiso Hadebe was found dead in the bushes next to Khayelihle construction company. The police are still investigating what could've led to..." The television went off. Bonga blankly stared at his father. Quinton shrugged his shoulders and sat down.
Bonga: You killed him didn't you?
Quinton: Why would you ask me such a personal question?
Bonga: Baba. You can not go around killing people like it is nothing.
Quinton: So what do you suggest I do to people who steal from me? Let them leave to tell a tale?

He chuckled at the thought of it. Please tell Sarah am back and ready for the mutton and dumplings she promised.
Bonga: She's left.
Quinton: Then tell Rose to dish up for me 
Bonga: There's no maid in this house. You sent them emails telling them to leave early is old age already kicking in?
Quinton: I did?

The intercom rang. Bonga went to pick up the phone. 
Bonga: Yes... What!
Quinton walked to the phone.
Quinton: Scelo
Scelo: Uhm Sir there are men here with big guns they're asking for a pass through
Quinton: Let them in.
Scelo: I don't think you can hear me. They're armed.
Quinton: Let them in Scelo. And stop shaking like a little bitch.

He turned to Bonga.
Quinton: I'd appreciate it you became scarce 
Bonga: That's a very polite get out of here I've ever heard.
Quinton: OK now move it.

He settled on the sofa. Two broad dark men made their entrance. Stepping clumsy on his wooden floor that he steps on as though he's scared of breaking it. He looked at their feet disgustingly.
Quinton: My dearest friend Motto Motto. You walk around with guards now.

The men paved a way between them for Motto Motto to pass. 
He unbuttoned his jacket.
Motto: Can I sit down?
Quinton: Of course you can take a seat.
Motto: I know you killed that boy.
Quinton: Of course you do.
Motto: And I understand. But why the fuck would you dump his dead body next to my working place.
Quinton: Have the police started with investigation? I just thought it'd be fun am sorry.

He smirked.
Motto: You know I can end that fucking smirk with just one bullet through that empty skull 
Quinton: Empty? No its not. It has all the process of bringing you down along with your goons. Would you guys stop pointing those things on me please.

He stood up and poured them whiskey. He settled for a cider from his bar fridge that only accommodates his ciders. 
Motto: Dube I didnt come here to have a drink with you. I want you to fix this mess before I lose my temper.
Quinton: Okay. So I guess this is it then. Stop messing with my maids and my accounts. Hack me all you want. Am clean.

He left them in the lounge and took a lift to the garage. He got on his vw. "Car of Leisure" he calls it. He reversed out of the garage. His phone rang.
Quinton: Baby.
Emihle: Hey love. Can I take you out?
Quinton: Under what circumstances?
Emihle: Am paying.
Quinton: I never thought I'd see the day.
Emihle: Okay. 19:30 I'll send you the address. Love you..
Quinton: o-kay. Love you More.

Scelo exhaled in relief when he saw his car coming.

Chris put his briefcase on the couch and threw himself on the other one. He was tired. He had to work his butt off to regain all that he had. His phone rang.
Chris: Emihle
Emihle: Hey my marshmallow. How are you?
Chris: Trying. How are you my love?
Emihle: Am okay just missing you. Date?
Chris: Baby this is not a good time I...
Emihle: 19:30 I'll send you the address. Love you.

She didn't even give him time to respond to that. But who was he to turn his only sister down. He dragged himself to the shower. Just when he got out Phumla got in looking all flashy. The tension filled the room.
Phumla: I had no idea I'd find you here. I wouldn't have came home early.
Chris: This is still my house you know.
Phumla: Yes whatever Chris.
Chris: Have you thought of our kids? 
Phumla: What kids Christian! They died! Dead! Stop guilt tripping me over unnecessary things. Don't ever use our children to make me feel guilty.
Chris: Why are you taking everything from me.
Phumla: Because you love your precious God more than me Chris. If he loves you the same he shall reinstall everything that you've lost.

Those word cut deep into Chris's heart. He asked her everyday why is she taking everything hoping her answer will change but no she added more to it. 
Chris: Don't regret this Phumla.
Phumla: I won't trust me. Once you stand in that pulpit you just become a little girl and whine. You gave the congregation the idea that we're getting divorced.
Chris: They're ought to find out anyway.
Phumla: Just move away from my way.

He took his car keys and left.

Quinton arrived at the restaurant that Emihle had sent him to. She had to choose this particular one because Khethelo works there or else she wouldn't have been able to drag her anti social brother out of his house. Quinton was impatient he took his phone out to call Emihle Chris walked in. Quinton frowned he sat at the far end. Emihle's phone rang unattended. He was pissed at his brother's presence. Emihle walked in spotted Quinton and smiled walking towards him. They hugged. 

Emihle: Have you ordered?
Quinton: Coming here was your idea.

Emihle looked around and spotted Chris. 
Emihle: I'll be back.

She walked to her brother and hugged him from behind. Chris startled.
Chris: Look at you
Emihle: All grown and all. Come join us.
Chris: With Who?
Emihle: Q. And please don't be a drama Queen. 
Chris: You planned this? 
Emihle: What? Oh no I wouldn't. I just spotted him when I came in.

She held her brother's hand and pulled him towards Quinton. Quinton stood up like lightning threatening to leave. 
Emihle: I'll go away and never find me.

Quinton stopped at the attempt of leaving.
Quinton: This will not work baby.
Emihle: It will I know.

Chris sat down so did Quinton. Tyler got in and took off his shades scanning the restaurant. His eyes met with Quinton's he frowned and walked towards them. 
Tyler: What kind of sick joke is this Emihle?
Emihle: This isn't a joke. Sit down.
Tyler: I'd rather die than to share a table with the Dube brothers
Emihle: Do you love me?
Tyler: Emi please
Emihle: I said. DO YOU LOVE ME!

She asked loudly. Tyler stared at her with so much anger 
Tyler: Why are you causing a scene?
Emihle: If you sit down I will stop.
Tyler: Am doing this for you 
Emihle: Of course.

She smiled and signaled for a waiter. 
Waiter: Good day. 
Emihle: Hi. I'd love sex on the beach.

Her brothers moved uneasy. The waiter had his eyes on Emihle who was all smiley at him. Quinton cleared his throat. 
Emihle: What will you guys have?
"Castle lite". Tyler and Quinton said in unison. 
Tyler rolled his eyes he's the drama Queen of the family. 
Chris: I'll have just juice orange juice.

The waiter excused himself. 
Emihle: So... Boys. 
Quinton: We're your brothers
Emihle: Okay brothers. KK is running late but that doesn't mean we can't wine and dine right. 

Quinton: Why didn't you order anything.
Tyler: Sex on the beach is a cocktail thank you
Quinton: Oh. 
Chris: They should find a more decent name.
Tyler: Not everyone thinks holy and innocently as you do.
Emihle: These menus won't read themselves gentlemen.

Khulekani walked in. Something inside Quinton cooled off. It felt good to see his significant other. He walked towards them. 
Khulekani: BoKhutshwayo (clan name)
Emihle: You made it.

She jumped into his arms. 
Khulekani: I wouldn't have turned you down on "our date"

She chuckled and sat down. Quinton kept stealing glances at his twin brother that he hadn't seen since the funeral of his wife. He felt ashamed of what had taken place in those days.
Emihle: We've ordered drinks. 
Khulekani: Where's the servants

Quinton chuckled. He realised his twin brother has not changed a bit.
Khulekani: Christian

Chris startled and spilled his juice on Quinton. 
Chris: Am sorry.
Quinton: What is going on with you?
Khulekani: Let's wine and dine. Then if you want to discuss serious issues we'll have to meet somewhere more private. Let's enjoy this moment.

Emihle smiled at her heart. The one she feared the most is the one trying to calm things down. His 3 brothers weren't so free around him. As for Quinton the events of that day got refreshed. They all wondered if Khulekani had forgiven them. He was too cool for their liking.

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