Chapter Nine



Khulekani watched her as he smiled alone satisfied with himself. She got in a taxi. He headed back to his car. He found Quinton fiddling on his phone. 
Quinton: "Next time remind me not to give away my car... No you didn't" he said as his eyes landed on the wing on Khulekanis' hand. 
Kk: "Why not? She can't throw away what I buy for her. She's wasting our money."
Q: "What if it was her last money. It's the 25th everyone working there is broke" 
Kk: "Its too teach her a lesson. I'll fet her some money"
Quinton: "You're really bad at this you know that."

They drove off.


I arrived at my place and opened the fridge. As dry as my ex's jokes. I drank water and sat down on my couch. That man is so cruel.

I must've fallen asleep cause I was woken up by my cellphone ringing.
Me: "Hey friend" 
Nkule: "Wake up wake up" I sat up. 
Me: "What do you want?"
Nkule: "I saw you with that man. Did he give you the phone back"
Me: "That low life thug. Nx can you believe he insisted I buy his hot wings cause I said I threw them away"

She was gasping for air laughing her flat ass out. What's funny about this cruelty. 
Me: "I used my last R50 Nkule am so hungry right now"
Nkule: "If you had been active and not mean to customers you'd have money"

Has she forgotten I borrowed her my tip that man left for me.
Me: "What about that R200 I borrowed you? I want it. Am starving"
Nkule: "You'll get it month end"
Me: "So in the mean time stop being mean to me"

A knock came through. 
Nkule: "That man is loaded"
Me: "He can be loaded all he wants but he has a filthy heart. My last R50. Ugh this door"

I was struggling to unlock. Finally it opened. I almost lost my last breath when I saw him standing there with Checkers plastic and nandos paper bag.

Him: "Are you going to let me in?"
Me: "Uhm...I...come in"

He looked at me I looked at him too.
Him: "Can I pass?"

Oh eish. I made a way for him to pass. I followed him leaving the door opened. He put the things on top of my tiny coffee table and sat down. 
Him: "I think you might like to close the door. There are dodgy boys standing on the staircase"

I swiftly turned to close and lock. My mind was in "Freeze" mode. I didn't know what to say nor do. Why was he here and how did he know where I live? I was just standing there looking at him. 
Him: "My friend owns a PI firm so I asked for some favors. If you were wondering how did I know where you live. 
Me: ......
Him: " Well I bought you food. My brother suggested you might be running out of groceries and that you bought your wings with your last money. I didn't think of it that way because I mean you threw away those I bought you so I assumed only filthy rich people do that "

Why is so comfortable in my couch! Oh thanks to his brother. He has a heart. 
Him: "Your staring is getting uncomfortable"

Oh. I finally gathered strength to lift my big eyes off him. I sat down on a chair.
Him: "I don't bite"
Me: "Of course you don't"

I was heating up. I've never been alone with a man in my flat. Let alone being with this stranger.
Him: "Are we gonna eat or we just gonna stare at each till we get married?"

I had this urge to laugh but I remained normal. 
Me: "I'll get the plates" I was too hungry to be rude. I rinsed the plates on my tiny sink at the far corner. It was a bachelor flat. Just an open space. The kitchen Lounge and bedroom in one space. There was a common bathroom that I hardly used. His eyes were wondering all around. I put them in front of him and sat down. 
Him: "Want me to dish up? Cause I will and you will eat only one piece"

Okay I laughed. He smiled he smiled! Even when he came to the restaurant he'd be straight face. Which woman in her rightful mind would give him her numbers. 
I put chicken in one plate and buns on the other. He took out orange juice and six pack of castle lite.
Him: "This is mine. You'll keep it safe in your fridge for when I come for sleepovers"

I chocked on my spit. He poured me juice I gulped it down. We ate in silence. He downed his can as if it was water. I cleaned and put the castle lite in the fridge I don't know what was through my head. He must've sprinkled some love portion in the food. I sat down. 
Him: "There's a braai pack in here" he pointed the checkers plastic that I was scared to take when I cleaned up. I felt embarrassed.
Me: "Thank you"
Him: "You're different from the woman that bought me wings earlier"

I laughed.
Me: "You ruined my day you know that. And your brother was right that was my last fifty"
Him: "Don't people tip you?"
Me: "They do but I always use it to pay off my debts"

Why am I telling all this!
Him: "Needn't worry now I'll take care of that"
Me: "No! I mean I can afford myself. See the R200 you tipped me with I landed it to my friend it'll come back as R300"
Him: "That was my brother"

Somebody please come and shoot my brains out.
Me: "Oh no. I have to apologize" 
I said holding my mouth.


If I had known she was such a blabbermouth I would've gave her the food and left. I was now on my 3rd can. She was telling me about her varsity days. 
Khethelo: "So one of the days life changed. I was done with varsity no job opportunities so I settled for Wimpy"
Me: "At least you're affording yourself. Someone else would've went a different route to make money" 
Khethelo: "Well I had a Blesser" I don't know why but I immediately got angry at that. 
Khethelo: "Then she died" she laughed. Her eyes lit up the whole room. I don't know why she laughed after saying that 
Me: "Why are you laughing of someone's death?"
Khethelo: "No am laughing at you. You should've seen your face when I said I had a Blesser"
Me: "You're exceptional"

She blushed.
Khethelo: "Stop" she laughed revealing her precious teeth. I don't have time for women. I never did. She gives me a kind of feeling my late wife used to give me. The feeling of being myself without any doubts. 
Khethelo: "Do you have a child?"

I sighed. I had to tell her she was going to be wife anyway. 
Me: "I did. My family was to blame for her mother's death so her mother's family took her away from me and deprived me access to her and the court favoured them. So yeah I did."

She had tears in her eyes. Okay that was a very awkward position for me. She was still seated on a chair. I'd be very awkward if I stood up from my couch to comfort her. 
Khethelo: "Am sorry. I know the pain of losing people who mean everything to you" there was so much pain in her voice.

Me: "Come here." I said patting next to me. She hesitated first but eventually gave in. 
Me: "Don't laugh am bad at this"

She laughed. 
Me: "Okay finish up so I can talk"
Khethelo: "Look at the time" I did
Me: "Okay?"
Khethelo: "You've been here since 7pm and its 1 in the morning I still don't know your name"
Me: "Really? Am Your Husband" 
She laughed. OK she loves laughing. 
Khethelo: "Okay then mine is your wife" she quickly looks away. 
Me: "You're right. You're my wife"
Her: "What if am married"
Me: "It'd be bad but since you not its a bonus" 
Her: "I think we should sleep... I mean I should sleep"
Me: "I had something to say before you got into my mouth."
Her: "Okay"
Me: "Firstly am scared of women I don't know how to approach them when I do I scare them off. But you there was something different about you. I was scared to approach you but not the usual scare. I sort of had butterflies. I like spur ribs but when I saw you that day. I knew from there and then that you were my wife. Well you might not know now but as time goes on Quinton will help me make you fall in love with me because am bad when it comes to women"

I couldn't tell what was going through her mind. She looked plain beautiful. She was completely different from all the days I've seen her. 
Me: "I'll see you tomorrow" I kissed her cheek. Quinton told me women loved it when I first had my first girlfriend...

I tried opening her stubborn door. She giggled I turned to look at her.


Kk: "Are you gonna help me open this door?" 
She giggled walking towards him. She attempted unlocking but the key broke. 
She panicked. 
Kk: "I'll sleep here. Thank you mother nature" he said dramatically putting his arms up.
Khethelo: "You sure?"
Kk: "Do you have a better idea of getting me out of here?"
Khethelo: "I guess not"

They headed to the bed. Khethelo gave him a fleece and a pillow. 
Kk: "What to do with these?"
Khethelo: "Aren't you sleeping on the couch?"
Kk: "No I'll sleep here on the bed"

She was defeated. Her mouth was hanging open. 
Kk: "We'll both sleep here on the bed cuddling."

She wished she didn't find him so attractive. She wished to feel his body against hers. 
Kk: "It'd be great if you stopped staring at my stomach"

She was drooling unaware. He took off his clothes and carefully placed them on a chair. He was left with his boxers on. He got inside covers leaving Khethelo standing like a statue next to the bed. He peeled off the blanket for her to come in. She climbed on and slept as far as possible from him. 
Kk: "So aren't we cuddling?"
Khethelo: "We will next time" 
Kk: "OK"

She was mad at herself for not being able to resist the electricity that drew her close to him. He was fast asleep. She was just admiring him. She battled if she could tell him she's always been attracted to his sour ass from the day he asked for their manager when she gave him a wrong order. She just forgot about her crazy mind and snuggled in his arms. He held her even closer and kissed the top of her head. She giggled because she thought he was asleep. She couldn't sleep her body was reacting to all this cuddling.

She slowly went to his level and planted a soft kiss on his lips. He slowly opened his eyes. He smiled. 
Kk: "Why are you stealing my kiss?" He asked in a sleepy voice that sent hazards to her sensitive places.
 She smiled shyly. He smashed his lips against hers.

She voluntarily laid on her back. He climbed on top of her the kiss went hotter each second passing. Her hands were running all over his big body. He firmly squeezed her boobie s moan escaped her mouth. He planted a soft kiss on her neck. His hand went all the way down to her castle. 
Kk: "Can I?"

He said in a whisper. She just nodded quickly. He was doing things to her foreign things. Her legs were trembling as he took off the pyjama short along with the underwear. He set her legs apart she had not stopped trembling. He planted soft kisses on either sides of her thighs. She couldn't help the tsunami taking place in her castle. He travelled his tongue from the entrance up to the clit. He sucked on the clitorios. Khethelo was cursing under her breath she's never felt this before. She felt a wave building up as he fingered her slowly very passionate. Her toes curled as she grabbed the the sheet tighter.
Khethelo: "Fuck" 
She felt her juices heat her nuna up. He stood up to get a tissue and wiped her clean. She was so embarrassed yet so happy. He kissed her lips and laid down opening his arms. 
Khethelo: "What are you doing?"
Khulekani: "Am sleeping"
Khethelo: "So am gonna beg for service when we're married?"

He chuckled and started kissing her again.


His kiss was so passionate. I was taking a risk by asking for me. But I there was something about him that was so irresistible. Don't judge me. This man was doing things to me.

I didn't even notice when he took his boxers off. I could feel his hard rock shaft poking my fruit making me lose my mind. Trust me I am not loose. He kept on kissing me. 
Him: "Are you sure?"
I nodded.
Him: "I want to hear you say it MaMnguni"

Nigga just fuck me already! 
Me: "Am sure" I said in a little whisper I didn't have time for small talk I wanted that monster dick inside me. 
He pushed it in. I moaned in pain he tried again I flinched in pain and no I wasn't virgin. I broke it a year ago and that was the last of it. He got a scholarship overseas so I gave him my pureness as goodbye thinking he'd come back for me. Only to see his wedding pictured 6 months later. I had vowed to never entertain a man but this man who was now on top of me trying to make a way into my soul I could never tell what happened for me to be this defeated.

On the 4th attempt he got in I gasped. He slowly pushed in and out. The pleasure that came with those slowly thrusts!
He increased his pace so did my moaning. He went even harder. If knew his name I'd be screaming.

Him: "Are you gonna be my wife?" He said while pounding me even deeper. I was unable to talk it was just too much.
Me: "ahh... Ye...s. Yes baby" I said between the moans. 
Him: "What's my name?" What's his name? Oh my God I was having sex with someone I didn't even know a name of.
Me: "You...mmmh... You never told me"

He went even deeper. I was moaning like a sick puppy.
Him: "I told you the day we first met"
Me: "Don't do this to me baby please"

I wanted to cry he was too good at this. I started shaking. He went harder and harder he had no mercy.
Him: "You still don't remember?" No somebody needed to stop him really.

The wave formed again. He was fucking me mercilessly. I dug my nails deeper in his back. 
Me: "Ahhh Fuck...Khulekani!"

I said as I released. He held me too tight. He growled. And then collapsed on top of me.

After some time he got off and took the toilet paper to clean us up. He faced the ceiling and brought me to his chest. 
Khule: "Thank you. You won't regret this I promise" he sounded do sincere.
I wanted to respond but the urge to sleep was too much so I just kissed his chest and drifted to my beautiful sleep.

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