Chapter Five



We arrived in a city of love. Well am saying that because I had a feeling that my Mr right was tucked somewhere here. Getting off the plane no one was talking to anyone. I was admiring the place my brothers headed straight to the different cars. They like acting like the Royal family. My baby girl charged to us yellow as ever. Quinton stopped and walked to me.
Q: "You driving that?"
Me: "Yes." 
Q: "Go get in the car"
Me: "But I have paid deposit bhuti" I said shaking myself stomping my feet 
Q: "I don't care. Get in the car"

The Avis guy jumped out of the car and came to us. 
Him: "Miss Dube?"
Q: "Take it back" the poor guy startled. Do they always have to scare people🙄
Me: "Am sorry but my brother don't think its a good idea for me to drive on my own at night. I'll fetch it tomorrow"
Him: "You can ride with me"
Q: "No."
Me: "Am sorry for wasting your time"
Q: "Its his job. My guy am sorry okay" he fist bumped him and pulled me to the land Rover. A black one. I hate black cars. 
Kk: "Where'd you book?"
Me: "You said nothing too eye catching so I went for Hilton hotel."
Tyler: "Boom! Its in the city center"
Chris: "As long as the beach near"
Tyler: "Yes we'll go swimming first thing in the morning as a family"


I felt my insides knotting my whole body heated up. My greatest fear is an ocean. I hate the sea. I would rather die than to step on it's sand. Only I knows about my phobia. 
Me: "I will not be available. I am tired I need to rest enough"
Emihle: "I was thinking Shaka Marine in the noon"
Tyler: "That place is pure bliss."
Q: "Y'all can go do your kiddies stuff. K and I will go for casino" sometimes I forget why I love him... Never mind that. Well he's the only one who forces my sweetie pie side to rise up. The past two years were torture having lost my wife the woman I've ever loved and losing him too in the process. But no matter how much pain I was feeling I never hated him. When my wife died a part of me died with her. I was angry at Quinton. We were both thugs but he was the thoughtless one. When our father told us his last wish which was for us to stop living an illegal life. I fought hard to quit it which was for us to stop living an illegal life. I fought hard to quit it Q never listens to anyone but he settled down those months. After the parents died he began from A. I put the blame on them because if they had played their cards good my wife wouldn't have fallen a victim. 
Emihle: "This is a family trip. Everything we do we supposed to do it together"
Q: "Even dates? Come on."
Me: "Am not available when you go to the beach"
Emihle: "No work please"
Tyler: "You saying that to the tycoons of SA? Shame"

I don't know how come he's so childish. He has no care in the world. I was mad at him but I always made sure he's good. Keeping tabs on them was hard but I pulled it. They were still my younger brothers and I loved them. Look at me admiring my brothers like a little retard. 
Emihle: "Seriously broes no work"
Q: "Aren't you guys hungry?"
Me: "Just buy them food"
Emihle: "Can you stop being like this? Just for this weekend."
Q: "Let him be and see if he'll get to marry Khethelo"
Me: "I said do not talk about my wife"

They laughed. They'd be disappointed the day I bring her home. We checked in and went to our separate rooms. I threw the bag on the floor and got inside covers.


Emihle knocked room to room waking her brothers us. Quinton is very grumpy when disturbed on his "beauty sleep".
They all gathered in Chris's room and ordered breakfast. 
Quinton: " Emihle we slept ngo half past 1 and its 8 o'clock you're already shaking us to death" he complained rubbing his eyes.
Emihle: "We have Shaka marine to go to remember?"
Kk: "Those things are for kids. We'll be at the casino while you guys have fun"
Chris: "Why do you always have to treat us like kids?" He said annoyed. 
Kk: "Then come with us to the casino"
Chris: "No. We're going to uShaka Marine then to your casino. You might be old but that doesn't mean everything you say goes. You're a boss at work not to us"

"ROOM SERVICE" the lady responded after being asked who is it. She pushed her trolley in. Served them their food and went out. 
They ate in silence. Tyler and Emihle were still in shock by Chris's statement. Only the cutlery was making noise. Quinton's phone rang he stood up to answer it.
Khulekani: "No answering phone calls we're eating"
Quinton: "Hhai Khulekani. Don't take your frustrations on me."
Khulekani: "Am serious Quinton"
Quinton: "If I don't answer my call are you going to the shaka marine?"

He furiously got up.
Khulekani: "Why the hell are you forcing me to go where I don't want to go to? If you love that marine fuck so much then go and leave me the hell alone or we gonna have a problem" he said with his big angry deep voice. He stormed out.
Quinton: "And then?"

They all shrugged and continued eating while Quinton flirted on his phone.


I took a shower after our very weird breakfast. I couldn't get why Khulekani was so complicated. Yes we wronged about what happened to his wife but how long do we have to walk on eggshells around him. Quintons' words rang in my head again as the water hit my bare skin. He was right she took advantage of my kind heart. She made me think she loved me. I remember how much she assured me every single time. Only now I've realized that it was all too good to be true. That's no way one could be this heartless towards the one they have once claimed to love. My father's company. My mother's jet she trusted me with it. She signed it over to me because she trusted me with my decisions. She knew it was in safe hands because my brothers had no time for family at that time and Tyler was still young to understand the family business and besides he's careless. Had it been given to him it'd be a sex club as we speak. How could I be so stupid! I let love sacrifice my family's legacy. I groaned and punched the wall countless times.

Me: "Lord forgive me but I'll kill that woman with both my hands if she ever tries getting close to my familys' possessions"

I said looking up. I wrapped a bandage around my hand after finishing bathing. I dressed up and went to Emi's room. She was nowhere near ready. Women!

I went Khulekanis' we needed to have a word or to. I knocked but he did not respond. I pushed the door open. The water was running in the shower but he was talking to someone and my name kept popping up. I walked to the see who is it. 
Q: "Chris won't be able handle it"
Kk: "He might be a pastor but there's a beast in him"
Q: "It better unleash cause he's in deep shit"
Kk: "I wonder how he'll take it."
Q: "he'll be broken. Imagine loving someone. Trusting them and they do you like this. Women are full of shit"

Kk: "What if Phumla genuinely loved Chris?" Quinton laughed. 
Q: "Have you lost your mind?"
Kk: "Think about it. Motto Motto is using Phumla to get to us"
Q: "Of course. I'll kill her. A slow painful death"

I opened the door. They looked at me not shocked at all. I grabbed Quinton by his collar 
Me: "Dare touch her I say dare touch her you and I will be sworn enemies!" I roughly let go of him.
Me: "Why are you even keeping tabs on her?"
Quinton: "Because she's fucking with our enemy! Why are you so stupid!" He said fixing himself.

Kk left us there in the bathroom arguing. 
Me: "Stay away from my wife" he chuckled in disbelief.
 Quinton: "You're bewitched. She fed u a full panty I swear. Move out of my way"

He walked out leaving kicking the toilet sit. I needed to think. How could I have been so blind. I should've known. She was leaving me for somebody else. Somebody who doesn't love her but only the benefits. I walked past the twins. I took the lift Down Tyler got in running 
Me: "Are you chased by the ghost?"
Tyler: "Go back. They're here" he said panting also pushing me back to the lift. 
Me: "What's going on?"
Tyler: "They almost shot me" he said shaking. I balanced him. I was terrified.
Tyler: "Where's Emi?"
Me: "In her room. Who tried to shoot you?"
Tyler: "How the hell do I know dude?"

We got off on our floor. I stormed to Khulekanis' room.


Their eyes landed on Tyler who looked terrified and was sweating. 
Quinton: "What's going on"
Tyler: "Why are you putting our lives in danger Quinton?"
Quinton: "What are you-" his phone rang.


Me: "Charles"
Charles: "Sir please get out of that hotel immediately" he said panting.
Me: "Are you running?" 
Charles: "Yes. Please get out of there now. Oh shit they've got-"

I dropped the call. I ran out to Emihle's room. The door was open. My heart came out of it's cage. I took out my gun and walked in.
Me: "Emihle! Emi!"

The were trails of blood on the floor. 
Me: "Fuck! Fuck fuck"

I shot at nothing. Chris ran in followed by Kk.
Kk: "Where is she?" I stepped back the look on his eyes was deadly. He slowly got closer to me.
Kk: "What have you done Quinton?" He's said calmly but getting closer.
Me: "Chris Tyler. Run"
Tyler: "What? Why?"
Chris: "We'll not leave you here. Let's go"
Me: "Run dammit!"

Kk: "What the hell have you done!"
Me: "Nothing. I swear to God I done nothing. "
Kk: "You know you'll die if you don't find her."

"Baam! Baam! Baam!"

Kk: "Get down!"

We crawled to hide behind the couch. 
Me: "Fuck!" I cursed under my breath
Kk: "How many bullets are there?" He said whispering.
Me: "6"
Kk: "Give it here"

Me: "For real?"
Kk: "Bring the fucken gun you fool!"

The shooting was still going on. 
Kk: "Lie down"

I did as instructed. He fired the shots. Finally my ears rejoiced at the silence. 
Kk: "Get up"

I followed him out jumping the four dead men at the door. 
I turned.
Me: "Charles. What the fuck man"
Charles: "Hadde grootman they took me by surprise."
Me: "Where the did they take Emi?"
Charles: "My guys are on it. Grootman" he said greeting Kk who just blatantly ignored him. We were now at the parking lot. The yellow car as Emi's approached us. It parked a 4 cars away from us. Emi came out. She jogged to us.

Emi: "If we charged people for staring I'd charge y'all a million each. Hi Crush."
Me: "Where the hell have you been!"
Kk: "Do you know how worried we were. Fuck Emihle you can't just wander off like that."
Emi: "Am sorry. Aibo what's up with you guys."

I just hugged her so dearly. I don't know what I'd if anything were to happen to her. Khulekani joined the hug.

Emi: "Am really sorry." She said. On our way to wherever the road was leading us
Me: "Just don't ever do it again okay."

I kisses her cheek and let her rest her big head on my arm.

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