Chapter Eight


It had been two days since Khethelo received her generous gifts. Unfortunately KK had not shown up since then. It was Friday. She hoped he would show up and she'd give him his things back.


I had just left work. I went to Khulekani's. He was swamped so I just went to his Wimpy to enjoy the ribs. Hopefully to see my future sisters in-law too. I sat down and got busy on my cellphone helping Emi shop. Don't even ask me about it am literally her skivvy when she's out shopping. I startled when a plate full of ribs and onion rings and a can of castle lite placed in front of me unpleasantly. 
I look up there she stood looking rather pissed or whatever that emotion is. But she wasn't happy at all I could tell by her heavy breathing. She had a gift back on her hands. What's her name again? Oh thanks to the name tag. Its Zekhethelo. My brothers flower. I love her already. I smile. She frowns and sigh.
Khethelo: "I don't know and don't care what you think of me but am not a gold digger OK"

What? My smiles fades away
Khethelo: "And when I said wings I meant men not real wings. Oh my gosh you so stupid. And take this phone I am perfectly fine with my J1 ace. Flashing money on my face will not make me have interest in you"

I was tongue tied. 
Khethelo: "Oh the cat got your tongue now? Just leave the bill on your way out. Blesser!"

She put the gift bag on the table and left. I wish she was making sense. Curiosity got better of me I opened it up. Khulekani Dube. I chuckled just like him. Control freak. Why would he buy her a cellphone. I ate my ribs that I did not even order gulped down the lite and left the bill on the table and tipped her. I walked out with my gift bag. I drove to airport to fetch Sbonga.

My palms were sweaty. The fan wasn't helping at this case. That car had been following me since from the mall. I tried speeding up but it would too. I didn't want to call any of my brothers. I could be imagining thinks for all I know. I regretted dodging the body guards. I parked in front of McD that was packed. Whoever that is wasn't gonna kill me in such a crowd. It was sort of a function. I mixed myself with the guests.

After what felt like good 30 minutes. I walked to my car. I almost shit my pants when I saw that the car parked next to mine was the one that was following me. I slowly got in my car and said a little prayer. 
I startled at the knock on my window. What does he wants. I pressed the button then it rolled open.
Guy: "Hi"
I swallowed the huge lump on my throat.
Me: "Uhm Hi"
Guy: "Can I please talk to you? Been chasing you from mall."
Me: "What?" I said in disbelief. 
Guy: "You drive quite fast can't say am not impressed" He said with a smirk.

I pushed my door open. 
Me: "You think this is funny? Do you know how terrified I was. What if I had drove even faster and my car lost control and I crashed with a truck and died right there on the spot?" I barked at him. He's too handsome to be this stupid. I'd expected someone this hot to be mature not this childish bold eyes standing in front of me. Why am I even complimenting a stranger that almost sent me to ER. Sigh. He was just looking at me rather confused.
Me: "Don't ever do that again."

I got in my car and started the engine. I sighed in relief. Had I have called my brothers he'd be dead by now. He was still standing there looking at me. 
Him: "Am sorry. Can I take you out for ice cream?"
Me: "I can take myself out for my own ice cream thanks."

My window rolled up after I pressed the button like the fucking queen that I am. I drove off.

When I was approaching my house. I noticed his car. He gotta be kidding me! I braked. He stopped behind me

he wasn't coming out of his car. I started my engine again and sped off. He did the same. Jerk! I stopped 2 houses away from mine and got off and charged towards him. He smiled when I signaled him to roll down the window. He did. 
Me: "Why are you still following me?"
Guy: "I didn't get your name"
Me: "You followed me all the way here just to know my name.?" I said annoyed.
Guy: "If you wanna give me your Number as a bonus then its fine I won't stand in your way"
Me: "Am Emihle Imizamo Dube. Young sister of a very dangerous 4 men who'd shoot any man getting on funny business with their sister"
Guy: "Am Jason. And I think am ready to be shot by your 4 dangerous brothers because I wanna get on funny business with you." I was defeated. He was just to beautiful. 
Me: "You're so good with words"
Jay: "Oh so you impressed. You even smiling. So am I getting that number?"
Me: "I'll go take my phone"

I went to my car. Got in. And sped off. I pressed the remote and drove in. There was Quinton's car. I was impressed by myself. I don't entertain men. The last time I had a boyfriend he cheated on me. 3 days after he was found unconscious in room at res and stayed in coma for 6 months and it was written "Dube Brothers" all over it.

I took my shopping bags and headed inside. I found Tyler. 
Me: "Are you driving Q's car?"
Tyler: "Hello to you too MaNgcobo" well they called me by mom's name because they say I look like her. Which is true she birthed herself unlike my brothers they were as dark as father. Only Tyler took mom's complexion but he stil looked like father. 
Me: "Did you Cook?"
Tyler: "No I brought Kim's tribe" we rolled I'm laughter.
Me: "Your brother though"
Tyler: "Kim even dumped me. He has to find me a girlfriend"
Me: "What happened to Pearl?"
Tyler: "She disappeared"
Me: "Cindy? Lydia? Zama? Enhle?"
Tyler: "Just stop already. I don't know where they went" I laughed. 
Me: "Maybe you should settle down"
Tyler: "I could never even if I tried."
Me: "Come on you're 5 years away from thirsty"
Tyler: "Exactly! I should enjoy life before am fully an adult" 
Me: "What tf do you mean. You're an adult"
Tyler: "A young adult"
Me: "I can't listen to this any minute longer"

I took my bags and we upstairs.


Quinton greeted Glade and walked in.
Kk: "I know you can't stay away from me but this is too much" he said packing his laptop. 
Q: "Trust me I wasn't coming back here until your wife thought I was you" he gave him the gift bag.
Kk: "She brought them back?"
Q: "Why were you thinking?"
Kk: "She said she doesn't have a phone when I asked for her phone number" 
Quinton laughed. 
Q: "She was turning you down"
Kk: "Well she can succeed with that. She's wasting my time"
Q: "she thinks you think she's a gold digger"
Kk: "So many thinks in one sentence"
Q: "Don't take your frustrations out on me."
Kk: "Where are the wings?"
Q: "What wings?"
Kk: "she ate them" he smiled. 
Q: "Come on! You look stupid when smiling. And she said you're stupid"
Kk: "She was saying that to you"
Q: "But directed to you"
Kk: "Lets go"

Wimpy is a few meters away from the Dube Construction city offices. God worked in KK's favor. He spotted her coming out with her bag. He pulled up where she was standing ready to cross. And got off. She sighed. 
He stood next to her with hands in his pocket. 
Kk: "Where are my wings?"
Khethelo: "I threw them away"
Kk: "I want them. You throw away my hard earned money? I want them"
Khethelo: "I did not ask you to buy me wings."
Kk: "You brought the phone back right? I want them too. That phone had a partner the hot wings. So its so disrespectful of you to bring back only the phone"


I couldn't believe him! He's able to buy a phone but cries over R55. Ugh. 
Me: "I'll buy them" I said annoyed. He still stood there. Finally the robot opened and I paced away from him. He followed me. Shoot me!
Him: "When?" I stopped and turned to look at him.
Me: "When I get paid!" I said loudly. 
Him: "I did not give my hot wings you got paid" he said calmly. Why is he like this! I hate Nkule for making me eat those freaking cursed wings. 
Him: "So. There is KFC are you buying them" I walked towards KFC. I fall the line I used my last R50. So I was gonna go to bed hungry. He was seated on the bar chair near the entrance talking to s toddler. He stood up when I stood next to him handing him his filthy wings. 
Him: "Are they dunked?"
Me: "Yes. Now I'd appreciate it if we never cross paths and you don't keep showing your ugly face 10 times a day" I walked out fast.

What a jerk!

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