Caught between the lies

As much as I wanted to not to believe him my mind and heart protested. This is my man of 5 yearshe's been nothing but a good gentleman and loving partner.Though I have not met his family but we have something good going on that everyone is willing to have. I wake 5 am in the morning my transport departs at six.By 5:45 I am combing my hair with a mirror in my hand at the door.Matlale passes by on his bike there I know I am very early.I go back in and takes two spoons of cereal to my mouthbreakfast isn't my thing.I take my bag that is packed with everything I am possibly going to require during the day.I take one last glance at my reflection on the big lounge wall mirror "Satisfying" I thought. I lock the door and waits on the gateI am 10 minutes early and this is so unlike meeven the look on Nathi's face agrees with me.He stands next to me smiling "Its gonna rain and flood today" he says looking far awayI giggle"Its Monday for crying out loud" I say.He looks at me furrowing his bushy eyebrows together "Lucky Monday you meant" I just laugh out loudlyhe's always mocking me.We work closely I get off 4 minutes before himhe's the only person I know and talk to on our transport even on this neighborhood. I am always indoors I don't like peoplewhere there's people there's drama and I am not a fan of all that.I don't even have a female friend around this Place and I am not looking for one.They call my being antisocial right? Yeah I am kind of that... ........ As I sit on my desk my phone is already ringing like they had put an alarm to alert them as soon as I come in.I take it"Dube ConstructionsZinzi Mahlaba goodmorning how can I help you? No 2...will do... Thanks for calling have a good day" You guessed it rightyes I am a receptionist. I work a big construction companyDube's. I've been working with them for 2 years now but I don't even know the man or woman who owns this place.I dust off the files and tidy the whole placefill on the water and sits down.I log on my PCsearching for received emails that needs special attention and so forth. ...... I take off my heels in exhaustion am still wondering why am I not used to them.2 years is a lot not to be a master at heels.Its 6pm and I have to cook and second thought I decided against I search for some money I might have in the bag I will go and buy myself ikota.Lucky enough I find a R20 note then put on a jacket the wind outside was a bit thick so some warmness could be needed.I go out wearing flip flops feeling so relieved as ever.I see a familiar car pulling up at the drive way I stop and realize we haven't spoke for the whole day and its unusual of us. He walks to me and hug me so tight and kiss my lips"Don't ever do that to me" still in his arms.I smile in flatter that he missed me this much"My phone has a problem of charging babe am sorry" This my man Manqoba Zunguthe love of my lifethe one that has seen my worst and my goodmy up and downmy sick and my healthmy sadness and my happiness my tears and my laughter.We've been together since we had nothinggathered everything together and here we are today having everything we've only had dreamed of.He's a principal at St Louis High School here at the mystery town Congo in the East of Gauteng.Its been 5 years at it we've never broken up we've always been good at fixing our issues. "Zinzi" he says softly I bring my eyes up to look at his tiny eyes with long lasheshe blinks twice."babe?" I answer"You scared meyou know I was at school the whole time but my mind was all over the place wondering where you are" I just hug his waist and he kisses the toobof my head.I move "I was on my way to buy kotawould like some?" I ask"You and Junk food" he shakes his head and grin.I walk away and he follows me. .... After eating I wash the dishes and he's busy bubbling about how he's going to make sure his matrix students pass with flying colors and I chuckle the whole time"so what if they refuse to study on Saturdays" I say"Then suspension will on that learner's door" he responds sounding serious and I know he is. I laugh at the thought of him sending out suspension letters.My phone beeps and I go for it on top of the micro wave charging."That is dangerous you know" he warns"I know I know but its the only near by place to charge it while am here" I support my action"Oh my!" I smile at my phone on the picture my cousin Kedi has sent me he leans over to see."isn't he cute" with an uncontrollably grin on me" He's cutetea?

coffee?" I discover he's trying quickly to change the baby subject and I let him be "Coffee please" I continue looking at my cousin's bundle of joy. ..... Manqoba isn't a family oriented man.He believes that when a baby arrives I will not give him all the attention I will just be stuck with the baby 24/7 which is partly true but that excuse of him is lame.I mean if the baby comes it will both be our dutywhenever that subject comes up he'll protestjustify and everything in why he doesn't want a baby. ...... The previous night he slept here so I wake up and prepare breakfast for the both of us and goes outside at the parking lot to fetch his "just in case" suits that stays in the car and goes back to find him in the bathroomI wait for him to finish up and go in after him.After finishing everything I eat too.He keeps stealing glances at meI put my spoon down "I know am irresistible but that is getting me uncomfortable" I say with a smilehe clears his throat and smilesside smile my weakness of all times"Am thinking babeam thinking about how much of a blessing would this feel when you're officially mine" he says wait is he planning on getting married? Oh then I did not see that one coming. .... Its been two weeks and I may say I am not really pleased with Manqoba's behavior lately.he's just not himselfhe's rather distant or is it me imagining thingsperhaps. I am at work mixing everything with anything I shouldn't my boss lady comes fuming "Zinzi!" I startled yes I saw her coming but my mind wasn't just here."I've been calling your name for the past 3 minutes where you at?" She addsI fake a smileand gather strength to answer her without my eyes melting"Am sorry ma'am things are just not well back at homeis there anything wrong with the files?" she chuckled in disbelief like she'll say "wtf! Are you sane" I extend my hand to take them but she holds them back"nothis will be enough to get you suspended we all have problems but we don't pack them and bring them to work" she clicks her stilletoes away to the boardroom. I stress on my deskI run to to the bathroom and let out a few tears.You know that pain of being used to someone seeing you everyday and then all of a sudden they are absent for 2 weeksall you hear them saying is "am busy" "I was busy" "I'll make time" "couldn't make time".That is exactly what Manqoba is doing and it is breaking me . .... Friday its after work and I gather all the courage in me to go to his school and confront him about this cause its too much..."He's been gone on 2 months leave ma'am" the school clerk informs me as I ask about him.To me has told me he's around at school.something doesn't add up.I thank the lady and leave.I cry as I head to the gate.I call him in anger and tears at the same timehe doesn't answer.His colleague waves at me from a distance I wave backhe signs to me to stopI do.He comes to me running and finally reaches me "I thought you were gone to Durban too" he says"For?" I ensure."With your manor they refused you leave?" He addsI just walk off without bye I wave at the coming taxi to stopit does ....... Packing done ticket to Durban boughtbus departing at 8pm.Today I am going to know his parents without being planned.all I know is that he lives at Umlazi Philane and from there I'll ask every soul I come across for the supposedly well known Manqoba. ....... "The only Zungu I know is that one you passed with a tent" the not so old man directed me.The house he pointed at had some sort of a wedding ceremony. Its 9am and I am tired with the capital letter T.I thank him and walk down the road to the beautiful home with a tent and expensive cars on the drive way. I pull my luggage inpeople were looking at this unfamiliar face and I couldn't careless.I greet this lady"Oh am his sistercome you're just in time for the ceremony." I smile and follow her to the tent... I just need someone to wake me up and tell me its a bad dream"I do"say the love of my life to this woman he's holding hands of with a huge grin on his face."I now pronounce youHusband & Wifeyou may kiss the bride" says the pastor. He brought her close and they kissed the ululations got my head spinning

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