part 8 Confession of a woman

Abby: Hun Me: Hey handsome how are you Abby: good babe how are you Me: Am fantastic so there's this little kid....I told him about him Me: And now I want to have my own baby...silence...Abby Abby: *chuckles* Did you go to school? Me: Yeah...confused as shit Abby: You listened when teachers spoke? Me: I don't understand where is this going Abby: Its going..No! Me: We won't make it the natural way! Abby: Still that kid will be mine! Me: So you don't wanna have a baby with me? Abby: Don't put words in my mouth Pam Me: Do you know how lonely this house is? Abby: Move back to your parents house babestop all this'll end up being obsessed with having a baby and that is a nightmare. Having a baby before marriage is a great sin Me: Let's have sex then Abby: Goodnight Pam.I love you He hung up on me Me: Like seriously! If he won't give me the baby Another man will. I switched off my bedside lamp.I fantasied having a little one until i fell asleep. In the morning the intercom kept on buzzig non stop.I brushed my teeth whoever was on the gate had to wait.who visits other people's houses this early.I washed my face afterwards.I opened the gate and went to stand on the balcony looking down at the car entering my yard. Me: Now we talking my style.. I am a Benz woman I go crazy with Benz . The person I least expected came out of the driver's seat. Me: You ride that machine?!....he looked up and smiled Tumi: What do you take me for? Me: Now that's what am talking about its lit Tumi: can I come in? Me: Oh the door is locked am coming right now I went down.unlocked for him then he camehe just kissed me.after a couple of seconds I pulled off Me: What if there is my bf here Tumi; He isn't is he? I shook my head off.he came close and kissed me again.he picked me up this time and walked with me to the counter I smiled through the kiss thinking of he seems to like sex on the counter...he took off my tee and sucked on my nipplesI let out little pleasure moanshe came back to my neckleaving hickeys. Then he made me lie on my backripped off my bum short along with the panty. Shit! When last did I have that .he spread my legs apart and began with kissing my inner thighs.I was already wetthe man was so good at what he I thought of thatI felt his cold lips on my danonehe stuck his tongue inside. There was nothing to grab on here in the kitchenthe pleasure ma love .he played with my clit5 minutes was to long not to come.I came he came up leaving wet kisses from my belly to my lips.he was on top of the counter too now.we kissed and kissed.then he stopped and got off the counter.pit back his jacket. I sat up straight Me: What are you doing? Tumi: Putting on my jacket Me: We'll have sex with you wearing your jacket? Tumi: who said anything about that.he slid out a piece of paper.. Here's my address.he headed to the door Me: Tumi! I got off the counter as he walked out.I put on my clothes quickly. By the time I got out he was already on the drive way.he hooted and sped off I just couldn't believe it.thinking of how ready I was for his big cock .I went back insidebathed.after changing and everything I went to make I ate my phone rang Me: Abby Abby: Pam Me: yeah Abby: Where is this relationship going? Me: Heaven Abby: am serious Me: And who's playingangith there are no sins done in this relationship so its going to heaven Abby: I love you you know that Me: Well love has never made anyone come yaz Abby: Why do you love sex so much! Me: Because imnandi Abbyit gives you a strong desire to continue with a relationship. Abby: So you have no strong disire in this anymore? Me: That's not what I said.Am not a church girl AbbyI want sexI need it actually. Do you know what kind of underwears I wear? Do I even wear them? Abby: Am not interested in your underwears but in you MaNkosi.just make this simple for both of us.let's get married Me: I don't wanna get married!!! I hate marriage Abulele and am too young for ityour parents are strict as shitI won't be able to do what makes me happyI will have to live pleasing people.I am not ready for that.please Abby: I've triedreally I have but you so hard headed and you want everything done your way Me: That's why I don't wanna get married.I don't like being dictated! I hung up.just for a Dick now I have to commit my whole life to him? Aibo that's not how I rollreally I have but you so hard headed and you want everything done your way Me: That's why I don't wanna get married.I don't like being dictated! I hung up.just for a Dick now I have to commit my whole life to him? Aibo that's not how I rollor planning to much as I love this fairytale of happily eve afterI don't believe in it.I can't recall how many times my parents have separated. I don't wanna go through that. I'd rather play this game with Tumi forever. After eating.I drove to the salonI want gonna work todayI was in no mood for the big screen of the PC.I got there it was full. Me: Hello everyone They greeted back.I went to Ntombi. Me: Is the stock still okay? Ntombi: for nowyes Me: please order more Ntombi: Some people didn't get paid Me: Really? Ntombi: Yeahthey've been complaining Me: I'll fix it before 12...lemme rush to the bank then. I walked out and went to FNB.the payments were made.I walled out and bumped to dad Me: Mr Nkosi Dad: Halo patjutju Me: seriously dad Dad: It suits youcome with me inside We went inside he did what he came to do....did I mention that I've got siblings? Oh my badI do.older brother(zwelethu Nkosi 30)with wife and kids and my little twin brother(Sphokuhle) and sister(Sphilile)they are 19. We walked out hand in hand Dad: Your siblings miss you Me: I miss them tooI was going home after here Dad: Greatthey ain't at school they not feeling well Me: Or dodging assignments.. We laughed Me: I haven't spoken to any of you in a very long time.especially Zweli Dad: They were there last weekend he asked about you Me: give me a ride Dad: Where's your car? Me: Am saving fuel..its in the parking lot Dad: .ok love We drove home.they live at Kwa Mashu. Me: Same old Mashu always busy Dad: This life is not traumatic like your placewalking 5 minutes without seeing a single soul Me: some of us enjoy peace Dad: its trauma We laughed and I got out to open the gate.he drove in I followed after closing it.. Me: You should gate an automatic gate Dad: Like your? The person mind die in your gate being chased by hooligans while busy pressingtaht ding dong button. I rolled of laughter as we took the groceries heading inside. Mom: Wuh first lady Me: Hello queen We out the groceries on the counter and sat down Mom: Are you sleeping over? Me: I'd love to but- Mom: 'I got an early morning'....imitating me Me: don't be like that.I got a date Dad: Really? Where's the church boy? Me: His name is Abby dad Dad: What kind of a man is called Abby? Me: Don't start please We laughed Me: What are preparing so fuc-*clears throat* am super hungry Dad: are you sure you not on drugs? Me: Why would you say that? Dad: people who use drugs love the F word. Phili and Spho screamed and gave me one hell of a hug. Me: My bones! Spho: You hate us Me: I'd hate the whole world but not you guys Phili: you don't even bother to pass by UKZN and check up on us Me: Ncoa wena sweetheart. I will neh Phili: Am not little anymore stop that...I was playing with her chubby cheeks Spho: I need a new phone I took out mine Me: Here Spho: You not serious! Me: As a heart attack Phili: In that caseI want a new one too. Me: Haha guysok.I'll just buy you both phones tomorrow okay Spho: We'll pray tomorrow doesn't turn into years...they laughed and went to the dining area Dad: These kids are bought phones every years Me: Perks of growing up free. I made myself a sandwich and went to join the kids in the dining room.we watched cartoons till I fell asleep.I woke up in the noon. I walked to the kitchen I found Soho Me: Am staying the night please fetch my car Spho: No Me: Please mtasekhaya I'll make it up to you Spho: Tomorrow am taking my Gf'll borrow me your card Me: Yeah yeah whatever. Just fetch my car Spho: Yes!....he took the keys and left. Mom had already cooked.I went upstairs to my was clean and still had my clothes.I went to the bathroom and bathed.then wore PJs.I went to the kitchen and made pop corn. Dad: will you ever stop loving that? Me: popcorn dad popcorn its not that Dad: Whatever so you staying the night? Me: yepI miss you guys.that house is sooo lonely Dad: You make it to be..your little brother and sister are available on weekends Me: I've always thought they enjoy being here more. Dad: you should ask them at times Me: I will Dad: can I taste? Me: hhai ini? Dad: Popcorn Me: Lol no I went to watch TV again. Me: How much do you pay for Dstv? Dad: R680 Me: I pay R900 but I never watch TV Dad: Uninstall it or do premium Me: You right.sometimes I use money on useless things Dad: am glad you see thatlike those earnings you were wearing they ugly but am pretty sure they expensive Me: Did you just say my favorite ratings are ugly? no dad please Dad: Okam sorry then Me: How is marriage? Dad: How is marriage how? Me: Likedo you ever regret getting married ? Dad: nobut its quite a challenge baby I won't fool you.if you not ready for being controlled better not do it Me: Mmmmh..I nodded Dad: Are you thinki- Me: What?! No no am just asking for the future Dad: Its not a bad thing though.but for you youth it never works out you got way too many issues Me: You're right. Spending time with my family was a bliss.after eating supper Phili and I washed the dishes.Spho came back with my 9 everyone went to their rooms.I chatted with Anny till late.then i slept too Maybe I needed to come back home and forget about all this madness of wanting sex and a baby

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