part 7 Confession of a woman

I woke up held..I realized I was laying on his chest. I slowly moved away removing his hand around me.I looked at him and smiled as soon as I had pulled out of his grip.I took my clothes and went upstairs. I bathed and did everything. Time was on my side so I had enough time to make breakfast. Last nights event kept flashing back keeping me grinning like an finally! I even sighed as I poured coffee on my cup. Boo last night was litthe way he grabbed my asscarried mesex on counter couch and on the floor where we ended up all felt like a dreamI was worried somebody might wake me up. I dished up for the both of us and went to wake him uphe was so fast asleep so I decided other wise.I wrote him a note.and took my things then drove to work. Me: morning Everyone!... Stuff: Morning! I got in my office Ntombi followed and closed the door behind her and leaned on it Ntombi: You in deep shit! Me: Am I? Ntombi: Yesa bunch of girls came here earlier on wanting you they were on fire Me: Why didn't you send them to my house? Someone knocked Me: move from the door.. I sat down and switched on my computer as Grace clicked her stilettoes in. Grace: Wena! What are you doing with that freaks's man? Me: What man? Ntombi: The guy that brought you lunch yesterday.. You got a death wish or something? Grace: She stabs peoplethe man hasn't been seen for 3 dayshe's not at his penthousehis cars are parked at the parking lot. Ntombi: Is he in your house Me: No My eyes were glued on my screen the whole timeI was half listening to them.I was amused by what was on my screen

my budget was grown enough for me to open another branch of Pink petals Ntombi&Grace: Look at us!! There I looked at them and shrugged my shoulders Ntombi: Is he with you? Me: Who? Grace: "The man'! Me: Yes Ntombi: What?! Me: No no no I mean no.I last saw him yesterday Grace: Something doesn't add up here Me: Y'all are now PI's ? Please get back to work Ntombi: But Pam she's- Me: - Now! I took my phone after Ntombi had left and grace on her desk. I browsed through numbers. Me: There you go...I pressed ok .it rang and rang then finally they answered Lady: Mpungose resident can I help you? Me: Yeshi you speaking to Pam Nkosi Lady: The neighbor? Me: Yes..can you please send someone to my home and give the person they will find there these numbers Lady: Just a minute....ok go on Me: 083..... I patiently waited for my phone to ring.after about 30 minutes I had even given up and went back to my phone rang Me: You need to get out of here before I come back- Lady: no ma'am its meI found no one there Me: Oh am sorry...what do you mean you found no one? Lady: I rang the intercom forever Me: Oh thank you honey. Thanks I dropped the call.a huge relief I feltI don't even have the guy's number. After work I went to mall.I shopped aroundfor clothes and food.I pushed the trolley out to the parking lot after wandering feet were killing me.I loaded the groceries at the boot energy less as I was. "Can I help you ma'am?" I turned and found this little man standing behind me Me: Yeah sure..I said hesitantly Me: Do I know you? Boy: I asked to wash your window screen yesterday Me: Oh old are you Boy: Very young Me: Parents? Boy: I don't have Me: School? Boy: I attend Me: On those clothes.... He was wearing really old clothestorn even. Boy: Am homeless and I help people to make extra cash so that I can sleep with some food on the mouth. Wow that hit me hard. Me: Here....I gave him the breads and butter plastic. Boy: You don't have to Me: I insist Boy: You so generous Me: You still haven't told me how old you are Boy: Am 8 turning 9 next month All that said we finished loading the groceries. I closed the boot Me: Thank you...I gave him R200 note he jumped up and down then hugged meI just hugged him back too "Enough!' We let go Me: Tumi Tumi: Sweetie Me: Did you have to shout? Tumi: be careful these kids are dangerous Boy: not me uncle.bye ma'am... He pushed the trolley away Me: Bye sweetie I watched him as he went away. Tumi: ok ok enough with the stare Me: He's sweet Tumi: and you aren't why did you leave without goodbye Me: As far as I know this is a 'no strings attached " business I got in the car. Tumi: But bye would've been nice. Me: Bye I reversed and drove away...I just couldn't stop thinking about a little boy.he just got stuck in my mind for the reason I don't know. I got home and off loaded the groceries and packed them where they stay..I bought pizza so I had dinner and went upstairs fit the clothes then got in covers The boy! Doing all that I have done he has been on my mindhis cute little nose.what kind of a parent let their kid leave on the streets. Maybe they died oh my maybe. Maybe I need to get myself a kidright?that's what I've been missing for years.I need someone to live for.someone to shout at.Yes! I want to be a mother...lemme call babe I took my phone and dailed his tens...

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