part 6 Confession of a woman

After work I had to meet with Anny.I had just packed applying my lipstick when some dude with a 2 litre bottle and a window cleaner knocked on my window. I rolled it down Me: Yes? Him: Can I wash your windscreen ma'am? Me: No its clean Him: Please mtasekhaya please Me: How much? Him: just R5..I looked through my purseI found 50 I gave it to him Me: Don't use it for drugs okay Him: I wont ma'am thank youmay god bless you He walked away.I got out of the car and headed inside the restaurant. I spotted anny on the corner busy on her phone.I walked to her Me: Yoh the whole shop would be on five and you wouldn't notice because of that phone Anny: Hello to you too friend Me: Whatever marnhave you ordered? Anny: Am sorry Me: You can be an ass sometimes Anny: No actually they've got a new meal on the menu so I thought we'd want to try it out Me: You should've ordered then I called a waiter and placed the orderboth for drinks and food Me: The salon is freakin busy these days Yoh...I sighed Anny: isn't that a good thing? Me: It is just that its costing me to work until 6 and hate that Anny: Get another assistance Me: People wanna be paid real money Anny: Get matrix graduatethose little kids who just got out of school and want pocket money Me: Got someone in mind? Anny: Mbali Me: As Abby's sister? *she nodded* never friend never that kid is stubborn She chuckled and the waiter brought our drinks Anny: Almost forgotdid you chow him? Me: Oh lord! He made me lunch box and brought it to work with some "thanks for last night" in front of my employees! Can you believe him?! Anny: Isn't that a good thing? Kshuth my friend you rode him dry Me: No! Hell no! When I woke up this morning I even forgot he was there in the houseas much as I want someone to have fun with he's not him Anny: He's him Me: no! Anny: Yes Me: I said no! Anny: And am saying yes! I groaned hitting the table Me: Let's get out of here Anny: No we stayingwaiting on our scrumptious food that we've never tasted and talk about how you gonna draw the guy's attention you see this anger you have? *I questioned her with my eyes "what?"* its because of lack of sexby the end of this week you should have gotten some Me: and why only me lord was born with a dictator..she just grinned I love my friend even though she's an assholeshe's not a person to tell you wanna do something if you not ready for it cause she's good at pursuing. After the meal we said our goodbyes and I drove home to the loneliness .I love my house but now the nature can tell that I need a spouse somebody to find home if I am working latefinding the lights switched oncoming to an already warm house.but hey you can never have it all right?...well I wish I did. My phone rang disturbing my thoughts Me: Babe Abby: Hey sweetheart Me: Hey Abby: I miss you Me: Come back home Abby: I want to but I can't heywork is everywhere Me: O wish things were different Abby: Huh? Me: How is the weather there ? Abby: Same old cape Town with crazy weatherits raining Me: Here too but not hard Abby: I love you okay Me: I love you more....I was even crying so I parked beside the road Abby: and by all of my heart I wish I was there with you Me: preaching.. I laughed through the tears Abby: yesoh babe look I'll get back to you I gotta attend to this Me: cool I'll call. He hung up amd drove away.I got home.I was invited in quickly by the devine smell of romantic candles..I curiously walked to the kitchen.I gasped as I saw a person on the stove. He turned wtf! Am being tested everyday Tumi: you're late not that am complaining though The were rose petals on the floorburning candles on the counterin fact the counter was set for a romantic dinner. Me: What is this? Tumi: you like it? Me: What is this

in fact the counter was set for a romantic dinner. Me: What is this? Tumi: you like it? Me: What is thiswhy are you still here? He walked to me...took my bags and put them downpulled a chairtook off my coat and hanged it.he made me sit down. He looked me straight on my eye balls. Tumi: I know you think am weird but I find it hard to let a woman fight a loosing battle. Tumi's POV I swallowed hard as I did not know the best way to tell her I read her diary.she looked me back giving me weakness on my kneesI wasn't even sure if I hadn't peedthis woman has some magic eyes Pam: What are you saying?...chuckling in between that question with the most calm voice that I knew it was about to change as soon as I tell her.... Me: I read you diary She looked down with her mouth open.. Everything about her is so affectionate. The lust I had over her was insanereading her diary made it worsewhat idiot doesn't wanna chow this? Some dudes are stupid as hell.she brought her big brown hazel eyesmaking me lose control Pam: You did what?... So calm it made me nervous Me: Trust me it wasn't my intention just forgot it under the sofa....uhm so when I R2. Fell I had to move the sofa then I found it..I was already scratching my head as I finished explaining Pam: it stays is that the reason why you did all of this? I slowly nodded Pam: its sweet but you didn't have to Me: He doesn't satisfy you Pam Pam: That's not up for discussion!.. She snapped Pam: I mean let's not go therepretend you didn't read the diary...calmed againis she psycho? well I don't care I still wanna kiss her right now The next thing I knew my lips were on hers Pam's POV He started kissing memaking me lose myself to him my inner self wanted this but I just couldn't.I love Abuleleonly him and after I slept with my ex has suppose to be the next guy I sleep with.not Tumi no not him I broke off from the kiss panting so hard and even shakinghaven't been kissed in a passionate way in forever. Me: We can't do this a shaky voice Tumi: Yes we can...he lifted me and put me on the counter Me: Stop please...I begged knowing exactly my eyes were telling a different story.I wanted this Tumi: This won't be a relationship but just two people having funyou can't wait on your saint boyfriend to change his mindyou're a woman you got needs and I am here to give you your needs He was saying all that on my ear whispering so sexyturning me on even more...what the hell is God doing to me

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