part 5 Confession of a woman

I woke up feeling fresh AF...I sang on my way to the bathroom. I took a quick shower.wrapped a towel around me then walked out to lotion and dress up.I did my facethe sun was beautifully warm outside so maroon mate lipstick was for keeps. My phone rang as I put on the mascara in front of my big mirror that I'd die without .I checked the caller oh wow haven't heard from him in forever Me: Somebody finally remembered he got a daughter Dad: Who forgets their princess Me: The man who just asked that Dad: Don't be silly my phone broke Me: Got a new one? Dad: Yeah and it's complicated to usewe've been trying to take pictures with it but it just shows our faces instead After 2 minutes of laughing my ass off him warning me to stop Me: Ohh daddy that's a selfie Dad: What is it for? Me: To take pictures of your face Dad: I'll take it backI want a phone with a normal camera Me: Put mom on the phone He gave her.I instructed her what to do. Mom: We almost cracked our heads yesterday Me: Thanks to the selfie I wouldn't have got a call from you guys Mom: Yeah yeah..bye Me: Bye too I shook my head as I grinned. These old pals.I took my bag and went downI head sound of something on the stove...did I leave something on the stove?hell I didn't I rushed only to lay my eyes on a topless juicy!.how could I possibly forget I had company?am so used to being alone.i just couldn't take my eyes off his yummy self..this guy is poison .how could one be this cute and also have such a nice body . Tumi's POV I said good morning 4 times but she didn't even blink.I walked over the counter to her...I snapped my fingers to her faceshe startled Me: You okay? Her: Uhm yeah am fine I just forgot I had company..she smiled I pulled a chair for her and took her bag

placed it on the counter. She sat down I went back to my side and dished up for us and sat down without a word Me: don't mind me I usually have sweet water in the morning..her look to my glass I just knew I had to explain.such a beautiful womanI searched for her left ring!!! . She nodded with a smile Her: This tastes good...I bit my lower lip Me: thank you Her: Why are you topless? To make you drool over my body dummy! Me: Oh uhm..I split the coffee on me earlier Her: Thought you drank sweet water in the morning Me: After coffee...she smiledI raised my big furry eyebrows Her: Work? Me: Am ma own boss Her: Where? Me: Somewhere Her: Illegal? Me: Yes...her eyes popped outtrust me that came out wrongly "I mean noam sorry my mind is all over the place" Her lips got me drunksaying things I don't mean"I own a jewelry shop in Gateway" Her: Who! Thank god.I was gonna throw you out in a blink Me: You're running late Her: Am ma own boss...we shared a laugh then she got off the chair and wiped her hands then took her bag Her: How are you gonna get home? Me: I'll take a taxi thanks Her: Pleasure Me: For everything Her: Don't forget to go and apologize to her okay? I nodded. She swayed her ass away.oh lord your creationsyou are such an artist damn I could watch that all day Pam's POV I got to work playing loud music trying to the topless man I saw off my mind. What is wrong with me I thought as I parked looking myself in the rear view mirror.I walked out and headed in Me: Helo Helo Ntombi: That smile! Me: What about it? Ntombi: someone is on a good mood Me: It's a beautiful day isn't Grace: Yes and we're out of weaves Me: Have you ordered? Grace: No and I won't ... Thixo!I walked to my office and sat down.logged on my PC then began placing orders.My phone rang Me: Pam Ntombi: Got a visitor Me: Send it in Ntombi: He's refusing to I got up and went out...found Mr Makhabane there with something like...lunch box? Yeah lunch boxmust be kidding me Me: Oh hey Him: Forgot your lunch box I never carry a lunch box.I-Never-Carry-A-Lunch-Box! Wtf is he doing?! Me: I don't carr- Him: Its a Thank you about last night Me: But you did thi- Him: That wasn't enough I looked around.all eyes were on us. Me: Its okay..I smiled faintly I took it and he went out. "Thanks for last night huh?" Said Grace over my shoulder as we both watched him walk away. What is he trying to do?

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