part 2 Confession of a woman

I love surprises but that isn't a constant thing.I like little gifts and stuffjust don't surprise me with your presence nah.I like my own space and like preparing for company if someone says they coming.but my mother does not understand my rule. Mom: Are you gonna lete in?*I shifted for her to come in and closed the door* Me: 07:00AM Mom: What? Do you have visitors Me: Nojust that it would've been lovely for you to inform me you're coming I dragged my lazy sleepy ass to the couch.I sighed Me: How is dad Mom: I'll make us coffee *trouble in paradiseI followed her to the kitchen and sat on the bar chair leaning my elbows on the counter* Me: " Are you guys okay?" She just continued taking out the cups "Mom am talking" Mom: "I can hear you!" Me: "whoa chillyou didn't have to shoutI'll be upstairs" I walked up.o threw myself on the bed and tool my phone under my pillow and searched for dad's rang unanswered. I put it back and gone under the covers. The banging sound of my door woke me up.what now? I brought the blanky over my head but the person wouldn't stop banging. Me:"Its not locked! God!" It swung open Mom: "Is this what you do everyday?" Me: " no mom I worktoday is weekend and I don't have plans now please" I covered my head againshe ripped off the blanket Mom: "abulele is downstairs and he's dressed up as someone that is going somewhere" Me:" What?! When did he...oh shit! The meeting with his friends." I jumped out of bed and run up and down like a mad woman.searching for clothesheelsbag Mom: *laughing* "I'll choose you something to wear go take a shower fast" Me: " oh what would I be without you" My worst nightmare was meeting up or being in the presence of Abby's friends they are other versions of himalways talking about workchurch and getting married .the only thing I would when such topics come up is smile non stop without saying a word.After pacing and down I finally got done. We drove off silently. I just had nothing to say to himhe wasn't himself so it scared me.I kept on glancing on my phone. I really had nothing to say to himwords just failed me whenever I thought of saying something....think think think Pam you never run out things to say. Me: "you okay?" Abby:"Yes"..he kept his eyes locked on the road Me: "you sure?" I cleared my throat blinking a few times Abby: " didn't I say I was coming?" Me:" You did" Abby: "So why did I have to wait for that long for you ?" Me:"when you called last night I was already half way through my sleep and I forgot to set the alarm" Abby:"It doesn't seem like that" Me: "What do you mean" Abby: " You just don't prioritize what I say" Wtf Me: "What?! " Abby: "Yes"...he pulled up by the mall "I'll go get us something to eat am sure you hungry" Me:"I just lost my appetite" Abby: "I'll get us chicken nuggets and burgers" he hooped off I got out btoo and leaned on the carI called Anny my best friend Anny: Baby Me: He's back and moody AF Anny: the priest? Me: Flesh and bloodhe just killed my vibe before his boring friends even begin..*she just died of laughter* "dude this isn't funny am in deep shit.30 minutes after arriving there you need to call me crying saying I should fetch youyou're in trouble" Anny: "OK OK fine I will..which level?" Me: "level 5" Anny: *chuckles*"okay my friend will do" Me: "he's comingbye bye" I ended the call and smiled at his grumpy self.oh dear lord I got in back and he gave me the parcel I opened it and devour in while we drove off Abby: "I thought you lost your appetite" I just gave him the ugly stare then smiled at my burger Me: "Food is bae Abulele" Abby:"And I ain't?" Me: "Why you always gotta compare yourself to things? I love you okay? But food is lifenot that you're not life but food and food tastes like heaven let me put it that way" Abby: "and clothes?" Me:"clothes help me hide God's temple " Abby:" Since when you beilev in the bible?" Me: "since you went away for 4 months" This is the ask when are we actually gonna act like rea lovers Sex is like water in a relationship its really hard to live without water. Abby: "but am here now" Me: "finally I'll get some" I said sarcastically Abby:"We are not having that conversation for the 1000th time" he frowns Me: "damn right we long this..whatever bible belief gonna last? I am tired of waiting! Am a grown ass woman! I have needs toodo you know how hard it is to have a boyfriend that doesn't touch you? *teary* this has to stop Abulele I need affection even if that means breaking the rulesI need to sleep in my boyfriend's arms some night not this checking up on each other during daylight like teenagers" He pulled up.and faced me Abby:" let's get married then if you wanna be touchedI can not go against the rules you're an atheistyou don't believe in God I do and the only way for us to sleep together is through marriage" Me:"I don't wanna get marriedI wanna have sex! How difficult could it be to muff your girlfriend!" Abby:"I think you've said enough" Me: "no! I need you to make me scream and if you can't do that-" Abby:"You gonna leave me? Please do cause we are not having sex without marriage" He started the car and drove being tested for real

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