part 1 Confession of a woman

He nibbled my left ear I felt every vein in me stop functioning. While I was still enjoying the pleasure he went down bit by bit with the passionate kisses with his cold lips.'baby where has been this beast all years" I whispered in that low seductive voice.He drowned his his between my thighsI pushed him deep..the music in the background was lightning the mood I just couldn't help but moan before his lips reach my honey pot The alarm went off I searched for it with my hand so pissed af.Fuck am dreaming! I turned it off and kicked the blankets down and buried myself in the pillow..What a strange ass dream.oh lord he was just about to muff meit should've started ealier.. I laughed in disbelief and got off the bed to take a shower.After the shower I did the daily routine today was casual Friday besides am my own boss I can wear whatever I want whenever. Me: Ah! Black jean? White jean? Mmmh? Navy will dono peach looks better... Know what? Fuck I'll wear Greg I put it on with a nude pink vest and black coat. I did my faceheavy make upI don't do light during the day.I gotta slay in daylight. My phone rang.ooh I have a boyfriend totally forgotI answered in excitement Me: hey babe! Abby: Hey mamakhe Well..this is bae..Abulele Xhosa bae...the most boring creature I've ever seen.He's so into church its not even funny he's born againtouching a woman before marriage is a sin that's what he believes in.I like partyingsince from my varsity life.I like going outhe prefers being professional I believe in casualty I like spending he's a budget person.we got so many differences but hey if love is the mutual then all doesn't matter. He's a person that is always away and that freaking kills me not that we ever do anything interesting when we are together but I'd rather have him beside me and read the bible together..his fam knows him so is mineI am not ready for marriage and will never be but he doesn't know that.I like to make my own rules not live off by someone's rules nah that's all marriage is abouthusband making rules for wifey Me: How is my pumpkin doing?...he's a nerd ..way too educated it sucks Him: He's fine how is his sweet potato Me: She's good just missing you...i had strange dream about- Him: Sex blah blah blah!.next month is my co workers wedding we're invited I'll send you the rest of the details.. We've been together For 2 years he doesn't even know me naked not to mention to mention to hold my ass when we kiss.. But trust me I am insanely in love with the dude its not even funny.every time I had sex dreams I told him Me: Oh cool please do....*I glanced at my watch* look I gotta go to work will call you later Him: Love you. Me: Love you more. I drove to work. I got therevthe salon was already I missing something? Me: Morning lovely souls Some greeted back some didn't amdbi couldn't careless.I got to my office.Grace my Pa was already there Me: we don't have coffee today? Grace: Am sorry ma'am I've been taking in bookings and making appointments Me: But ntombi is here Grace: I volunteered to help her out we're very busy Me: Oh yeah speaking of busy what's the occasion I mean its barely the end of the month Grace: The Metros....I kept on staring at her Grace: What planet are you from? Metro awards Me: Oh flip! They in Durban this year right? Grace: yep.I'll ask for delivery from the coffee shop. I placed orders of some stock that we were running out of.the door swung open Ntombi: ma'am am sorry to disturb but please come its a concerning matter Me: What's wrong?? I said following her out. Zamani our barber was exchanging words with this uhm hunk?yeah that.I clicked my heels to their direction Me: Hey hey Zet what's going on Zet: Sir here when he made an appointment said he's gonna bald the head now I've cut the hair....*the guy's left Side was cut*...he says he wanted fade Guy:that's what I said on the call! Zet: stop shouting at me I don't take bookings all I do is do what is written down geez Guy: I will-..... He was fuming with anger I've never seen such a pretty angry person. Me: Let's calm down gentle brother am sorry for what my guy did here its a pure mistake please do bald the hairit'll be for free then when your hair grows you can come again and do that fade of yoursbald head will look good on you. Zet: Lucky will continue with him Me: *smiles* no Zamani you will.apologize to the client and do what you are paid to do..... Waiting for your approval is it..thanks who those who have been sharing please do continue sharing I'll really appreciate it

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