part 9

Sunday morning I woke up to Mpilo and Pearl shouting at each otherI couldn't well hear what they were talking I got off the and slowly went out to stand in their door and listen Mpilo: Ucabanga ukuth how does Zac feels about you keeping his wife here? pearl: He cheated on herhow do you think my friend feels? Stop being selfish Mpilo! Mpilo: She chose this married life.she is a wifea mother she should stand and fight everything that comes their way. I don't wanna lieI'd hate Amogelang if she let you live in her house after you left me Pearl: Say what you say but she is not going anywhere Mpilo: By 10 o'clock I want her out of my house! Pearl: I want Ndu out of my house too! Mpilo: he didn't run away from his wife.and besides he left.Zac is also my friend Pearlhe told me he caught Ndu and Amo kissing.did you know that? Yeah I thought so. I moved away from the doorwent to wake Lisa up. Lisa: Where we going? Me: Homepack your clothes I'll be back I went to pack mine.Pearl was in the kitchen Mpilo was talking on the phone and I heard my name. Yoh hhayik this guy Mpilo: I can assure you Zac she is coming back today.. He laughed Nono parties.eish no girls but anything to keep these relationships Ai I got in the room and packed.made the bed and pulled the suitcase out.I found Pearl making breakfast Her: Leaving? Me: Yeah..I poured juice Her: Why? Me: He was right friend I can't keep running away from izinkinga zam Her: You heard us?...i nodded.Lisa and Mpilo joined uswe ate and did the dishes Me: Lisa go take my wallet... Mpilo I am sorry heyI don't know what got into were right Him: Yeah I washe have done you so many wrongs but he loves you Amo Me: I know...Lisa came back Lisa: I can't find it....I just wanted her to go away Me: Thank you guys...I hugged them Bye guys. They helped me with the bags.Mpilo's phone rang He answered talked and hung up. Mpilo: Please leave Elli and Lisa Lisa: plus I don't wanna go.. She hugged Mpilo Elli: Bye mama...I hugged them He put the bags on the back seat and I drove off. My heart rate increased as I drove close to my house.I wasn't gonna be able to face him after last night. I tried to be strong. Before I even noticed I was on my my gate there was a big written waving flag " Welcome back home babe" That brought tears in my eyes

after what he saw yesterday he still manage to do this. I hooted.the gate slid open I drove in. Parked and said little prayer then went in.There were roses on the floor I love him bathong. The roses led the way upI left the bag on the floor and went upstairs On our bedroom there was a poster too " Am soory MaZwane" Oh god I melted.Mpilo was responsible for tht Mazwane thing but it was fine though I opened the door. There was a table in the center It was so romantic.he came in after me wearing as a waiter He pulled a chair for me and took my coat.I sat down Zac: What would you like to have Miss? Me: What do you serve? I blushed Him: Your wish is my command Me: Mango cocktail Him: Coming right away..he left.I rushed to my coat and took my phone I took a pic of a table and sent it to Pearl via WhatsApp.and put it back then sat down He came in and gave me my cocktail. I took a sipit was just juice Me: This is juice him: My wife doesn't drink... He knelt down Amogelang Akhona Zwane...he took my left hand Will you do an honour of becoming my Mrs Smith again? I laughed with tears in my eyes. Me: Any day baby...we stood up and hugged.we kissedI missed his kiss We sat down and was fun.we finished and laid in bed Him: I promise to never hurt you again Me: I believe you Him: And I am never going to let my mom get between usshe set me up with Pam Me: Really?....yoh lomfazi akasoze wangithanda.he nodded We cleaned up.washed the dishes together. The house was so clean. He said he's been cleaning So unlike him though. We made up and we decided to go on counseling together every Wednesday. We watched our wedding video.I cried until it ended. We were so happylater on we watched the Video of Elihle's birth.He laughed all the way. Him: You were so ugly Me: *i hit him*I was in painwho's cute when hurtin'? Him: Me of course. We laughed.I don't know when I dozed off. I woke up alone on the couchthe TV watching me.I went to the kitchen Mr Smith was cookingwhistling Him: Morning Me: Ay stop itI poured water and sat downhe leaned over for a kisswe kissed Him: You have no idea how much I missed those lips...I blushed. He finished cookingwe ate.bathed and got in bed.we had 3 rounds within 2 hours That was enough for the daywe cuddled and dozed off

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