part 8

Saturday morning I woke up with puffy eyesmy body was so painful. I opened the curtains made the bed.took my toiletry bag and went to the shower opposite Pearl's bedroomI opened the door and put the bag down then went in to pearl.I threw myself on her Me: Wake up!...she slowly moved Pearl: What's up?...rubbing her eyes and stretching. I rolled to the sideshe sat up straight. Me: Shopping is up let's go bath...I got off and stood beside the bed Pearl: The girls? Me: They coming with us...she smiled then got up and fixed the bedtook her toiletries I led the way to the bathroom. We showered while singingit was funshe's been the best in drowning my sorrows I so love her. The door openedmy cute little angels came running to hug our kneesI bent down to kiss them. Lisa: You guys woke us up Pearl: Its a girls house everyone is allowed to make noise Lisa: Really?....with excitement she screamedElli was downshe was just standing there while I bathed her. Me: You okay baby?....she made the obvious sad face. What's wrong pumpkin?..... She started cryingoh lord not now. Elli: I want daddy Lisa: Dad doesn't love us anymore Elli I told you!...she had tears in her toothey haven't seen him in ages.he only came late at home and always left early before they wake up even in weekends. Elli: He doesright mommy?....I noddedwe dried up.pearl picked up Elli and I picked up Lisa.We lotioned dressed up in ripped jeans and white vests.we headed out to the car. Elli and Pearl got in the car Lisa held my hand. Me: What's wrong? Lisa: Why did you lie to her ? Me: I didn't daddy loves you guys Lisa: No momhe doesn't.if he doesn't love you how would he love us ? heart brokehow does she knows all of this I tried to hold my tears Me: you are his children Lisa: And you are his wife! I love you mom.... Ohh .this little one doesn't care about Cassiewhen she visits herI fetch her within 3 days.I hugged her Me: I love you more baby...I put her in the car we drove off to my house to drop off Elli. I parked at the gate and took Elli.Lisa didn't want to go so I let her be.I called Zac Zac: Baby Me: Come take Elli...I hung up.on a couple of minutes he came out wearing an apron I kept my straight face. Zac: Hey... Me: Hi...I gave him Ellishe hugged him. Zac: Lisa isn't coming? Me: looks like that Elli: I am not coming back mom Me: You gonna stay with dad? She nodded Okay ke baby.. I kissed her cheek and turned to the car Zac grabbed my arm Zac: I hope someday you will find it in your heart to forgive me. Me: Keep well.I pulled out and got in the car and drove to Mandela Square. We did the shopping.Mpilo(pearl's bf) joined us.And he offered to buy us food we went to wimpy. We ordered Mpilo: Am with my friend here from KZN

I left him at the ATM me: He must be single...we laughed Pearl: Aibo friend please behave you are less than 10 hours single and you're already looking for a man Lisa: Let me find my own table..we laughedshe stood up and went to sit with some kids Mpilo: Where is Elli Pearl: With Zacphela yena akaz whats going down. Mpilo: I see.oh there is my friend... he waved at himhe came.WHAT!! somebody please shoot me. He sat downhe took one look at me and he got surprised as I was. Mpilo: This is Pearl and her friend Ndu: Hi Pearl.. They shook hands. And you too Amogelang Me: Hi.....Ndu and I have so much history.We were dating back in high schoolFrom Grade 8 until my third year at university.I cheated on him with Zacwhen Zac made me permanent I was 21 and I dumped Ndu. Ndu: Nice weave Me: Lol thanks... He'll never stop complementing silly things Mpilo: You know each other Ndu: Yeah bafo we do she was my girl Mpilo: The one you told me about? He noddedhe still talks about me he suppose xem phela I broke his heart.for the first time I have ever felt bad about what I did to him. He placed an order toofood camewe ate. Later on we left .pearl drove with Mpilo Lisa n I on my car and Ndu on hiswe were going to pearl's house. Arriving there We took the clothes to our rooms. We watched TV Lisa went to play outside. It was fun Ndu held no grudge against mehe said so.he kept on telling about the good times we had. It got darker.I called Lisa in.I went to cook while they were drinking I wasn't up for drinking.I cooked and cooked.Ndu came in Ndu: I've always wished to see you in that state in my kitchen...I blushed Me: Though luck hey Ndu: What actually happened with your husband?...he pulled a chair and sat down Me: Common staff nje.we fought Ndu: To the point that you decided to leave him? Me: Noam just here to clear my head I will go back when am cool. Ndu: You and I never fought...he is a good guy reallybut I am a girl and girls don't like good guys.we love the bad ones and that's a fact Me: Yeah we never didwe were youngwhat was there to fight about Ndu: Anything Me: Well tht anything wasn't there. He stood up and came to stand before me. Ndu: You still beautiful I looked downhe cupped my face I haven't been held like this in ages.I felt my blood rushing all over my body.he leaned down to kiss me. I let him WE KISSED someone cleared the throat we quickly stopped boom!! Zac Edward Smith standing thereI pushed Ndu away and went to stand before Zac Zac: Am sorry I brought Elli she wanted you I thought maybe I should say hi before I left. Am sorry I didn't know you were busy Me: Its not what it looks like I swear Zac: I know...he kissed my cheek and left. Me:Hamba Ndumiso..he tried to hold me Ngithi hamba! I hate to hurt him.god knowsthat kiss wasn't anything.and it wasn't meant to happen. I sat down and beat myself. I finished cooking and went to check on the girls they were already asleepI turned off their light and went to sleep with my heart beating so slow. I love Zac no matter how much I can deny it.I really do

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