part 7

Pam: Ok Amo.let me go I promise I will break up with Zac I just stared at her while laying on the opposite couch facing up. I was feeling so sleepy I heard Zac's car parking outside. I sat up straight.and Pam started screaming Me: Shut up ! Shut-Up! Nx ngazongnyanyis wena Pam: Zac! Baby!....I slapped her twice with hot 5. Me: am going to kill the both of you if you know me well.I swear to god....I went to unlock the door I came back and untied her Me: go Pam: You won't get away with this Me: I know Pam: Am going to the police Me: please do....hitting Pam wasn't going to fix anything instead it was going to make things worse. Zac came in Pam stood up and hugged him.he looked at me and hugged her back.I excused myself and went upstairs. I got in the room went to the bathroom I washed my face and looked my face in the mirrormy eyes were swollenso red.I went back to th roomtook out my big suitcase I packed my clothes.I finished and called was around 10pmshe picked up Her: Frend...with a sleepy voice Me: Please prepare a room for me Her: What is wrong babe? Me: Its a long story.I am coming. I hung up and went to pack Elli and Lisa's clothes on their suitcase. I pulled them down I found Zac sitting on the couch with his head bowed down. Me: Am leaving....he quickly stood up and came to hold me.I let him Zac: Baby I know I haven't been the best man in the past few weeks But I love you Amogelang I love you Me: I doubt you do.I've had enough Edward Zac: Baby am sorry I wasn't thinking straight Me: Good for you.let go of me Zac: Amo I can't afford to lose youAmogelang please....he was cryingCrocodile tears Me: I said let go of me!...I pulled out Zac: I broke up with heram even going to swap her with my friend's PA she is no longer the threat in our lives

please baby don't leave Me: too late. Am forgiving you Zac: Really?....he hugged me I promise from today I am going to do right by you Me: I forgive you for being stupid not for hurting me. Zac: Amo I swear to godI am never gonna hurt you again.please baby forgive me.ok ok fine don't forgive me but at least please stay Me: go to your fiance you and I are done Zac: We can't be done babewhat about the being selfish Me: Someday they will understand why.You can come see them anytime...I pulled both suitcases to the door Zac: I love you Amogelang. You're the only thing that makes sense right now.I will never be able to forgive myself if I let you walk out of that door...he knelt down I will do whatever it takes please don't leave. Me: I will never forgive myself if I stay in this painful thing I call marriage.for all I know this marriage is over. I threw the ring at him and walked out leaving him crying. It might be the dumbest decision to make but I've had enough.He had to find another way of making it without me.I couldn't stand the pain any longer it was just too much for me.Leaving him was going to be the best for all oeserved deserved to love whoever he wanted without being intimidated by the fact that he is married.I love him yes but I just couldn't do it any longer I had to go on without him . I drove go pearl's. By half past 10 I was there.The girls were already asleep I kissed them goodnight.I took out my phone and found tons of missed calls from Bonga and Zac.I went to the room pearl has prepared for me.We both sat on the bedshe rubbed my shoulderI started cryingshe hugged me and gave me water I calmed down and told her everything. Her: You ended the marriage?...she was shocked Me: I didn't mean to but I had to you knowhe proposed to another woman ...I stood up and changed into PJs Her: If you are happy with your decision I am happy too...we huggedshe went out and I got in covers. I couldn't sleep I was tempted to take his calls and respond to his msgs. My heart can't be fooled. I love him

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