part 6

The message was from Pam his PA.I slowly put the phone back.I opened the closetI took out my clothes.My father's words rang in my ears "Are you really ready for marriage? If you aremake sure no matter what happens there you are going to fight for it cause you're strong" I put the clothes back.tears couldn't stop flowing.I took my phone to call bonga He picked up Bonga: Baby Me: Meet me at OR Tambo right now Bonga: Hhaibo gundane likababa uyakhala na? Me: He's cheating Bongawith his PAhe is getting ready as we speak.They are going on vacation I can't think!....the door widely openedhe came in. I've got to go.I hung up Zac: Did somebody die?....He was nolonger inlove I swear Me: No...I wiped off my faceapplied foundation.wore a skinny jean lazy topleather jacket and boots.he was standing there smiling at his phone . I took my car keysit was nearly 7 o'clock.Kant his flight is not leaving ngo 7 nah ? Well that's none of my I was to go out of the room his phone rang.he picked upI stood there wanting to hear Him: Hi Yes it is Mr Smith.Reschedule my flight fit me in on the one that's going to depart on 8pm yes thank youbye Me: Rescheduling? Him: Were you eavesdropping? Me: Noit happened that you spoke to the phone in my presence. He noddedI got out.I called pearl to inform her that I am not going to fetch the girls she agreed.I got out of the car and drove to OR Tambo. Its not a really long driveso in 35 minutes I was already there I parked and Bonga's car parked beside meIMPRESSIVE.I told him what he had to do Me: I want you to steal his parcel Bonga: how big is it? Me: Not very big Bonga: will I be able to carry it Me: Definitely Him: Give me the pic then Me: okayI gave him the pic Him: looks easy

I gave him the pic Him: looks easyI will find you at the house okay Me: Thank you partner...we fist bumpedhe kissed my cheek that had tears. Him: I love you babyif you wanna come back homeplease come back munchie Me: I'll be fine really.get the job done ke .We didn't call each other "partner in crime" for nothing.what we were about to do was against the law but a woman has to do anything to save her marriage.I wasn't going to give up my marriage just like that.Not to just some low life skank.I drove home.playing Whitney every woman. I passed by the bar and took 2 shot then continued with my drive Arriving home the bastard had already left.I smiledwithout his parcel his trip was going to be strictly business I laughed.I stayed there sipping his whiskey. I was waiting for Bonga to bring the parcel.I switched on the music and danced alone. Time was moving so slow.I went to our bedroom and threw myself on the bed.I fell asleep I woken up by Bonga's noise calling me. I jumped out of bed with excitement. Rushed downstairs. You could've seen the parcel. Zac left the house wearing black jeanswhite top and black English blazernot to forget the the black and white Nike roshes The parcel was wearing the same I reached down. Bonga tied her hands behind her back and salotaped her mouth . Me: Matching outfits?...I smiled faintly Bonga: My job is done?...I nodded Should I leave? Me: Yes hun.thank you...we hugged Him: Anything for lil sis.he left Pam was on the couchI pulled a chair and sat in front of hershe kicked me... Hawu she took my mannow she kicks me I slapped her so hard my hand hurt.I removed the salotape Pam: Bitch! Me: I don't want to fight with you Pam: You are a hoe Me: Hey hey little skankyou are calling a married woman a hoe.where is your respect Pam: Help! Help me! Me: You are making noise.nobody is gonna hear you these are not flats. Pam: This is the reason Babe divorced you....Hehe Me: really? I haven't received any papers yet Pam: I know everything. He divorced youdeal with it....she spit on me I slapped her again. I grabbed her by hair Me: look here Pamif you don't stay the hell away from my husband. I am going to kill you you hear me? Pam: He proposed to me... Me: Then break that proposal Pam: Leave me alone you're hurting me Me: Leave-My-Husband alone!!!!....I screamed So loudI choked hertears were flowing down my cheeks. How could he propose to her.Why don't he break off our marriage and move on.How could he take me for granted this way. Pam's phone rang it was Zac I let go of her throat. I answered Me: Hey Zac: Babe we have missed the flight where are you? Me: You don't cheat on your crazy ass wife Edward Zac: Amo?....Pam screamed I hung up

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