part 5

I rushed to the police head running too in 1000000 thoughts.Could he be deador involved in the car accident There was the only way to find out " Get to the police station" While I was at the robots to turn right to Bramley my phone was my house landline who could be calling I picked up Me: Hello Lisa: Mommywhere are you guys?...flip! I forgot they are at the house I even forgot to lock the doors.the gate? Its automaticbetter Me: We-uhm- am going to be home in 15 minutes okay.stay in your room and lock the door okay Lisa: We are scared mommy..she was talking with a crying voice Me: Shhyou'll make Elli cry am coming Lisa: Candy man will come for us ....oh thixo wamthey both criedinto endizoyithin ke mna lena.I just hung up on them as I parked the car on the gate at the stationI went inside.a tall white police pulled me ngengalo to some room Him: Mrs Smith right? Me: yeah..we got in the room Him: you're my daughters maths teacher..I smiled Mr Smith here was drinking and driving so we caught him Me: how much would be his bail money? Police: R2000 mam....Two Thousands ? Just for someone who intentionally drank and got behind the steering wheel? God forgive me but I ain't gonna pay no bail money Me: Really??... He nodded You can keep him here I'll fetch him next week Zac: Amogelang am going to work tomorrowhave you lost your mind!? Me: don't you dare shout at me you should have thought about work before you decided to drink. Zac: Can I please call my lawyer? Sergeant: You've already made the call sir you can only make another one tomorrow Me:Do I pay in cash or? Serg: Cash mam Me: Okgive me 5 minutes....I went out to the nearby ATM I saw when I got in.I know I wasn't going to bail him out but he is still my husband and yes I love him so in that matter I wasn't going to let him spend the night in jail for one silly mistake. I withdrew the money and went back. I did the paying bail process. They uncuffed him. They ordered him to fetch his car the following day We went home silentlyI bought take aways along the way. We got homethe girls were already asleepI woke them up to eatZac didn't bother to eat with ushe went up to sleep.We finished eating I took the girls to bed.Then went to sleep.I changed into pj'sI tucked myself into bed. Me: Wanna talk about it?...Speaking to the Zac who was currently acting like a pregnant woman He shook his head Me: You didn't even thank meI used my money not the family emergency you know He took his phone

pressed it.My phone beepedI checked " Capitec: Money In +R2000.00 into SAVINGS ACCOUNT; Ref PAYMENT FROM 1463298662" it was money from Zac. Me: I didn't say pay it backwhy you always have to be like this?...I just couldn't take it anymore it was just too much I have not seen his smile since the day began Zac: I am just making things easier Me: We are married Zac you don't have to pay me back Him: So why you want me to thank you for doing something you were suppose to do? He got out of bed Am sleeping in the guests room Wow! I just made myself strong.I let him go I turned off the lights and dozed off ********* Weeks went bythe schools were open I was back to worksince from that night Zac never slept on our room he always came home late I did not tell anyone about it.I didn't want people to know about the shame my marriage was becoming.I couldn't cope.I cried every night.There is only one thing that makes a man come home late "another woman".In 8 years3 years of being a sidechickyes I was his side chick while he was still married to Cassiehe'd spend nights with me and go late to his wifewho knows my it was my turn to pay for what I did to Cassie One Friday afternoon around 15pm he came home my heart lightened its been ages he came this early and I missed him I took the kids to Pearl.We needed some time alone.I came back by 15:30 I cooked his favorite Veggies Steak and garlic bread. About 17:30 I was doneI prepared the table.he was upstairs doing only god knows what.6 O'clock on the dotI went upstairs to call him to come downI knocked in the room.I found him all nicely dressed up and big suitcase on the bed Me: Going somewhere? Him: business trip....he wore his watch Me: And you didn't inform me? Him: You never asked....he put on a jacket and looked ay himself on the mirror. Me: I never asked? I never asked Zac? do I have to ask now? Him: Exactly.... I ran out with tears running down my cheeks to our bedroom The thought of being stupid His phone beeped on the chargerI bravely took it and viewed the message "Hey babehurry up am already at the airport I can't wait to spend this lovely weekend with you. The flight is departing at 7 pm"

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