part 4

Days carried on.They were nothing but a blessing.we had a lot of sex since we had the whole house to us and I wasn't working .We barely do it when am working.In the morning Zac would go to workleaving me to chill the whole day alone. Friday came we had to fetch the girls. We showered dressed up. Me: *While applying make up* What time you gonna be back? Zac: hmm? Me: You heared me....he finished to tie the sneakers and came to stand behind my chair looking at me on the mirror Zac: I was giving you a chance to change your statement.for all I knowwe are both going to my mom's house and that's it....weeh Jehovah please give me strength to face that woman when we arrive there .I just nodded and finished up.I took my bagphone and keys. Arriving at Midrand.we parked on the drive way.Zac got out I breathed in and out then followed him.Zac calledthe gate opened.we went in.The weather was chilli.I heard noise from the pool side.I know the voices of my angels I followed the noise.What's good could you really expect from Whitney .They were on the pool swimmingI did not say a wordI just gave them my hand to come outI wrapped them with towels and pulled them to the house. Me: Your mom is carelesssaid getting in and told the girls to go upstairs to change and come with their bags Zac: Baby stop Me; Nolook at them they are going to catch cold. What kind of a person let the children swim when it is this cold Whitney came down Whit: am not a baby sittershe had a glass of whiskey on her hand and she looked drunk Me: Yeah well how can you look after kids while you're looking after your whiskey. Zac; Will you both please stop!...he got between us. If you keep on doing thisnone of you will ever see me again Me: Whatever Zacyour mom is careless and that's it Whit: Am not careless dammit! Get out of my house...Lisa and Elli were standing with their bags Me: let's go guys. We went out leaving Zac and his mom shouting at each other.we waited for him in the carafter a couple of minutes he came then we drove home silently. Arriving home I prepared soup for the girls. Lisa: Are you and daddy okay? Me: Yes sweetie we fine Elli: umama....What? Me: Who taught you that...I laughed Zac come hear this...I was so happy Lisa: Aunt Zinhle did Me: Wow what else did she teach you?... I gave them the soup Elli: Inyama.... I couldn't hold it inZac came in Zac: What's going on?....bekamuncu nj Me: Tell daddy what Zinhle taught you They laughed. Elli: inyama..she said shylyonly god knows how cute she is when she talks Zulu Zac: You are white Elihle I never wanna hear you speak that again. Hear me?.....what??? Aibo bazalwane help me.Elli got off her chair and came to hug my knees crying...Zac went to the living room. I picked Elli upngamthulisa Me: Lisa go upstairs to the doll room She took Elli and they went up. I flew to the living room. Mr Smith was watching soccer Me: What the hell is wrong with you Zac? Him: wat wil jy hê? {What do you want} Me: how could you talk to her like that? You should've spoke to her nicely Him; Oh really?...he stood up and faced me Listen here Amoshe is a kidif I don't like something I am gonna tell her with whatever tone.I am a man of this house therefore I do and say whatever I want however I want to. Me: Oh is that so? I didn't know that whites also know that Him: You're being racist right now Amogelang Me: Yes that's because you were not when you told Elli not to speak my languageher mother's language. Him: fine go aheadlet her speak it as long as she doesn't speak it in my house....we were shouting at each other nothing less You know what am out of here Hs took his car keys and disappeared.I rushed upstairs to our bedroom and cried my eyes out. I fell asleep.I was woken up by my phone ringing around 7pm I didn't know the caller ID Me: Hello Caller: Is this Mrs Amogelang Smith Me: Yeswhat can I do you for? Caller: you are speaking to officer Ndlovu please rush to Bramley Police station its a concerning matter.....

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