part 3

I woke upmy head was feeling so heavy aw what did I do to myself.I tried to sit up straightI leaned on the head board.I looked at the mirror side I saw my messy self.seems like I slept alone... Same old Zache can't face anything The door openedhe came in with a I getting served? After last night? He must be poising me.I faked a smilehe kept his straight face up.he sat beside me and put the tray on my lap.coffeeFruit salad and pills Me: ThanksI said shyly him: am sorry babe....oh thixo wam Me:*Cleared my throat* actuallyI am the one who is sorry Him: I understand why you were that drunk I should have stood for you before my momyou are an amazing woman respectful I know there was a valid reason for talking to her that wayZinhle told me everything. I remained quiet sipping my coffeehe made it just the way I like it less sugarmore milk He went on I love you Amo and I wouldn't risk anything to lose you. Me: *I put the cup on a traygave him a tray to put it away* come herehe climbed on top we kissed Apology is all that I needed to calm down. Him: I missed you...he got off meI laid on his chest Me: I missed you even more Him: Am sorry for making you feel less than an important person in my life Me: *I rubbed his hand* Apology accepted.I smiled What about the kids? Him: What about them?..Aibo I missed them phelait is really great to have people to shout at now and then. Me: When are you going to fetch them? Him: come on babeits school holidaysthey are having fun at at grannie's house.besides we've got some catching up to do.We kissed and one thing led to anotherwe had one powerful round .we cuddled after I was falling asleep he tickled meI laughed and ran out of bed to the bathroom he ran behind me he locked the door I turned on the showerwe bathed while kissing. We finishedhe dressed up while I was fixing the bed.I finished and dressed up too. Him: Where you wanna spend the day today? Me: You taking me out? Of course you are ..I smiled and kissed his cheek. Him: I just wanna treat my wifebeauty spa? Me: Cuisine included? Him: yes hun but you know Me: things change babe I just need to make sure it's still the same Him: I hear youshopping after? Me: Really!? I jumped on top of the bed I love shoppinghe doesn't allow me to buy clothes anytimelaykhaya we buy clothes every after 4 months3 times a yearjust think about it.being a teacher needs lots of clothes not to mention shoes I buy shoes every month and lie that they are Pearl's .Phela a woman never have enough shoes. Him: Yeah let's go. We arrived at Buntle's Beauty Spawe are her big customers. We walked in Buntle: Mr and Mrs make it sound like you talking about a movie marnI thought to myself and smiled Me: Hey dearwe didn't place any bookingscan you fit us in Her: Anything for you my queendoes it include manicure and pedicure? Me: Yes please...Zac was sitting on a waiting sofareading a magazine

I went to join himafter a couple of minutesBuntle called us inwe went insidefound Cassie and the other girl. Zac: Cassie?...he was shockedand I was more than shockedthe high profile diva working here? Oh jesu unemihlolo yaz.It was a total Hero to Zerothe divorce did this to her? Kanti was she living off Zac's money? Hehe Cassie: Hey..she said shyly Me: Cassie: What is so funny..rudely Me: That you are working herebabe let's go Zac: Where to? Me: somewhere elsewhere there is no ex wife.I pulled him by arm we went outopened the door for himwent to get in behind the steering I started the car then we drove off Zac: You'll always be a drama queen Me: You think am a drama queen just because I don't want that skinny skeleton looking bitch to touch you? Him: it wouldn't have made any difference I would've taken her as any other worker there that has ever massaged me...he chuckled Me: Hhay suka! We'll go some other time He laughed and kissed my hand. We were driving to mall. Arriving at the mall. We did our shoppingnothing is exhausting as buying Lisa clothesyou've got to look Around for purple and dazzle pink clothes No other colour.little Elihle goes for every color at least the clothes must have characters. We finished and went to McDonaldwe bought drinksyou always gotta mind your diet when he is a zulu girl what kind of rubbish is diet? Nx but anything to please himthe smell of burgers blew me away. Me: Can I have mcchesse?....with a puppy face Zac: not this time aroundlet's go Akave enyanyisa nangu umunt womlungu .I took the plastics and rushed behind him.Mc cheese? I was coming for that tomorrow We headed home 16:50 We arrived home.I rested for while upstairs Zac was downstairs playing video games. At 5:30pm I went down. "Yabona wena sbalikumele ufake induku nj kolosisi wam uma eke waphinda waphuza nje" The voice became louder as I reached down.who else could it be beside my brother that always gotta teach Zac isizulu whenever he comes to visitBongane Me: you'll never change... He turned and stood up to hug me You good? Bonga: Hhayi ukukhala akusizo mtaka babakunjan kuwe.?... Zac is hard headedI tried to teach him my language but he only gets it for that moment while you teaching himthe following day the only thing he remembers is "Sawubona" so exhausting if you ask me. Me; Stop gooddid he get what you told Him about beating me Zac: Yes he said it in English first...he widely smiled Me: ok hunthen let me leave you guys to it.ngsayopheka Zac: Hello Mrs SmithI didn't get the last part...this is a shame kodwaElihle doesn't even know a simple sawubona. Me: Am going to cook he smiled and nodded I went to the kitchen did 7:45pm I was done.I dished up for us.he brought them food Bonga: Where is the water for sbary to wash hands?... ngisizeni! He is not here to bad influence my husband I hope Me: Aibo bongan awume.yehheni I gave them the platesthey were watching socceram no soccer fan so I went to eat alone in the kitchen. The soccer match wasn't going to end anytime soonso I said bye to Bonga and went upstairs. I changed to pj's I was in no mood for bathing.bathing is good but its not everyone's favorite. I wore my specstook my 50 shades of Grey book 2.its a good bookit just takes you to fantasy and never wanna finish it.I called the girls first before reading. I missed them The week was far from ending. I began with the reading Zac came in Zac: Finally!....Bonga talk too much and Zac is so lazy to talk. Me: I going to bath? Him: No..he undressed and got into covers. Put that book down and let's have some wife and husband time.I just smiled and put it away also the specs.we cuddled... There is no better place to be than being in his arms I felt so secured and loved I dozed off

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