part 2

Sunday morning I woke upstretched myself ngavukaI opened the windows it was a bright beautiful day indeed.I smiled alone....texted Zac a sweet good morning textand that they shouldn't forget to come to church I fixed the bedswept the flooropened the door to the closet.I took out 2 dresses to choose fromblack and goldtook a pair of Grey heels and a hat I was so ready for church. I was humming a song "My life is in your hands".I bathed did make up.Dressed upchose the gold dress I put on a scarf around my shoulders.Took my Car keyscellphone and th clutch. I went down the stairs ever dressed up so nice that you begin to feel like you on a red carpet? I was feeling like that exactly the dress embraced my curves so good and my tiny torso . I made myself a cup of coffeemy phone rang. Me: Daddy Dad: hey pumkin..I will never grow up in his eyesdid I mention it to you that I don't know my mother? Yeah I don't I've only saw her on picturesmy dad said she left me while I was a week old after he discovered that she was a drug dealershe thought he was going to turn her in.well we not there Me: Daddy am no longer pumpkin I am a grown woman even married and have kids Dad: WhateverI would like to have you guys joining us tonight am celebrating our new company in KZN Me: Wow! Congratulations dad am so happy for you. Am not sure if Zac will be able to make it Dad: why not?... Should I tell him? No I don't think so Me: he...he is not feeling well that is all Dad: That's so unfortunate baby Me: Yeah it istime for going to church I'll call you later.we said our goodbyes On midday the service was overzac and the girls didn't show uppeople kept on asking where are they and all I did was lielielie and lie I went back homea mountain of dishes and pots on the sink were waiting for me I was so tiredI took off the heels poured winesat down and drank the whole glass without a pause.It made me forget about my problems for a while.I did the dishescleaned I regretted giving Julie days off on weekends. Two weeks passed Zac still hasn't come back home.I always met with girls after school. Fridaythe closing day for winter holidays. We went out early so I decided to pass by midrand and talk to this manyou think it was still about me owing an apology to his mom? I think it was more than that mina. I drove thereit was a short drive. Arriving thereI rang the bellthe gate slid openI drove inhe was swimming with th daughters.I missed my family I walked towards them.took a towel Me: hey dolls Them: Hey mom..they kept on swimming Me:We need to talk... Him: Talk... He'll never stop being immature Me: You'll find me in th carI put back a towel on a chair.he came out of the pool and followed me.we stood next to my car Him: Get to it Me: Is this still about me or you no longer wanna be with me? Him: don't start please Me: Don't start what? Don't start that you are taking your mom's side instead of your wife'swhilst your mother is wrong?... Him: Don't raise your voice on me He just pressed the wrong buttoneverytime I shout I cry too.tears filled my eyes Me: You like being treated like a man but you can't act like one.Your mom comes to my house and I don't even get informedthen she criticise my thingsand at the end I am the one who is wrong Him: You guys confuse meI don't know who to believemom said you called her a witch while she tried to cook...holy mother of god! Me: You seeshe's lying

you left me alone at home because you believe that nonsense? Him: babe am sorry Me: Am not your wife enough you didn't even sit down with me and listen to my side of a story.You will always be your mom's puppet... I got in to the car then drove off in tearsI played my song to crykeyshia Cole next time I sang along as tears poured downI needed to let it all out in order to calm downmy phone kept on ringinghe couldn't stop calling I wanted out of the marriage if he's gonna trust his momma over mehe might as well just wife her.The whole 3 weeks sleeping alone because my husband sees me As a bad wife.huh eh I wasn't going to keep up with that.On my way I saw a liquor storeI stopped bybought 24 pack of flying fish 24 pack of hunters gold and also the other for dry.I called my girlsthey lived in Orange Groove I drove there. Arriving there I told them my storyand that my marriage was over Me: To single life...I raised up the glass Ladies: To single life...we drank our heads off for the first time in my life I've ever been that drunk. We danced until it went dark I went to the bathroom Pearl accompanied mewe did our businessshe pulled me to her bedroomwe sat down Pearl: friend I don't mean to get in your business but this is not a way of solving problems Me: Then tell me what is? Imagine the drunk person on all my responses cause I was soooo drunk Pearl: It is sitting down with your husband and talk things through Me: heyhey I tapped her shoulder a couple of times. Look don't know anything about Zac and I.he is his mom's puppetand am her mother's enemy Pearl: You are wrong babymarriage is about staying togetherno matter what Me: Reallysince when are you an expert about marriage? Are you married?...she shook her head Then shut upshhhh!.if marriage is about staying together..I swallowed the saliva that was full in my mouth Then why did Zac choose to leave the house for 3 weeks 3 weeks!? The door widely opened Zac came in. Me: I thought big show was coming inKant its just this little piece of shit..I laughed and rolled in bed Zac: Let's go home... Me: wait are you angry or acting #choose the correct answerby the way am staying here there is nowhere am going. Pearl: please take her homehe lifted me up to his shoulder he walked out to the hall way Me: Pearl you not a real friendyou let my enemy steal me Pearl: he's your husband idiot. Me: Husband? Don't be funny I am a single woman with no kids for that matter...we walked out of the houseother ladies were outside Pearl: Bye baby Me: Bye ladiescome at my house tomorrow as you see him carrying me like this he's going to leave me in the house alone for 3 weeks! Zac: they can't hear you anymore now please shut up He put me in the car Me: whatever Whitney's puppet He started the carwe drove off. Him: What did you do to my wife.? Me: uhm...she was stressed and single so I gave her booze I laughed Him: I hate to see you like this Amothis is not you Me: really? Didn't you hate it when you went to your mom's house and left me alone for 3 weeks? Cut the actdrive me home and go to your mom's. Him: We can't speak anything with sense when you're drunk like this My phone rang. Me: Give me my phonemaybe its a single man looking for a wifehe gave me I answered.. Hellow Bonga: Hey sis Me: Who are you? Bonga: Your brother stupid Me: I don't have a brother Him: Are you drunk? Me: me? Drunk? Hell no. Zac: You are drunk Bonga: Give sbary the phone Me: He is nolonger your sbaryam single now...he laughed and said he'll call the following day. We arrived home Mr muscle picked me up again to the houseput me in bedundressed me and I didn't see the rest I was already asleep... Booze

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