part 1

There is no better feeling than sleeping knowing you are not going anywhere the following day.I am a teacher anyway It was Saturday morningsleepy like a little baby after being breast fed The door bell rangit felt like a dream until I came to reality.ughI reached for Zac on his sidehe was no there. whoever it is am gonna shut the door right in their face. I went down to the main dooropened shock Me: Mom..come on in..She came in without even a smileZinhle followed with the suitcaseoh waitsomebody please tell me what the heck is going on here.What is the suitcase for.? Ay namhlanje ngizoke ngizwe.I tried to act coolclosed the door followed them to the living room Me: Excuse me..Zinhle noddedI went up stairs in my roomcalled Zache picked up in 4 rings Zac: Babe? Me: Don't baby me Zacwhat is your mom doing here? Zac: She has arrived? Me: You knew about this? Zac: Yeah baby am sorry I been meaning to tell you but it slipped my mind Me: You should've confirmed with me first before admitting her visit or you asked her to come?..I was so madI can't be in the same house as this woman she is helltoo judgmentalshe notices my every wrong move Zac: Nono its not like that.we are coming back now.please don't be hard on her Jesus Christ this man! I dropped the call so furious I even criedthis woman has treated me like nothing but trash while we were living in her housenow Zac is bringing her to my house. No I don't think so today I am going to be that "Evil Zulu girl" she says I am.I went down again. They were not in a living roomI heard noise from the kitchen ngaya khona and guess whatall the dishes were out of the cupboards Me: whoa whoa whoawhat are you doing?...This woman will never stop testing me Whitney:This kitchen needs a little transformation Zac is not used to this kind of style your kitchen is done..she smiled Me: Whitneyput everything back on the way you found it.after that take your gabbage suitcase and your little maid and leave my house! Whitney: I always knew you were after my son's moneyyou don't love himHe shouldn't have left Cassie(Lisa's mother)..she faked tears She was a lovely girlshe never spoke to me this way I just looked at her Zinhle take my things and let's goshe headed to the door This marriage will never last! I swear.. She banged the doorI punched the table countertrying to calm down" I usually see it on Movies I've never done it"ouch! I put everything back "who the hell she thinks she ismaking changes in my house without my permituhlanya kabi lomfazi womlungu..." Speaking alone I made coffeesat down in the living room watching TV

sat down in the living room watching TV waiting for Zac to get home so that I can shit on his ass too.before I even swallowed that thought I heard the car outside.I stood up to the kitchen they came in Girls: Mommy! I picked them up to sit on top of the counter Me: Was the shopping great? Lisa: It was great we just missed you..I kissed her Me: I missed you too Elly: I want juice..she couldn't speak properly you know the talk of a 3 year old mos.I gave it to herZac was packing groceries.He finished exhaled heavily Him: Shopping is exhausting babehe kissed my cheek Especially when you're with themwhere is mom Me: She's gone Him: Mall? Me: noto her house Him: What?how? She was going to stay for the weekend Me: Arranging my kitchen shortened her dayscoffee? Him: Yes please he pulled a chair and sat down I made two cupsI sent the girls upstairs to their doll house. I joined Zac. Zac: You guys should stop this nonsense Me: You telling the wrong person I didn't start this. The person who started it will end it Zac: You are so stubborn Amo.Call her and he drunk? Or sekabhem idagga? Me: Never forget it... I took the cups to the sink Zac: When I wake up I hope you would have called her...he went upstairs If this means signing divorce papers I would I am apologizing to no white crazy granny.I batheddressed then I took my phone and my car keys then went to mall 15:35 I came back home.It was beginning to be cold.I parked the cargot offZac and the girls came out Me: You are dressed like people who are leavingZac went to the car with the bags the girls remained with me Elly: We going to grandma's ..seriously now Zac Me: Really?...Lisa rolled her eyes Lisa: What has gotten to him? I don't like grandma's house Me: its okay baby you'll be back tomorrow..I held them to the carthey got in I went to Zac Me: When are you coming back? Him: When you have been apologized to mom Me: Seems like you guys are never coming back..I went to the back seat Guys I love you Them: We love you too I kissed them.Yahamba imoto I went in to the househe cooked I dished uppoured myself a glass of wine and sat down My phone rang it was pearl my best friend Me: Hey love Her: Unjani Me: we oe yikho nje ukuba home alone Her: Hawwhy is that so? Me: Today morningzac's mother came to visit Zac didn't inform me she was comingok I understoodand then she tried to redecorate my kitchen Her: What!? You must be kidding me Me: I wish I wasthen I told her the way to get Mr Smith want me to apologizesomet hing that I won't donot now not they left to her house ke Her: he's such a drama kingmxm you should've called me to come so that besizombek in her place Me: She's still my mother in law phel let's not forget ...Beating was the only solution for every problem to my friend but I loved her still Her: Ay whatever she deserves a punch on those hard wrinkled cheek bones Me: ok friendI've gotta go bye Her: Bye love It got darkerI watched TV alone honestly I missed them.Zac was not taking my calls 20:00 I watched a movie I didn't even finish it I went to my bedroom bathedput PJs on read a book till I fell asleep....

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