*** After Jabu tried his best to translate what James was saying even though he wasn’t good with Xitsonga Ruslan began cursing at James looking angry as hell and as for Jabu he was busy swearing at James in his tsotsitaal  also looking angry***

Jabu: im going to kill him and Thandi will have to deal with it…. I swear ko mo bodisa dai moerskond ( im going to kill that bastard)

***Ruslan sat down and clenched his jaws rubbing his beard***

Ruslan: ooh so his grandmother is a witch and he thinks she can take me on 

***he said to himself then he chuckled shaking his head***

Ruslan: ohh im gonna make him pay….he’s gonna fucken pay

***then he chuckled again***

Jabu: Thandi le yena o busy o attracter baloi left right and center nx ( Thandi is busy attracting wizards left right and center) 

***then Ruslan saw Jabu taking out his phone from his pocket and he got up***

Ruslan: Jabu wait before you make that call

***Jabu stopped and he looked at him with a frown on his face***

Ruslan: I need a favor from you please

Jabu: what favor?

Ruslan: allow me to take care of James my way

***Jabu shook his head continuously looking down***

Jabu: not happening man….Thandi is my sister and it’s my job to protect her 

Ruslan: I know that but I need to do this and to make sure that Thandi is safe along with her boys

***Jabu frowned hard looking at Ruslan***

Jabu: antlek o nyako reng jo (what are you trying to say man)….are you trying to say I can’t protect my sister and nephews?

***he said taking a step closer to Ruslan and Ruu sighed shaking his head***

Ruslan: that not what I meant  man so chill the fuck down!…..what im trying to say is you hurt or kill James then you’ll have to deal with his witch of a grandmother 

Jabu: then I’ll kill the grandmother too

Ruslan: and you think the grandmother’s children won’t go out there to find out what or who killer her and her grandson?....look  man this shit is not as easy as you think it is cause there’s Thandi and her sons involved

Jabu: I don’t get what you’re trying to say Ruslan….that bastard deserves death and im gonna give it to him on a silver platter….he’s gone too far now

***Ruslan sighed shaking his head disappointed that Jabu doesn’t get him or understand him***

Ruslan: death is too easy for him man and it might bring problems to Thandi man why cant you see that….just calm down and think for a second

***Jabu shook his head with his jaws clenched and he went to sit down***

Jabu: that moerskond deserves a painful death!

***he said with an angry tone***

Ruslan: and you think they won’t suspect Thandi first cause the brother now knows that she knows about James’ cheating ways….or better yet they might say she asked ya’ll to kill him for hurting her…. and even if you help her out of that shit another thing is her eldest son what if they use him to break her even more by telling him that her mother is the one responsible for his father’s death and he grows up resenting her mother?

***Jabu sighed looking at Ruslan***

Ruslan: Jabu when your loved ones are involved you thread carefully and think things through you don’t act irrational man

Jabu: then what do you suggest I do heh? sit and do nothing

Ruslan: I asked you to let me deal with him my way

Jabu: look I know you have some silly crush on maThaa but….

***Ruslan interrupted him***

Ruslan: really a silly crush?

***he said looking offended***

Jabu: yeah…in case you haven’t  noticed man Thandi  is big Ray’s cousin our mothers are siblings

***Ruslan wanted to say Ray is not related to all of you but he stopped himself***

Ruslan: so?

Jabu: so?....what about a bro code

Ruslan: what bro code… look here that shit is for small boys and Ray and I aren’t ones

***Jabu chuckled and not in an amused way***

Jabu: well you don’t deserve her too

Ruslan: you’re a fine one to talk Jabu….you also doesn’t deserve Amo but you don’t see us saying it to your face!

***Jabu clenched his jaws looking at Ruslan***

Jabu: leave Amo out of this!

Ruslan: why mmmmh I mean you’re an ex-con and instead of repenting you decided to because a gangster in suit and now you’re dating a church girl so you no better than me

***Jabu got up***

Jabu: say whatever you wanna say about me but the fact remains you also don’t deserve Thandi period 

***Ruslan chuckled*** 

Ruslan: and lets me guess its because im a wizard right

Jabu: you said it not me…. I mean what if you also use your witchcraft  on her in fact how do I know you wont

Ruslan: just so you know “JABU” i know much about witchcraft in fact about anything paranormal cause  I was fascinated about it to a point that I ended up attaining a master’s degree in psychology and that’s when i earned a Ph.D. in Parapsychology at Franklin Pierce University in Rindge New Hamphire in USA….. and for you info Parapsychology is a study of paranormal and psychic phenomena including telepathy precognition clairvoyance psychokinesis near- death experiences synchronicity reincarnation apparitional experiences and other paranormal claims so I didn’t wake up one day and I sacrificed a human being to a cult or a witchdoctor  and got my “powers”

***Jabu swallowed hard stunned and embarrassed a bit***

Ruslan: im fascinated with witchcraft spells magic of all form and anything paranormal including learning more about the dark world and all the forbidden books  just like you are fascinated by guns knives stealing diamonds and world class paintings gun smugglings and other crime related shit

***then they both kept quiet for a bit***

Ruslan: look I love Thandi  man and I wanna make her mine and love his boys as my own…..i know in your eyes im not the ideal man for her but one thing you should know is I know life real life that is and not this sheltered life most humans live by cause they are blinded by science that always say there’s no such thing as a God demons satan and anything paranormal… and that anything you can’t touch physically is not real…. and also blinded by this new testament of the bible that nowadays Christians read and preach about  that is a lighter version of the first original old testament copy of a bible that is the real deal with complete info and not this edited and translated versions  roaming around and it’s called the Codex Vaticanus held in a Vatican Library which dates from the 10th century CE and its written in Hebrew and Aramaic dates

***then he sat down***

Ruslan: well let me school you since you seem to judge me just because you once saw me using my magic to fight for “God’s”  creature Miles….. you see Jabu there are books that I think every human being should read cause I believe in fact I know that when the times comes we all gonna need them to survive ….. like the Codex Gigas which is three feet long and has 620 pages and it’s also called the devils book cause it was written by someone who sold his soul to the devil and later regretted it so he was spilling the devil’s secrets on how to defeat his army it contains everything from a complete copy of the original bible to instructions on how to perform an exorcism in fact it contains all human knowledge and it have been written by a single scribe….and it’s called the devil’s book due to the giant drawing of the devil contained inside

Jabu: and how do you know that

***Ruslan smirked***

Ruslan: cause I once got a chance to read it….you see Jabu Heaven and Hell are real and so are angels and the angel of death and demons and the devil and I know someone close to me who can testify on that….it  just that most humans are ignorant and in denial even though sometimes shit happens around them that its clear proof that the world is not as it seems and I believe we gonna need book to fight off demons and shit to survive once the layers of abyss all break down and a portal is opened from our world to the supernatural world  

***Jabu swallowed hard***

Ruslan:  anyway then there’s also the PICATRIX   a book that contains recipes of mixing human and animal blood brains urine and other bodily fluids with opium and other dangerous substances to achieve various magical results  and this one is for bad witches and wizards

***Jabu swallowed hard again***

Ruslan: another one is the GRAND GRIMOIRE also known as THE RED DRAGON and it still practiced by some voodoo practitioners  in Haiti  and it teaches you how to summon and control demons

***well he also uses it to summon La Parca***

Jabu: wait….what?

Ruslan: there’s also the satanic bible which explains itself and then there’s also THE MYSTERIOUS BOOK OF SOYGA and  im still trying to figure out its mysteries

Jabu: fuck! 

Ruslan: then my favorite one THE MUNICH MANUAL that is focused entirely on black magic….. and many other “forbidden books”….. so you see the world is not as black and white as everyone think it is Jabu cause in my world you are a saint with all criminal shit….ive seen disturbing things that might make you question your sanity and your entire existence man so im not fascinated about skimpy women and changing women like im changing an underwear and money also doesn’t move me cause I know what matters more in life

***Jabu sighed thinking hard about all Ruslan said***

Ruslan: I love your sister and I see a wife in her and im willing to fight for her so I need you to let me deal with that bastard my way

***Jabu cleared his throat standing up***

Jabu: you better keep me updated and if you fail I don’t care if it will hurt Thandi or not  cause im going to fucken kill him

***Ruslan nodded and he put his crystal ball inside the bag and he followed Jabu out***




***in their bedroom Amo was having breakfast in bed and she could see that Jabu’s  mind wasn’t there***

Amo: baby

Jabu: mmmmh

Amo: are you ok you seem lost in thoughts

***he sighed***

Jabu: i….i think from now on I’ll go to church with you

***her eyes popped out*** 

Amo: ummm ok…..but baby why now if I may ask

***he cleared his throat***

Jabu: hell is real rato laka and as much as im a gangster and I can handle many things but I don’t think I can handle it…..demons and all that shit

***he sighed and got up and bends a bit and kissed her lips ***

Jabu: let me go take a shower and wena feed my princess….i love you ok

Amo: ummm…..I love… you too

*** he kissed her forehead and walked to the bathroom taking off his clothes leaving her confused and worried ***





***James was sleeping in the guest bedroom he did check on Thandi before he went to sleep and she simply told him to “fuck off” and that’s  when he knew she’s ok and that she didn’t hurt herself cause ever since she locked herself inside their bedroom she hadn’t come out….he woke up when he felt that where he was sleeping was wet and he was also pressed so he needed to use the bathroom  so he switched on the light and quickly got the covers off him and that’s when he realized  that where he was laying was wet and so was his boxers***

James: the fuck!

***he touched where it was wet and he sniffed it and he could tell it was urine***

James: nooo this cant be….how?

***then he got out of the bed and rushed to the door going to the separate bathroom that was on the hall way then out of the blue he peed on himself….he couldn’t  hold it  in which is something that has never happened to him before even when he was drunk***

James: shit… God what’s all this…

*** he said and he suddenly felt his stomach turn and he quickly opened the door rushing to the bathroom but he didn’t even make it to the door cause he shit on himself …he stood there devastated as he saw his watery shit and more urine running down his legs and he felt his stomach turn again and he opened the door only to shit on himself again***




***It’s  Sunday around 8 at night and Kazi was getting ready to go to the “skeem sam” social stokvel she was back in Hebron to visit Phumi and her aunt….. well Phumi was already done with getting dressed and she was waiting outside their backroom with her boyfriend…Kazi  was busy applying lipstick when the door opened and Phumi got in smiling suspiciously***

Kazi: yini? (what)

Phumi: ummm some handsome man who looks rich is looking for you

***she frowned***

Kazi: ok so what’s his name….wait  is it that guy from last night?

Phumi: nope a re his name ke Mazwi….yho mntase his voice….Jesus….

***she said fanning her face using her hand***

Kazi: Mazwi….nope I don’t know anyone by that name Phumi

Phumi: well he’s looking for you and you shouldn’t keep such handsome man waiting…a reye( let’s go)

***she said pulling her outside and they got outside and found Phumi’s boyfriend and Mazwi laughing and Phumi cleared her throat and they stopped and looked at her then  Mazwi frowned when he saw Kazi’s attire and Kazi remembered him immediately when she saw him cause he once occupied her mind but then a time came when she decided to stop thinking about him *** 

Kazi: umm hi….ummm how did you know im here

Mazwi: I have my ways…..going somewhere?

***he said raising his eyebrow***

Kazi: ummm yeah to a social stokvel 

***she said and cleared her throat….his gaze was making her uncomfortable***

Mazwi: Phumi right?

***she nodded***

Mazwi: look  Kazi and I have a lot to catch up on so I was hoping if its fine if  I drop her off at the stokvel after out talk

Phumi: ummm mntase?

***Kazi looked at her***

Kazi: ummm it’s ok

Phumi: o sure?

***she nodded but she was pissed off that he asked Phumi for permission instead of her as if Phumi is her mother or something and she was also pissed off cause she’s supposed to see the guy she met yesterday at some club in town the guy was handsome and he said he’s from Ga-rankuwa and he knew about skeem sam’s and he promised he’ll see her there***

Phumi: ok then  e re re tsamaye and call me ge o fitlha so that ke tlo go tseya ( ok let us go and call me when you get there so I will come get you) 

Kazi: ok

***they hugged***

Phumi: do you trust him?

***she whispered to her and Kazi  nodded***

Kazi: but take his number plates for just in case

***she whispered back and Kazi nodded…. Well Phumi and her boyfriend finally left and Kazi stood there waiting for Mazwi to tell her why he’s here ***

Mazwi: aren’t you gonna invite me in?

***he asked with a raised eyebrow and Mbali swallowed***

Kazi: ummm we can talk out here

***she said looking down***

Mazwi: I  swear I don’t bite 

***she looked up at him and he walked closer***

Mazwi: let go in nana ngiyacela sthandwa sam (please my love)

***she breathed out cause besides the fact that he looked hot his perfume was intoxicating her and his voice was doing things to her***

Kazi: umm ok

***she said whispering and they went inside and as soon as he got in he closed the door and turned the key to lock the door and rushed to her and he smashed his lips on hers***




*** he kissed her deepening it and a moan escaped her lips then his hands went to her ass and he grabbed it and picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist and he went to the bed still kissing her hard….. then he put her down slowly and he got up from the bed and he took off his shirt and his jeans followed and Kazi swallowed hard when she saw his hard dick print on his briefs it looked thick and long and she felt her clit tingle…..she wanted to tell him to stop what he’s  about  to do but the way her clit was tingling and the way she was wet words failed to come out***

Mazwi: I see you love wearing revealing clothes mmmmh

***he said raising his eyebrow and she swallowed hard then the nikka got in bed but instead of continuing with what he started  he just  laid next to her looking up with his hands under the back of his head and she frowned***

Mazwi: I asked you a question nana

***she cleared her throat she didn’t understand why he stopped…. she started thinking maybe he’s hot that’s why he took off his clothes or maybe he has a girlfriend so he felt guilty cheating on her****

Kazi: ummm yeah 

Mazwi: why

Kazi: huh?

Mazwi: why do you like wearing such revealing clothes?

***she quickly glances at his hard dick print and she bit her lower lip squeezing her thighs together hard she wished he could just fuck her senselessly instead of asking her stupid questions***

Kazi: I don’t know I just love wearing them….ummm Mazwi why are you half naked in my bed?

***she decided to just ask him***

Mazwi: its hot  hau

***she shook her head chuckling then she got off the bed***

Mazwi: uyaphi manje? ( where are you going  now?)

Kazi:  ah ah you said you’d drop me off at the stokvel

Mazwi: but we haven’t talked yet 

Kazi: talk then so I can leave jeez

***she said annoyed and he smirked looking at her***

Mazwi: ok sit so we can talk

***she closed her eyes briefly and she opened them and looked at him annoyed some more…..she just wanted him to fuck her or leave the room so she can clean herself up and change her underwear…anyway she sat down***

Mazwi: you look annoyed yini?

***she breathed out***

Kazi: can you just say why you are here please I really need to go

***he chuckled and sat up***

Mazwi: you think men only are interested in your pussy but you can’t even tell me to stop when I kissed you and now you are mad cause I don’t wanna fuck you….entlek ufunani Kazi ( what is it that you want Kazi) is it to be loved for who you are or to be fucked cause you can’t hold yourself? 

***she swallowed hard feeling embarrassed and she looked away***

Kazi: I don’t know what you’re talking about

Mazwi: I know you Kazi and I’ve been keeping an eye on you and I must say im not impressed cause you make it  hard for me to see beyond your body and beauty

Kazi: heh nayi ingulube iyang’nonela( I can’t believe this) so you came here to insult me heh?

***she said raising her voice looking at Mazwi with an angry look on her face and Mazwi chuckled***

Mazwi: ingulube ngunyoko uyangizwa ( a pig is your mother you hear me) and don’t ever rise your voice at me or else you’ll pick your teeth  on the floor one by one!

***he said with a firm voice and she swallowed hard looking a bit scared then she got up and laughed bitterly***

Kazi: you should leave bhuti

***she said going to the door and Mazwi just lay on his back with his hands under the back of his head***

Mazwi: the truth hurt sthandwa sam angithi?(my love right?)

Kazi: ngithe hamba Mazwi! ( I said leave Mazwi)

Mazwi: why are you angry manje sthandwa sam?

***she looked at him with an angry look and he smirked***

Mazwi: damn you look cute when you’re angry and even my dick is reacting

***her eyes went to his dick print and it way hard and she swallowed hard and Mazwi chuckled***

Mazwi: heh you know you are so predictable sthandwa sam and I’m asking myself if you’ll be able to be faithful to me cause once I eat that cookie you are mine and I don’t share and if you give it to someone else or even kiss another person I swear  I’ll kill you and bury you at my back yard and start a garden on top of your grave

***she swallowed hard looking scared with her eyes popped out***

Mazwi: and don’t think im bluffing cause I’ve killed before sthandwa sam and believe me I even sleep soundly at night  

***her heart pounded hard as she looked at him***

Kazi: I…I  think you should leave Mazwi

***she said with almost a whisper and he got out of bed and walked to her and he stood in front of her***

Mazwi: im a bad man who wants you so bad and I don’t mean sexually even though I would give anything just to fuck you senselessly right now ….. so what do you say you become mine now and you stop opening your legs for other men or I leave and once I leave sthandwa sam trust me you would cease to exist in my life

***she looked at him shocked***

Mazwi: so are you mine Ntandokazi….do you vow to allow this dick….

***he said pulling her hand and  he made her touch his hard dick ***

Mazwi: … to be the only dick that enters your nana

***she swallowed hard as she felt her knees weaken….his dick felt rock hard and she wondered how it will feel inside of her….she felt her underwear get wetter ***

Kazi: Mazwi pl..please stop

***she said whispering***

Mazwi:  stop what sthandwa sam?

***he said squeezing her hand on his hard shaft and he groaned …she swallowed hard with her heart beating fast***

Mazwi: im waiting Kazi wam

Kazi: i…oooh God…. Mazwi

***she quickly stood on her toes and smashed her lips on his and they kissed with Kazi putting her hand inside his briefs and he groaned and she held his hard shaft***

Kazi: please fuck me Mazwi…please

Mazwi: not until you give me what I want sthandwa sam

***he said now sucking on her neck***

Kazi: fine… im…im  yours now fuck me please

Mazwi: good girl

***he then pinned her on the door and kissed her hard grabbing her breasts***




***they were now both naked on the bed and Mazwi pushed himself in her and she moaned out loud while he groaned ***

Mazwi: I hope you know that there’s no going back from now sthandwa sam 

Kazi: gosh…. yes…. now please move

***he smirked***

Mazwi: your wish is my command

***then he started to move slowly and she moaned out loud ***

Kazi: ooh gosh

***she said that and bit her lower lip then Mazwi bent down and they started kissing passionately as he moved slowly…..they went on and on like that for some time  with Mazwi moving in and out of her slowly  while they exchanged spit (kissed) until Mazwi pulled out of the kiss and he started increasing his pace going and out of her fast and hard and she held on to his arms with her eyes closed and her legs opened wide while screaming out his name ***

Mazwi: open your eyes sthandwa sam I wanna see you

***she did and her eyes were teary with her face pink***

Kazi: Ma…Mazwi….

***he was busy fucking her hard while looking down at her***

Mazwi: yes sthandwa sam

Kazi: ooh gosh

***tears were now falling down from both  sides of her face then  Mazwi pulled her right leg up and he increased his pace some more going in and out of her and  going deeper and he hit her g-spot and an unexpected orgasm hit her hard and she screamed out loud with her body shaking….. and guess what Mazwi fucked her throughout the orgasm***

Mazwi: fuck don’t do that Kazi

***he warned her….she decided to clinch her inner pussy walls around his dick tight after she got her strength back after that hard orgasm***

Mazwi: Kazi I said…FUCKKKKKK!

*** then after four thrusts he unexpectedly came….he slammed into her roughly and he released  inside the condom groaning***


***he cursed and he looked down on Kazi with sweat dripping down to her with a serious look on his face***

Mazwi: you gonna pay dearly for doing that Ntandokazi…by the time im done with you believe me you won’t walk for days

***she swallowed hard looking at him….”ooh my gosh” is what she thought cause he seems serious***

Mazwi: damn….  you just made me weak and I hate feeling like that Kazi

***he said pulling out and he got out of bed and reached for a toilet paper that was on top of the  drawer and he took off the used condom and wrapped it around with that tissue and he turned and looked at Kazi***

Mazwi: get dressed I need to fuck you in a more private place where neighbors won’t call the cops thinking you are being beaten to death because of your screams

***he eyes popped out***

Kazi: Ma…Mazwi….

***he interrupted her***

Mazwi: shhhh

**she swallowed hard looking at him getting dressed***

Mazwi: I said get dress Ntandokazi!


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